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Welcome and Greetings.  Have you ever wondered what God does all day?  Does God have day and night, sleep, eat and rest, procreate?  How would God procreate if God is a consciousness, or if you believe still in the 'old man in the Sky' he creates an 'old women in the Sky', after all we are told in the bible Sarah the wife of Abraham gave birth to a son at the age of 99 years young, and this caused the war between Arabs and Jews. OY Veh.
Ishmael (HebrewיִשְׁמָעֵאלModern Yishma'el Tiberian Yišmāʻēl ISO 259-3 YišmaˁelGreekΙσμαήλ IsmaēlLatinIsmaelArabic:إسماعيل‎ ʾIsmāʿīl) is a figure in the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, and was Abraham's first son according to JewsChristians and Muslims. Ishmael was born of Abraham's marriage to Sarah's handmaiden Hagar (Genesis 16:3). According to the Genesis account, he died at the age of 137 (Genesis 25:17).[1]
Well that's one version of many, how God like beings in most ancient Mythology like Zeus and cronies amused himself /  herself  /themselves.  
Is this God?
Money is this God?
Of course there are so many beliefs, religions and cults about the true nature of God. Of course there are the countless beings sent to us on Earth as God's representative's, the Saints, the Messiahs and those to come.
Then of course there are the modern God's reps. Scientists in the religion of Atheism, Doctors who administer God's handiwork in chemicals and cloning. Not that I am not ungrateful for a little doctoring now and again.
Now to my view which of course is just another explanation, and a view which comes from ego which are the programmes of our culture and upbringing, and of course is just as fallacious or meaningful as any of the above or innovation, expansions and the many I have not come across or know about.
Then there are the natural gifts from god, herbs, nature, a clean environment, caring loving folk.  Natural nature worship and all else, then the devil worshippers, wickers and witches white and black  magic, a plethora of mixes and matches.
So about my spiel:-
There is no way I can give or show, portray a video, image or whatever, for my explanation is but a nearest would be:-
Milky Way Arc
Sombrero Galaxy
The One above is 'side on view' of these spirals, and even spirals can have odd formations.
OK taking that scientists believe from their observations that billion, maybe trillions of these galaxies are in space, and that from cosmic dust and so on and the like of gravity, compressing the dust into gas which goes on -----and then forms a star --- then blows up --- the wheel reinvents itself--- reincarnation.  Then scientists tell us that space is not truly empty, it is the vacuum or whatever, it is never really, really empty, so there is or are bits floating in it. Energy, frequencies and so forth. 
My view is that there is emptiness, it is consciousness, it is a mind, and how do you measure a mind without content in it, or electrical activity in the brain or organic substance.
Since this awareness is invisible, it is consciousness and it is primordial, pristine and potential, it is without limitations and so eternal, it is aware of itself and so is conscious.
Since it is limitless because it is immeasurable, because it is boundless and unformed, invisible and has no known output, it can contain within itself limitlessness galaxies, which contain trillions and billions of stars, planets and life forms.
So 'God' space, awareness, is mind, a consciousness, a creator, and from its limitless imagination, brings forth of itself from its thoughts creation.   
For duality to 'work' it has to have counterbalance, nothing to something, night to day, female to male, alopathic medicines to natural medicine and as you know the yin yang symbol one flows to the other, as in walking.

Taking the apex, the fulcrum of the see saw as the diving line at the yin yang interface, the actual apex and line are in analogy the 'potential, is aware empty consciousness' the fount of creation.
Even in using the laws of levers we see hints and clues:-
It is that which forms the pivot to existence, the awareness is the interface with form and no form, it here or 'not here' for it is not a place, and because it is not a place or describable, but that very definition of no definition, it produces definition and place in form.
                                          WHEN YOU DROP OFF OF THOUGHT INTO ----
My old Sensei / Sifu insisted that going to loo was a spiritual experience.  I said to Sifu one day ' holding your pee or shit, is painful it is heavy, constipated, so when you release and just savour the experience there is in that release a feeling as in deep meditation, for in fact deep meditation is awareness, not sleep, enjoying the moment, one does not have go to the loo to experience this bliss' . He looked at me and said you had better take a laxative then.  He then rolled up in laughter and we both went hysterical for a while.
In that laughter as I blogged so many times,and especially the nothing experience to recount it briefly:- I was wiping my hands in the bathroom having washed them in preparation for making a meal, when just staring into space and mechanically wiping my hands on the towel, a voice in my head so to speak spoke in a sort nonchalant echo " from energygrid ----
Recently I had an experience which I should like to share with you. I was in the bathroom washing my hands preparatory to making a meal, and just empty minded drying my hands on a towel when in my mind slowly and in slide(slow) motion came the phrase what shall I do with this freedom and what do I do with the emptiness, the void, the nothing? Momentarily there was a pause then a resounding inner voice as it were pronounced NOTHING. Another pause and then I started laughing, literally for twenty minutes, I had to go to the loo several times. I haven't laughed like that for years. I then phoned friends in Germany and I couldn't speak for laughter, they started laughing and we laughed for another 20 minutes. [Some weeks previous to this I awoke with great joy and danced around the bedroom shouting 'At last, at last I'm free. It was deep and profound.]. That afternoon I was watching a soccer match on TV and every time there was a foul, I broke out in hysterical laughter. I felt quite mad and yet intensely sane. By the way my laughter attracted the attention of my neighbours who enquired if I was all right.( Dec.2008) Title 'Thank God I am not Spiritual'

I mentioned this experience to my friend the editor of the energygrid magazine and he recommended me to look at Mooji named ‘The Laughing Buddha'.  I laugh a lot.  I got into trouble at an opera concert not long ago, it was very serious and the baritone started a long drawn out sort of dialogue, it struck me as so absurd, I started giggling and was asked to leave. Also at a pop show by my neighbours up and coming pop star grandson. The gyrations, yelling, stomping about made me laugh. It seems its all an illusion  and when you see the nothingness in everything, it is laughable.  It is the very seriousness that this life is and so meaningful, when it is temporary, that makes the laughter, it is saying 'your'e holding onto a temporary form, and for the moment joyful and fulfilling, until the emptiness of death reminds you and brings you down to Earth with an unerring thud'. Its is seeing this and feeling this that makes the absurdity and hence the laughter'.  

I HAVE A VERY SERIOUS AND TERRIBLE CONFESSION TO MAKE:- Even the seriousness of the wars, the Bilderbergs and all and the strife, it doesn't make me  laugh, but it does bring this absurdity, all is impermanent, transient, a temporary seeming reality, it goes with the death of the form, the body, why hold onto a thing that dies, a temporary cloud, so real and yet so unreal.  I kind of wonder what and why all the fuss, the struggle.  The answer to me shouts, because of its illusionary nature and deep down we know we are at most a bundle of thoughts, an idea, so why grasp and tighten the grip, and as John McEnroe famous (tennis player) quote to the Umpire ‘you cannot be serious’ we try and shore up the fading form of old age, infirmity and death and so make a false reality, it is the holding on and on and upon realising the transiency in this makes the laughter, how can you hold on to nothing, seeing the chasing of the tail is hysterical.  It is the very seriousness of the situation that can make one laugh.
Seeing through this illusion then brings freedom, some find it depressing, but the joy of knowing you are the nothingness and that nothingness feels joyful, free, unlimited, is moksha (  In Indian religions moksha (Sanskritमोक्ष mokṣa "liberation") or mukti (Sanskritमुक्ति "release") is the liberation from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth.[1] Moksha is the liberation from rebirth or samsara.[1] This liberation can be attained while one is on earth (jivanmukti) or eschatologically (karmamukti).[1] The idea of samsara originated with new religious movements in the first millennium BCE.[web 1] These new movements saw human life as bondage to a repeated process of rebirth. This idea was incorporated into Buddhism and Jainism, and eventually also into Hinduism.[web 1] By release from this cycle, the suffering involved in this cycle is also ended.Nirvana or some other term applicable to one's culture or experience). {For me it was a temporary moksha or ko(minor) satori}(Satori (悟り?) (Chinese: ; pinyin: ; Korean:  o; Vietnamese: ngộ) is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, "comprehension; understanding".[web 1] It is derived from the verb satoru.[1]
In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to the experience of kenshō,[2] "seeing into one's true nature". Ken means "seeing," shōmeans "nature" or "essence."[2]
Satori and kenshō are commonly translated as enlightenment, a word that is also used to translate bodhiprajna and buddhahood.
It is hard to put into words, once one feels, not knows, it is a kind feel knowing, that emptiness is who we are and that emptiness is not a dull bored non entity obsolete, babbling moronic zombie, or an non existent dissolved nothingness, 'I do not exist, and will never be again' then laughter is the only way when in a body form that makes sense.
Life's natural rhythms
So as the Universe is all in Space, the non local mind, awareness, then all is in the mind of God, so God has us all in mind as it were, or we are all figments of the awareness of emptiness. We are born from it and return to it. So God has all the Universe in Mind.  Since space has no up or down, side or and dimensions, it has no time.  So the Creators mind, primal Intelligence, in this case the cause of consciousness, which is that consciousness causes Itself, this forms a paradox a koan, for without the mystery, Life cannot be perpetuated, and with that duality collapses, so Eternal duality is a modus operand within emptiness.  
Being in timelessness is like dreaming where events are seeming 'squeezed' into no real time as in waking.  So consciousness of the non local mind(God, I realise some do not like the word, and conjures up a bitter hard handed old bloke dishing out the crap or bounties to his favourites or naughty flock). 
All happens at once if that is an appropriate term in this Cosmic Consciousness and so to make it interesting this Cosmic source gives a portion of its creativity to its creation, the so called free will and watches to see who surrenders to the indwelling Cosmic Consciousness a sort or reuniting with Itself, that is why when freedom /bliss Itself, looks in the mirror and sees Its created form and has recognised that which is behind the form, which is emptiness, it self realises Itself, is free knowing it is Space, Awareness, the Source of Life, the fount of knowledge and laughs and laughs, feels good and knows Its indestructibility.  Home at Last
So until we give up attachment to form our happiness is relative to the form and its durability. THEY say when you win the lottery 'you laugh all the way to the Bank' I wonder when we can laugh all the way to the emptiness and the relief of being a being without form and yet exist, whole and complete. 

Are we all but fishes swimming around the emptiness of the Cosmic
  • Mainstream press is finally starting to question the logic behind, and safety of, GE foods and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—from crops with built-in pesticides, to salmon designed to grow abnormally large and fast
  • Some mainstream reporters have come down hard on Monsanto and their biotech allies in recent weeks, most of them highlighting the growing pest and weed resistance these crops have produced
  • A recent report illustrates the dramatic increase of pesticide use as resistance began taking hold in early 2000’s. Use of the herbicide 2,4-D (the active ingredient in Agent Orange) has also more than doubled since 2002
  • In the past few weeks, Connecticut and Maine have passed GMO-labeling bills, and 20 other states have pending legislation to label genetically engineered foods
  • In November, Washington State will vote on GMO labeling. If the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) raises $150,000 by July 27, I will match the donation
  • Canadian beekeepers have reported millions of bees dying just after corn seeds, treated with neonicotinoid pesticides, were planted
  • An estimated 25,000 bumblebees were recently found dead in an Oregon parking lot, just a short time after trees in the area had been sprayed with a neonicotinoid insecticide
  • The state of Oregon has banned 18 such pesticides pending an investigation into bee deaths; the European Union has also banned the pesticides for two years to further study their impacts on bee populations
  • Beekeeping organizations and beekeepers have filed a legal action against the EPA for recently approving sulfoxaflor, a similar pesticide to neonicotinoids
Something is wrong – very wrong – if millions of bees are dying off in a matter of days. Schuit noted that he now has to replace his queen bees every few months, instead of every few years, because they are dying off so frequently.2
Last month, an estimated 25,000 bumblebees were found dead in an Oregon parking lot as well, just a short time after 55 trees in the area had been sprayed with Safari, a neonicotinoid insecticide. Ironically, the dead bees were found just as National Pollinator Week was kicking off.
These chemicals are typically applied to seeds before planting, allowing the pesticide to be taken up through the plant’s vascular system as it grows. As a result, the chemical is expressed in the pollen and nectar of the plant, and hence the danger to bees and other pollinating insects.
Adding to the problem are new ‘air seeders,’ which spread pesticide dust into the air when they’re planted, further increasing the toxic chemicals’ reach. According to the Cornucopia Institute:3
What seems to be deadly to bees is that the neonicotinoid pesticides are coating corn seed and with the use of new air seeders, are blowing the pesticide dust into the air when planted. The death of millions of pollinators was looked at by American Purdue University.
They found that, ‘Bees exhibited neurotoxic symptoms, analysis of dead bees revealed traces of thiamethoxam/clothianidin in each case. Seed treatments of field crops (primarily corn) are the only major source of these compounds.’”

Oregon, European Union Ban Pesticides in Wake of Massive Bee Deaths

At least one US state is taking matters seriously. Following the June incident that killed 25,000 bumblebees, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) installed bee-proof nets over the trees to prevent any further bee deaths. They also announced that they were restricting the use of 18 pesticide products containing dinotefuran, a type of neonicotinoid. According to ODA:4
ODA has confirmed that the bee deaths are directly related to a pesticide application on the linden trees… to control aphids. The pesticide product Safari was used in that application. Safari, with its active ingredient dinotefuran, is part of a group of insecticides known as neonicotinoids. Valent USA is the distributor of Safari. ODA collected samples… of bees and foliage in the area, and conducted laboratory analysis.”{ Courtesy of Dr Joe Mercola, read more by getting his free newsletter, it is very informative---the whore of Europe of course wants this chemical, saying like fluoride there is not much scientific evidence to back it-- the UK wants out of the EU, perhaps this is not so good after all--- food for thought}
                        Be a busy Bee and Be Well.  Geoff
Breaking News
Forgive me for being a conspiracy bod, a sceptic and a hypocrite in so far as I pontificate on meditation and being non judgemental and I suppose I am going into self justification.  I own this flaw in my constitution.  From my own instincts and whistle blowers, it seems mighty convenient after all the surveillance stuff that they have intercepted a call.  These Al Qaeda folk would not be so daft and stupid with all the surveillance going on to not either encrypt or use other means.
Sometimes there can be a seeming hypocrisy in spiritual versus the world and its politics.
They if they did call would probably be a 'scare' tactic. Most probably it was a plant by the West to justify surveillance or just ramp up the weapons arms trade. You can see a short interview which I have posted in another blog, it will be repeated a few days down line, as the content differs. 
I make no excuses for this breaking news which may seem out of sync with the post above.  I live in the world as a citizen and I feel it is something which in my view shows up the dishonesty and connivances. I do not see this as a duality or hypocrisy  I live in a human form and from this perspective, if I feel harm is being activated I feel it as a duty to warn my human world family, as I would about our food and other health issues. We were given a body, as I was pondering this, this came into my mind ' I don't know where Life comes from but I know It has the Perfect Blueprint for me. I open myself up in trust by being open, my body is hosepipe for the waters of life to flow through. Open and Surrender' We all have this propensity and when this blueprint is messed up by those self aggrandised pompous know alls I feel to act.  I am pompous and own it. 
If we take the life of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and others they were spiritually minded and got involved in the politics of the day, of course I cannot compare myself with these great beings, but they show an example of how to live in the world but not of it.
Britain and America have told citizens to leave Yemen "immediately" as the al Qaeda terror threat intensifies.
The UK and the US State Department have also instructed that their embassies should be evacuated and all non-emergency US government staff have been ordered to leave the country "due to the continued potential for terrorist attacks".
A statement from the UK Foreign Office said: "Due to increased security concerns, all staff in our Yemen embassy have been temporarily withdrawn, and the embassy will remain closed until staff are able to return.
"There is a very high threat of kidnap from armed tribes, criminals and terrorists. Be particularly vigilant during Ramadan, when tensions could be heightened."
The developments in Yemen came as it was disclosed that an intercepted telephone call between al Qaeda leaders triggered the terror alert that led to the temporary closure of 19 US diplomatic posts across the Middle East and Africa.
During the conversation, al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahri instructed the head of the terror affiliate in Yemen, Nasser al Wuhayshi to carry out a major attack as early as last Sunday.
The plot is thought to have been one of the most serious against American and other Western interests since the September 11, 2001, attacks, according to US intelligence officials.
One American official, who had been briefed on the intelligence report, told the New York Times: "This was significant because it was the big guys talking, and talking about very specific timing for an attack or attacks."
Al Wuhayshi, head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), is a significant player and was groomed for leadership in the terror organisation by Osama bin Laden.          
It also emerged that a five-missile drone strike had killed four alleged al Qaeda members in Yemen’s central Marib province. The hit targeted a vehicle, turning it into "a ball of fire", according to Yemeni officials.
Speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not allowed to talk to the media, they said they believed that one of the dead is Saleh Jouti and another Saleh al Tays al Waeli.
Waeli was on a list of 25 "most wanted" al Qaeda operatives included in a list released by the Yemen government on Monday.
The men are wanted in connection with an alleged plot to launch a major attack before Ramadan ends and the Eid al-Fitr feast begins, either on Thursday or Friday.
Tuesday's drone strike is the fourth of its kind since July 28. The raids have killed 17 suspects in one week.
Aqap is seen as the terror network's most capable franchise following the decimation of its core leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years.
The Yemen-based group has attempted a number of attacks on US soil, including a bid to bring down a passenger plane in 2009 by a man wearing explosives in his underwear and a failed plot to send bombs concealed in printers.
The US, in turn, has launched scores of drone strikes in Yemen, where the militant groups thrive in vast, lawless areas largely outside government control.
Several US allies, including BritainFranceGermany and Norway have also announced closures of some of their missions in the region.
An attack on September 11 last year killed the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans in Benghazi.
US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told CNN at the weekend that the recent actions taken to close the embassies showed President Barack Obama's administration had learned lessons from Benghazi.

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