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Hey how nice to meet again through our energies.

How to stay sane when your jobless.  This is very apt in these times.

The 'good old' a contradiction in terms to say the least, elite /illuminati / new world order stuff rears its head in this short video below:
A rather dour 7 mins and an unusual angle.

  • A Staten Island kindergartner has been barred from attending school because she hasn’t been vaccinated against chickenpox—even though her pediatrician refuses to vaccinate her on grounds that it may endanger the health of her baby sister
  • While highly contagious, chickenpox typically produces mild disease characterized by small round lesions on your skin that cause intense itching that lasts for two to three weeks. Recovery leaves a child with long-lasting immunity
  • Research shows a clear link between UV levels and the prevalence of chickenpox. The authors speculate that UV radiation can inactivate the virus, either within the lesions, or after the lesions rupture. Vitamin D produced in your skin in response to sunlight also provides anti-viral and immune-boosting benefits
  • Recent research concluded that the chickenpox vaccine has failed to provide long-term protection from chicken pox (vaccine efficacy had declined below 80 percent by 2002);
  • Widespread use of chickenpox vaccine in the U.S. has increased the incidence of shingles in children and adults and is less effective than naturally acquired immunity that existed in the general population before the vaccine was licensed in 1995 and the CDC recommended that all children get the vaccine. {although a lot of this type of information is USA based, the cartel of the BIG Pharma, Petroleum and who spread this through the 'club' to other countries and the LAP DOG EU licks the bottom of the PAY MASTERS. AN OLD SAYING WHEN THE ELITE SAY JUMP THE LACKEY'S SAY HOW HIGH?}
  • Research conducted on a new type of GM wheat showed with “no doubt” that molecules created in the wheat, which are intended to silence wheat genes to change its carbohydrate content, may match human genes and potentially silence them.
  • Experts warned that eating the wheat could lead to significant changes in the way glucose and carbohydrates are stored in the human body, which could be potentially deadly for children and lead to serious illness in adults.
  • Long-term studies are needed before the wheat is released into the environment and the human food chain – but a new review states that the risks are still not being adequately assessed.

When you view this short video above and look at these two people I feel that the sense of injustice it brings up in me is enormous. Time and time again we hear of this locking up without recourse to legal representation, the complete denial of the harm to young people and the illegal bending of the law. It is a sign that when denial, persecution, and extreme injustice, rationale and the loss of the moral compass happens, then paranoiac attitudes prevail, leading to psychopathic behaviour and megalomanical imbecilic syndromes and would in a therapists office need urgent psychiatric treatment. However it is perfectly OK to employ these dastardly tactics to manipulate the honesty and truth and to hide the covert destructive activities of very sick power soaked blood stained madmen, who  unfortunately  are the leaders of many countries. 

Is the future of all children and youngsters to follow the American Dream now so distorted or the EU smiling assassins who take away natural foods and the British fair play hiding war crimes, illegal arms selling to terrorists, bankers allowed to get away with 'fiscal murder'   Is the future for our youngsters world wide as below?

The amazing properties of water:

CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield performed a simple science experiment designed by grade 10 Lockview High School students Kendra Lemke and Meredith Faulkner. The students from Fall River, Nova Scotia won a national science contest held by the Canadian Space Agency with their experiment on surface tension in space using a wet washcloth. Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA

water consciousness as shown By Dr Masuru Emoto's
experiments.  I have all his books and Hado tape.

Now maybe we should ask ourselves some questions? Homoeopathy, in the light of the above should we not question those people who say it is a mere placebo, and we see the amazing powers of placebo for this alone it is worth it. however, I have used homoeopathy for so called serious complaints and it has worked, many of my friends use this on their children and pets, plants and gardens. THE real issue is it doesn't make money and is unique to the patient, not like alopathic medicine, I call it the 'baseball hat effect' one size fits all.
However sometimes antibiotics and alopathic medicine, surgery, vaccination without adjutants and some procedures are required. I like the term complimentary medicine and not alternative medicine.  

The two videos above are short and sweet and show the placebo effect.

Some years back there was a lot of hype on the net about Philippine faith surgery or spiritual surgery.  I witness this in a healing centre in the East of England.  The healer surgeon was naked other than a very tiny loin cloth, six doctors, four surgeons, witnessed the healer take a piece of foul smelling gut tissue from the patients abdomen. He seemed to put his hand through the skin, no blood and pull this out.  The doctors let out some amazing farts, and this was the AMAZING COMMENT BY TWO OF THEM  'You should not do open surgery without washing your hands and wearing a mask' IMMEDIATELY after their obvious astonishment they said it was trickery. I tried to get the gut tissue and take it to the lab for analysis, it was hastily removed by the scientists as were the x-rays before and after the patient's condition.  All present were asked to use common sense and see if there was a hole in the wall, whether the healer had the tissue up his bum or in  his groin.   

Greg Braden and Chinese Hospital where bladder cancer is healed before one's eye's

Perhaps with all the above information we can appreciate how deeply the brain washing, belief systems, culture, religious, political, fashionable and in fact nearly every facet of our lives are so deeply impacted, like Chris Hadfield's 'puck' above in the ISS that this is rammed, bashed by repetition and rote(mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned)  so that the 'illusion ' of reality is set in.  We believe so much in our set of conditioned responses that they become an automatic choice robotically employed and referenced.

Many of us like to think we are free thinkers, wide, open, receptive, however, it has been found that as information filters in, THERE is a selective process, subtle and critical, a kind of on guard, to cope with this the mind fools itself and makes a moderation, a graphics adjustment, a digital 'implant' a juxtaposition, a manoeuvring act of compensation, and the remoulded, remodelled information appears to be original, creative, spontaneously accurate and confirming, whereas it is a variation on a theme. The old car with different colours, bumpers and seats and slightly upgraded engine.  Behold my new car. Still petrol, diesel, hybrid, more or less the same shape, and have you noticed most modern cars look alike apart from the most expensive, we are becoming uniform, one world government, one world shape.   Being harnessed by the media and draconian human rights issues, to be battered into submission. Child, women abuse now Governmental abuse through austerity measures and false flag operations and governmental own home grown terrorist attacks to frighten witless an asleep general populace.  

"Religion is the opium of the people" is one of the most frequently paraphrased statements of German economist Karl Marx  We could probably apply this to 'modern' Western Life Styles in total. Perhaps to look at a very obvious set of ideas, concepts and values. If we train to be a tennis player, cricketer, footballer, to be a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, lawyer, doctor, politician  soldier, nurse, teacher,hunter in the forest and desert, pilot, astronaut, model, porn star, priest, we BECOME THE PRODUCT OF THAT SYSTEM.  It can CONFINE us to a narrow band of ideas, concepts.  These systems may have a tolerance of acceptability, an elastic band that will stretch until the accommodation for the new set of values or information, challenge the unconscious sentinel(a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch) in this case awareness of the ego, not the unbiased witness, watch dog, censor.  In many of us we feel indignant, aroused to anger, hurt, without a thought or knowing. Just a feeling of being exposed to a new idea or controversial data.  This is not the same as a natural protection from falling over a cliff or threatened by a wild animal.

How far do we go before we snap?
Now we look into torture, abuse and the like. By fear, pain and confinement, we can be 'broken'.  We confess, and we know these false confessions under torture.  We can be persuadedthreatened and appear to change and then revert back to our old ways when the pressure is off or we regain our freedom. Sometimes when broken we can take on the reality of the oppressors, or actually agree and become converted, or just remain broken, depressed subdued, or a defiant rebel.
Many years back the American spy ship 'Pueblo' off, the Korean coast, was a disguised fishing boat, under its nets were radar equipment and listening devices,  they were caught and taken to a 'brain washing lab'. 

As illustrated the brain washers have their own broadcasts, just another set of programmes   Ask yourself what is the world agenda programme now?  Anyway the officers and the crew where 'got at' the officers when set free were hard to get back to 'normal' they had conflict with the concepts, some felt they were in fact very valid, others were not sure and confused.  The crewmen were given cigarettes, girly mags, burgers and they just agreed with everything, when they were freed, they just went back to life and just shrugged the whole lot off. Many said we let them think they were right.  The officers being more conceptual through better(a matter of opinion) education were confused, their values more complex, so there is room for 'juggling' in the mind.

The early pilgrim Fathers when they came to the USA from Britain, were Quaker's, and they sat in silence as the natives did. The fathers explained you must not worship that piece of wood, the totem pole, you must worship Jesus the Son God.  In the morning the Natives were dancing round the pole singing Jesus, Jesus.  The chief said you have your cross we have out pole, you do think us so stupid to worship a piece of wood?

Totem Pole.  One person's cross is another person's Totem Pole.

Now one might say if I am devoid of beliefs and so on, will I be an anonymous nobody type vegetable, a blank sheet and non entity,  a boring life and no emotions.  When one truly becomes the witness to one's life, to be aware without bias, an observer without judgement, a non opinionated witness, then like a wild being, part of nature, there is an inbuilt, hard wired sense of Intuition, a deep knowing and so forth. This 'selects' in a deep and profound way, that 'which is appropriate' for the need of the circumstance, The Way of The Tao so to speak.  By being the unbiased witness Choice less Awareness, one views the inner programmes, and becomes to see the content of the mind.  Although one maybe a Buddhist, and Atheist, a Hindu, a Humanist, one is free of the tie and addiction and follows and adapts the path to one's intuitive response and is not a victim of the confining imprisonment of 'a way' or selective in approach. New information, ideas and concepts are run by the witness and no challenge felt, no tolerance needed for the Intuition will select the data and is merely factual.  After all death swallows all in the end so be free of the luggage and enjoy the ride of a free mind and by one's own 'joie de vivre' (Joie de vivre (French pronunciation: ​[ʒwa də vivʁ]joy of living) is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment oflife; an exultation of spirit.).

Karate Wood Breaking

Now a couple of stories to 'stretch your elastic' if the psychic surgeons did not.
Our Dojo years ago was very near a canal where barges loaded up from a wood yard and took them to places afar. One day a group of us asked the 'woody' the wood yard man if we could have a four feet piece of solid oak.  He said yes.  We took it to Sensei.  The oak was three inches thick.  You could have bashed it with an axe, have steam roller go over it, it would not break. (I have told these stories before). We invited Sensei to break it. We knew it was impossible.  He stared at for a long while and then said bring two chairs.  He put the chairs back to back and placed the wood on them.  After a long while he tapped the oak with his forefinger and it shattered. There were thirty or so witnesses. I went to the toilet many times and felt sick, some fainted and others just were shocked.  I asked him how he did it. His response was I go between the pieces.  I said I did not understand, he said in three weeks I will know.  In three weeks I was at school doing a lesson in Physics and the teacher said, there are molecules which are made up of atoms, and just recently they broke the atoms and the found pieces, 'particles' .
I rushed to see Sensei and told him.  He said when you become into empty mind you go down, down to the atomic level and beyond, atoms seem like billiard balls and you mere put your finger through them.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bomb
The second story was told to me by a Japanese Sensei who came to the UK after my Sensei passed on. He knew him and was trained by him at the Bututokwai Monastery in Kyoto. He said that only a few days after the bomb had been detonated, the ruins were still smoking, and some officials in protective suits, were examining the ruins, when they came across Sensei and five other monks walking barefoot amongst the ruins. They said are you not afraid of getting irradiated and sick?  Sensei said, Universe is made of atoms, so am I, goodbye and they walked off.
On a personal note Sensei and I were invited to a Kendo Kata (sword form), in between karate and Judo Demonstrations. As Sensei went to do a cut to the head, the tatami(mat) slipped, the swords were razor, razor sharp,I used to have lovely curly hair, I felt my eye get full of moisture, I could not see, and thought Sensei had cut my eye out. He whispered 'carry on, be brave'.  Back in the dressing room he kept a towel and hand over my right eye, he said 'now slowly look in mirror and be like a samurai ka' . I did and all there was, was a lock of hair, and he had come so close as to cut the lock off. The rest was imagination.

This is a Lancaster Bomber and used a lot in the 2nd World War and one was used to drop the bomb in Japan.

Group Captain Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire, Baron CheshireVCOMDSO and Two BarsDFC (7 September 1917 – 31 July 1992) was a highly decorated British RAF pilot during the Second World War.
Among the honours Cheshire received as a pilot, is the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
He was the youngest Group Captain in the RAF and one of the most highly decorated pilots of the War but after serving as the British observer on the Nagasaki nuclear attack he resigned from the Air Force. He founded a hospice which grew into the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability and he became known for his work in conflict resolution; he was created Baron Cheshire in 1991 in recognition of his charitable work.[1]( Sue Ryder Homes as well)
My great friends Jean and Peter Marshall have a wonderful organic vegetarian bed and breakfast house in Cavendish , Suffolk  East England and I spoke to Captain Cheshire  in Cavendish, not in the Marshall's house, there on many occasion. In another blog/Post I would like to share the miracle of Western House Cavendish.  Captain Cheshire  relates this anecdote.  During the war, Lancaster's flew as low as they could to dodge enemy flak. Many a crew member died on these occasions. On this particular Captain Cheshire felt that he been shot in the leg. He felt the blood and numbness. When he got back he said 'take my boot off gently I think I have been shot in the leg', the medics took his boot off gently and all they found was a broken strap buckle, which the metal point dug ever so slightly into his leg, through his thick socks. He and I discussed the power of the mind.   This was in the late 70's when visiting my friends on the numerous trips from London and the story of the miracle when I stayed for a while in this beautiful old house and wonderful garden and countryside.
So dear reader, there has been a lot to peruse through and I leave you with  beautiful thought, healing energies and wonderful miracles to fill your life.

Be Well. Geoff

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