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Harmonious and Joyful Greetings.

In this Post I would like to share the aspect and subject of the 'Spiritual Warrior'.

The spiritual warrior quietens the mind so that the left and right brain harmonise and become binaural. 

This does not mean by binaural one is a docile 'doormat'. Neither does it mean one is impulsive and aggressive. One 'act's from being, not from doing.  Or put another way one is action and the other reaction. 
It is not counter reaction or action. Whatever one does comes from the stillness in oneself. If one is still, quiet alert, one is potential, then all energy is available, either for action from source or waiting with alert watchfulness and 'feeling' deeply from oneself the appropriate action. This is different from 'trained reflexes'.

Karate Kid in the film depicting Karate and Japan (there are three in the series and one on Kung Fu with different actors and in China, all are Hollywood Films).

To illustrate this the Sensei on the right and pupil are on the beach and row of bottles are on the vehicle, some yobs were threatening and so the Sensei takes one swipe and knocks all the tops of the bottles clean off.  All were astounded. The pupil says ' How did you do that'? Teacher says' Don't know first time'. You feel know it, sense from a different part of your being.

Another Spiritual Warrior
The warrior above defeats his enemy so to speak in the 'inside of 
him/her self' which is fear, and it is fear that cripples the mind, sometimes fear is called little death.
Kung Fu Kid(also called Karate Kid)
The emphasis in these films is that the kids are unruly and are victims. Also the philosophy of respect, mercy and courage are lessons which are sorely needed, and also provide a deep respect bordering on apparent softness and cowardice, yet having the 'power' to have energy, conviction to be strong and defend oneself adequately, to say the least. The transformational process is delightful to watch.  However, if one is less active and does not access to these Masters, one can sit at home and be at work and practice the 'mind ' of the spiritual warrior. There is a saying I am not too keen on however it does have its merits. 'Lord help me to conquer my worst enemy--Myself'.  

Here we see the shinai (practice bamboo stick and armour) the Men, Kote (gloves), Do(Chest), Tari( Waist) Men(Mask and head)hakama(Pleated trousers) all parts of the gear.  Ultimately one uses the real Samurai sword.
Another Sensei story:
One evening I went up to Sensei and asked him if I could learn Kendo(Japanese Sword fighting).  He asked me why did I want to learn this.  I replied as it was the most dangerous it would bring the maximum fear and so could bring awareness and possible satori (enlightenment).   
Sensei looked at me for a while and out of blue, suddenly thumped me on the top of the head.  It just shocked and floored me. He had never been violent or shouted at me. With the blow came a Ki Ah shout.  I was on the floor more with shock than the blow. He grimaced at me and I ran home.
My mother looked at me when I ran home, late at night and very dark through a graveyard, which I usually avoided at night.  She said you look awful, and what's that bump on your head. I said I was learning Kendo, and I explained it to her. Her reply in a Jewish accent and hand movements. 'Get yourself a Jewish girl, settle down, get a good job  I was only 15 nears 16 years of age, get money, be somebody, not this shmendo, crendo, hendo, mishshigus(Yiddish for madness)

Then next few weeks were a nightmare, Sensei would appear and shout and grimace at the most unusual times and places, after school, after football, coming out from home, and he seemed to pick times when no one was around.  It got me so hyped up that at night when going to my bedroom, I would lock the door and tie cotton to the door and windows with tins on them so as to wake me should he appear.

Then one afternoon in Summer, I think July on a Saturday I was walking down Spring Field Park Road a steep incline when I felt this ripple in my back, and I turned round sharply and there was Sensei gliding towards me like a Ninja, in that kind of special half sideways walk.

I then crouched and went into the pose as above and said some very unkind words to Sensei.  He ignored the insults and said. 'Good, you to feel me, tip of Katana (Samurai Sword) comes faster than eye can pick up from a expert, so you must feel, be quiet, feel, Mushin(see Post 19).  Although I could not throw or beat everyone from that experience onwards, I could feel when they would lunge or attack, and it has heightened my awareness.
Sensei explained that being aware has to go through many years of practice if done the Western Gradual gentle way, to quicken this he used the more orthodox Zen shouts and blows.

Some years later I saw a film with an actor named Peter Sellers and he took the part of  French detective.  Inspector Cloucseau.
 Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau ([Ê’ak klu.zo]) (formerly Inspector) is a fictional character in Blake Edwards' The Pink Pantherseries. In most of the films he was played by Peter Sellers, but one film featured Alan Arkin in the role and another featured an uncredited Roger Moore as the character. In the 2006 Pink Panther revival and its 2009 sequel, he is played by Steve Martin.
He is also the inspiration of The Inspector, the main character in a series of short animated cartoons as part of The Pink Panther Show.[1] More recent animated depictions of Chief Inspector Clouseau from the 1970s onward were redesigned to more closely resemble Sellers and, later, Martin.
There was a character in the film called Kato

Kato with stick and above attacking Clouseau
I put the two pictures in to illustrate the 'mad' shouts and looks that Sensei did on me.  Kato would spring out on the Inspector at most unexpected and inappropriate moments. 
Clouseau would often quote 'Not now you fool'.  I felt like saying this to Sensei and more.  The above is the late actor Peter Sellers as the rather bumbling inept policeman. I found it hilariously funny.
  • New research suggests that people with BMIs under 30 but above normal (the overweight range) had a 6 percent lower risk of dying from all causes than those who were normal weight, while those whose BMIs fell into the obese range were 18 percent more likely to die of any cause
  • The study results imply that carrying some extra weight may help you live longer, but it used only BMI as a measure of body composition, and this is a heavily flawed technique
  • Relative to BMI, measuring your waist size and your body fat percentage are far more accurate methods to determine whether you’re at risk of weight-related health problems like heart disease and diabetes

GEOMAGNETIC STORMS UNDERWAY: A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field, sparking minor (Kp=5) geomagnetic storms around the poles. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras shining through the full moonlight.Solar flare alerts: textvoice.(AS OF 26-04013, WATCH NEWS FOR MORE DISTURBANCES, WARS, FLOODS, CRIMES)
Solar Storm  More about health.
This is scary and wow at the same time read why below:
(From Wikipedia) 
A nanofactory is a proposed system in  
which nanomachines (resembling molecular  
assemblers, or industrial robot arms) would  
combine reactive molecules via   
mechanosynthesis to build larger atomically  
precise parts. These, in turn, would be  
assembled by positioning mechanisms of  
assorted sizes to build macroscopic (visible)  
but still atomically-precise products.
No one has discovered an insurmountable  
problem with the underlying theories and  
no one has proved that the theories can be  
translated into practice. However, the debate  
If nanofactories could be built, severe disruption  
to the world economy would be one of many  
possible negative impacts, though it could be  
argued that this disruption would have little  
negative effect if everyone had such nanofactories.  
Great benefits also would be anticipated. 
One potential scenario that has been envisioned  
is out-of-control self-replicating molecular  
assemblers in the form of "grey goo", which  
consumes carbon to continue its replication. If  
unchecked, such mechanical replication could  
potentially consume whole ecoregions or the  
whole Earth (ecophagy), or it could simply  
outcompete natural lifeforms for necessary  
resources such as carbonATP, or UV light  
(which some nanomotor examples run on).   
It is worth noting that the ecophagy and  
'grey goo' scenarios, like synthetic molecular  
assemblers, are based upon still-theoretical  
technologies that have not yet been demonstrated  
experimentally [allegedly...] 

Nano Factory
  • The documentary A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees discusses how genetically engineered (GE) trees may adversely impact ecological systems on a grand scale, with potentially catastrophic effects
  • Trees are being genetically altered to give them unnatural characteristics, such as the ability to kill insects, tolerate toxic herbicides, grow abnormally fast, or have decreased lignin for the convenience of the paper industry
  • Genetically engineered trees vastly differ from annual GE crops like corn and soybeans because trees can live for decades and even centuries in the wild; once GE trees escape the confines of their plantation, they are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate
  • Many trees are able to spread their seeds and pollen for hundreds and even thousands of miles, making native forests vulnerable to cross-contamination, which poses an enormous threat to worldwide ecosystems
  • The biotech industry and US government are rushing ahead without performing appropriate safety studies, doing everything they can to hasten the approval of GE technology while silencing the opposition

  • Music triggers activity in the nucleus accumbens, a part of your brain that releases the feel-good chemical dopamine and is involved in forming expectations.
  • Your brain learns how to predict how different pieces of music will unfold using pattern recognition and prediction, skills that may have been key to our evolutionary progress.
  • When listening to the same music, different people experience similar brain activity, which may explain why music has the ability to unite and bring people together.
  • Listening to music was found to lessen anxiety better than anti-anxiety drugs, and also has beneficial effects on premature babies.
Imagine that we are enjoying our favourite music together in our own way and style and that we enjoy it.  Then radiate the good feelings to the world, its peoples, nature and Mother Earth.  As we are in different time zones and parts of the planet, the Earth will be constantly imbued with good vibes. Let our hearts sing with joy at being alive and sharing goodwill and compassion to all and sundry.

Be Well. Geoff.


Perhaps there is a link with the intended seed law in Brussels. If passed farmers and gardeners would be limited in seed choice and would bring in an opening for Monsanto and others. A way of killing off the populous slowly, making us sick so Big Pharma would make massive profits and those that own Big Pharma also own Big Petro. You can see that President Obama has given Carte Blanche to Monsanto. This is indeed a dictatorship, a despotic power mad, crazy, additive lunatic asylum of a world. Adjectives are not found to describe this, this is a diabolical affront in your face don't care, flagrant laws---- it is OK to have GM and Fluoride forced on us to alter our DNA and destroy our organs, forced medication, yet NOT OK to have herbs, organic food and supplements.


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