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Hi Folks.  I have a theory and its around this link below:

I have this deep feeling that all the Universe is one seamless Intelligence and shares its knowledge with all and sundry.  Those of you who have patiently waded through Nassim Haramein's long Rogue Valley video  will have an inkling of this:      
Nassim Haramein
Scroll down for Video.

In this video there is a suggestion that the sun defends itself against a massive intruder and that 'something out there' saved us and we live in a sea of grace' ' 'We have been given a second chance', I feel the Universe is benevolent and we may have been given many more, however, can we learn what the Cosmos is telling us?  Will the Cosmos decide 'we no hoper's and say 'well lets start over?    Of course this causes haemorrhoids(Slang ' piles' and rhyming 'cockney' East End London Farmer Giles rhymes with piles, and also just 'got a touch of the farmer's today' thank goodness not had those yet!!!)  I have literally seen scientists I know walk as if they had piles when I present certain ideas, priests and doctors as well. Well at least I am contributing to Big Pharma with ointments and surgery for the offending sore veins or vain', excuse the pun).  

It is my contention that not only the sun, planets and humans but all atoms, particles and so forth are driven and contain 'forms of Intelligence encoded within themselves' and I feel Sunlight not as we perceive it, more like solar energy, plasma and the driving force behind the phenomena contains encoded signals, triggers, wheels within wheels, each entraining the other with resonance, coded signals.  I do not believe the Universal Cosmic Energy is random, it may seem so to us.

Bekonscot Model Village and Railway is the world’s oldest and original model village, opening for the first time in 1929. With over 80 years of history, huge model railway, 1.5 acres ofwell kept gardens and finely detailed model buildings Bekonscot is a great day out for everyone. 

Stuck in a 1930s time warp, see England how it used to be, and discover a wonderful little world tucked away from the hustle and bustle of eveyday life.

When I was a boy I went to this miniature village, it was not too far by car from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire where I had my NDE (71 years back) and visited the village  around about 1949. When you see the trains running and imagining people going about their daily business from my standpoint I could see the 'future' of the events unfolding, from the ground view, not so.  The ISS can see storms and so forth unfolding, which we on Earth cannot.

So our view could be a random Universe, galaxies, stars, and like particles at quantum levels, seemingly random. It might seem chaotic, and yet from Prigogine and various others described in back Blog /Posts, we see an intelligence emerging from seeming chaos.


If stating the Cosmos is an internet of shared information and each unit be it a star, a human, a plant, a particle shares this Information and decodes it accordingly to Its understanding and need.  This may cause rumblings in certain quarters of academia. Now to really push the boat out, so to speak, I believe the Sun when it emits CME's Solar Flares, HSS and the like, they are not random and seeming spontaneous, I feel it is Intelligently directed, and it is sending forth Information in energetic, magnetic frequency resonances. 

CME TARGETS MERCURY: The magnetic canopy of sunspot AR1719 erupted during the late hours of April 18th, hurling a bright CME into space. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory photographed the cloud racing away from the sun's western limb:
Earth was not in the line of fire. Instead, the CME is heading for Mercury: ETA April 20th. NASA's MESSENGER probe in orbit around Mercury will be monitoring the effects of the impact. If the CME overwhelms Mercury's relatively weak magnetic field, it could scour material off the planet's surface creating a temporary atmosphere and adding material to Mercury's comet-like tail. Courtesy of Space Weather.
In these frequencies are encoded signals, triggers, cosmic algorithms, which imprint themselves in the 'DNA' or equivalent  'receptacle decoding device'. I also postulate that as the evolutionary process unfolds, unfurls and expands and contracts, the resonances, frequencies, vibrations are upgraded, and reconfigured. This process is 'passed' through the 'net', through the communication net work and like a percolation, a assimilation and 'growing/adjusting period is experienced. As the process is in progress, a sort of hiatus, gap, a chrysalis, a type of chaos, which is in fact the juggling and juxtaposing of the new information changing that 'old' patterning, updating and realigning is occurring . For us it maybe a painful growing time, (child hood to adolescence) a time of transformation and for some ascension. Dying is one of the major reconfiguration mechanisms.  I feel we are in that process now as a planet and human development.  The struggle to let go of childish selfishness and grow into adolescent strutting and posturing to adulthood which is benevolence, generosity, caring and sharing, a love of nature and deep respect for one another.

I therefore feel that the sun spews forth its energy towards various planets, stars and so forth in order to communicate Its knowledge and upgrades as it turn receives it from other Intelligent sources.  What may take place instantly or near instantaneously may take 'time' elsewhere, this depends on the sensitivity and receptivity of the recipient. 

Internet then take it to a Cosmic scale

Now I feel the 'communication' works on several 'levels' the magnetic level, the electric, the resonance, plasma and gravity(not in the accepted scientific sense) my sense of gravity is attraction by entrainment according to mass.  Each of these levels are 'building blocks which form the perceived 'Solid Universe'. These levels 'take time' to react, say like 8 minutes for the sunlight to reach Earth and so forth, others have their time scale. However the 'fastest' is light speed and beyond.  There is one that is Instant and that is consciousness which is all pervading.  Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. Seamless and pure primordial potential, Intelligence supreme and superb.

Cosmic Man

Cosmic Egg

There is a doctrine about the Comic Egg:
world egg or cosmic egg is a mythological motif found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations. Typically, the world egg is a beginning of some sort, and the universe or some primordial being comes into existence by "hatching" from the egg, sometimes lain on the primordial waters of the Earth.[1][2]

Another depiction of the Cosmic Egg

Perhaps the egg was supposed to have been the empty void where all creations 'issue's forth', and these were the ways of yore of explaining and making some sort of sense.  A sense felt and deeply intuitively acknowledged, where science and logic played but a minor role. Have we progressed?  This depends where one is at. If in the left brain, yes, go for it,cloning the lot, GM food and so on. Maybe this is part of evolution and some of us revolt at the concept. However, are we stuck and although we feel downright aggrieved by such concepts and constructs, there are aspects such as gay marriage, women priests and bishops with many other changes. Are we stuck in a pattern of 'old conditioning and stuck in the mud'. 
What the good old right brain, beauty, nature, godliness, music caring and love, technology, is this destroying the planet?

Then the binaural brain which I feel combines the best of both hemispheres.  Technology tempered by aesthetic beauty and deep respect for the natural world. A world that works for everyone everywhere. This is the adult as described above, I feel we are just almost, peeping coming out of the adolescent hormonal stage. The boys playing with their guns and explosions, thrills and showing off. Look at me I am a millionaire, look at me I am a billionaire,  Hey watch it I am trillionaire, I own an army, am a dictator. I am sex goddess,a deva, I can seduce, I am porn star and love to show it off everywhere, I where a burka, I wear a topless bikini.

Is the Burka lady in prison? Is the Bikini women promiscuous?

Each will defend their own corner.  It is a changing world, views go back and forth, some can be discussed, others cause war, some are feared and even pushed out of mind and site, some feel we need to clear the decks, others plead for tolerance. Yet tolerance is simply holding oneself in check. I feel we have to move beyond tolerance to compassion.  How will this minefield, this tumult, this frenzy, this fast moving life, with distractions and alluring temptations work out? This addiction to success no matter the cost, to be the top banana, the 'man on the street', the boss and this applies to dominant women as well?  I do not have the answer.  We are world in process, which way it will go? A one Government world dictatorship, one army, one air force and navy, a world bank, a despotic big brother, a world philosophy imposed by the human Gods.

Or maybe a burnt out planet, fracked, mined, polluted with no human Life. Or maybe those elite living in domes as in back posts/blogs 25, perhaps a huge solar rampage, tectonic spin, asteroid wipe out.  Or perhaps something WONDERFUL.

Well I am going to retreat into my void  now so for the time being.

Be. Well. Geoff

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