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Howdy. Trusting you are well and enjoying the beauty of this Life. One of the beauties is to behold the video below. 
Aurora Borealis
An elevator in space?  Wow
By the way the greeting Howdy above is explained{Howdy is an informal greeting, commonly thought to have originated as a shortened form of the greeting "How do you do?" It was first recorded as part of the Southern U.S. dialect in 1840.[1] Literature from that period includes the use of "How-do, how-do" as a greeting used by Native Americans when addressing Anglo settlers in greeting. The double form of the idiom is still found in parts of Texas as "Howdy, howdy". Without regard to etymological beginnings, the word is used as a greeting such as "Hello" and not, normally, as an enquiry.
It is typically associated with Southern American English, especially from ArizonaNew MexicoTexas and the northern parts of Louisiana and Florida where the Southern dialect is predominant. It is the official greeting of Texas A&M University.[2] It is also the name of the popular web portal at Texas A&M University.[3]}
Quote from Uncle Albert. Albert Einstein said: "Only two things are infinite the universe and
stupidity and I am not sure about the former.

                                The Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR)

The Western meteor physics group operates a triple-frequency, meteor orbital radar 100 km from London (near Tavistock, Ontario) where  we record ~2500 meteoroid orbits per day. CMOR is a multi-frequency HF/ VHF radar used to detect the ionized trails associated with ablating meteoroids. It has been in single-station operation (echoes) since 1999 and multi-station (orbits) since January of 2002. The radar produces data on the range, angle of arrival, and velocity/orbit in some instances. To the end of 2009 we have measured 4 million individual orbits

  • Performing a simple ritual before eating makes the food more enjoyable – and it works whether the food is chocolate or carrots
  • Rituals may enhance enjoyment because they force you to become more involved in the experience at hand
  • Being mindful when you eat forces you to slow down and makes you feel more connected and involved in your eating experience
  • Rituals can be useful in other areas of your life too, such as before bedtime or helping you to de-stress after work

This ritual  or thingamajig (slang for like whatsoname, thingy) is in my view a bit like the dual aspects of the spiritual and the worldly. Yes we all do or need ritual to some extent, however when it becomes so programmed, habitual and fixated, then many problems can arise.  Clans that fight one another, war, religion, a closed mind caught in the net of the ritual, when it becomes an addiction.
How can one tell when it is addictive? It is when one lives one's life through this addiction, this obsessiveness, and one feels let down and deprived if denied or hasn't the time to  do one's ritual. 
Many a life style is built or planned around ritual.  Business can be ritualistic, often people who have been in business, a soldier,someone who has been in jail for many a year, when coming out of these 'known ' familiars, say like retiring after forty years of work, can feel lost and walk about listless. That is why it is suggested one has a hobby or outside interest. I would suggest meditation.

I have this plaque in my room it comes from a an old disused house in Thailand and is bright gold but does not have the script in bottom left corner. It has gold paint adorning the carving.
I suggest meditation, however this does not preclude any other hobby or ritual, and can be integrated with them.
In my view true meditation is when the mind is empty of thought, not by blocking, or pushing thoughts away, the breathing is slow and gentle, usually abdominal, like a small child breathing in sleep, the rise and fall of the hara.
Then comes an absence of thought, not sleep, drowsiness or trance, and there is this smile and tranquillity, peace and serenity.  By the way my plaque face is longer and not so rounded as above and has a great soft serene smile.  When I was with Sifu he would often say 'smile from the heart' some of us would go to the heart centre and he would say 'this smile is from the Universe, nature, it is a consciousness  thingamajig'.  Us students taught Sifu cockney, Yiddish and back rhyming slang. He knew the swear words, and laughed like crazy when he heard them out in the street. 
The blurred bit at bottom left should be meditate.
When I was with Sensei he would often reiterate about the empty head and there were lots of Zen beatniks going around and had this 'hey man make sure you've no head' and indeed there was a book going around titled ' On Having No Head'
This was one of the many books around.
I used to go to a bookshop in Central London years back called Watkins in Cecil Court, its still there. I knew old man Watkins as they called him, a real mystic and knowledgeable man.  I used to get my incense from him and I went in one day to purchase some and he said 'you'll find them on that shelf above the paperbacks ' I put my hand there without looking and pulled out an old faded book and its title  'On having no Head' the author was a friend of mine, and a fellow Judo ka and lay Zen Monk, Roy Morris.  When you opened the book there were only blank pages.
So on retirement or leaving a relationship or entering one, because the mind is used to emptiness, and the joy and peace arising from it, the let down is not so forceful or full of withdrawal symptoms. Of course unless a master or superb at repression, there is residue. In extreme conditions, meditation can help or aid assuage the pain. 
Having had many, many conversations with friends, monks, Skype calls for those who meditate in a similar way to myself, there are some shared experiences.  A feeling of going out from the top of one's head, the head seems to expand into infinity, there is a feeling of leaving the body and going beyond sleep, trance, hypnosis, psychic phenomena, beings, sensations and all thought forms, subtle or gross.  One is left suspended as the knower in a vast ocean of nothingness, and a paradox, nothingness is immeasurable so vastness does not apply in the usual context of the word.  Because there is only space and no - thing, then it is a direct opposite of the confinement of thought and the merry- go -round of the programmed trapped mind.  One often hears the expression ' I felt as if I were going out of my mind' 'I felt crazy with worry, it drives me out of mind'.

"Going Out Of My Mind"

Hey you, its me again.
I tried to call yesterday.
And the words I had,
To say to you,
Somehow they all slipped away.
Please talk to me,
Whatever is wrong.
You know I'd help you out.
How will I know,
If you wont say,
What this silence is about?
Cos I'm going out of my mind,
And I don't think it's fair.
Just when things seemed to be fine,
You changed then didn't care.
Cos the least you could do,
Is to talk this through
And I'm going out of my mind,
Over you.
Hey you, you haven't called.
I guess you're still busy.
Guess I think more of you,
Than you do of me.
And that's not how I want it to be.
Cos I'm going out of my mind,
And I don't think it's fair.
Just when things seemed to be fine,
You changed then didn't care.
Cos the least you could do
Is to talk this through
And I'm going out of my mind,
Over you, yeah.
Hey you, its me again.
Ooh, it's me again.
Cos I'm going out of my mind,
And I don't think its fair.
Just when things seemed to be fine,
You changed then didn't care.
Cos the least you could do
Is to talk this through
And I'm going out of my mind,
Over you.
A very popular song years back and many suffer over this kind of mind obsessing addiction. Many of my girlfriends and mates thought I was too controlled, a person locked in an ivory tower, yet I did feel remorse, hurt, broken up and heartbroken, however, it left comparatively quickly and I, whatever I is, moved on.  I may have seemed controlled, stiff of purpose, yet my mind would be cluttered with pain and my body tense with the separation, yet sitting there quietly breathing and watching and letting the pain 'boil' way and eventually the stinging ' acidic ' taste and waters would boil themselves into steam and then evaporate into 'nothingness'. Different to pushing it down and being mentally constipated and frightened to look at the trauma. 

I still have three very deep seated traumas and have to 'sit' with them.  They are fading in intensity and have deeper levels which expose related incidents that are similar or signals.  Often the original trauma is but a rehash of an earlier minor one.  I feel it first, sit with it or just let 'roll' around as I go about my daily stuff. 
Then in my 'Zen' days when I used to the winter session all night in the cold at the Zendo, in Victoria and run in zori(Japanese footwear similar to flip flops with tabi Japanese split toe socks, separating big toe from others to fit zori) often running through sleet and snow with Judo gi under track suit to Soho where there was a coffee shop or tea shop  called  'house of Sandwiches'. Us Judo ka hard guys would mix with the beatniks and flower people, they were kind of soft, yet lovely, idealistic, we didn't understand each other, but somehow there was an easy peace. Many were on LSD and followed Timothy Leary the so called psychedelic guru and Allen Ginsberg (Irwin Allen Ginsberg (/ˈɡɪnzbərɡ/; June 3, 1926 – April 5, 1997) was an American poet and one of the leading figures of the Beat Generation in the 1950s. He vigorously opposed militarismeconomic materialism and sexual repression. Ginsberg is best known for his epic poem "Howl", in which he denounced what he saw as the destructive forces of capitalism and conformity in the United States).[1][2]

Allen Ginsberg 'HOWL' his famous poem - 
Some of the hippie, beatnik and flower people I came across where empty minded in a way, they were mainly out of it with drugs, fantasies, 'shagging until their balls dropped off' or 'standing up after a long time on their backs' as one of the ladies told me as she felt my muscles.  So a few sayings came out that were not dissimilar to empty mind.  Such phrases as 'No one at Home' 'He / she is ex directory' 'He /she has pulled the telephone line out' and so on.

So Folks keep plugged into emptiness, a good koan for you 'how can you plug into nothing?'
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Full of Info.
The above Video is part of the article in the link.  There is a host, a plethora of videos, info links, a must for a serious survivor on this Earth. 
This is why the law has been changed in order to get immunity to the perpetrators. 
Now they are doing it in Syria.   Courtesy of NASA  and Alan Dyer. The Amazing Sky. See Link for explanation.
The Thundercloud above is symbolic of the world situation, but not so beautiful, and a key player in the scenario is one, Tony Blair, just look at this interview in the Keiser report with second part of George Galloway and the film he is making. 'The Killing of Tony Blair'.  You have no idea what a cunning, awful gentleman, er, did I say gentleman is like.  My whistle blowers inform me he is being groomed for the Bilderberg Crown. This crown is held by Henry Kissinger and his cronies are his court officials. The thundercloud of decency is descending on them, and woe betide them when it does.
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the US regulator’s case against JP Morgan for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, known in polite circles as ‘client hires’. In the second half, Max talks to George Galloway MP about the film The Killing of Tony Blair, which he is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The film explores the financial killing the former prime minister has made on the mass killings in the various wars he started across the Middle East.
SUMMER LIGHTS: "Last night, the sky exploded into an inferno of vivid colours!" reports Oskar Pettersson of Luleå, Sweden. "It was the Northern Lights!" Pettersson saw the display after he walked out of a movie theatre, then rushed home to grab his camera for this shot:
"Aurora season has started with a bang, and now I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of it!" he says.
The display began when the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) around Earth tilted south. This opened a crack in Earth's magnetosphere. Solar wind flowed in and ignited the auroras. This disturbance is subsiding now but it is not over. NOAA forecasters estimate a 20% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on August 28th.Aurora alerts: textvoice.  Thanks Oskar Pettersson.

Ingrid, an Avaaz member, helped save a Norwegian woman from being jailed for being raped in Dubai -- she started a petition on Avaaz and the social media storm it created kept pressure up on governments to act. Now the woman is free! And it all started with one simple step: click below to start a campaign on an issue you care about, it's incredibly quick and easy! 

Ingrid, an Avaaz member, has used our site to help save a Norwegian woman from being sent to jail for being raped!
Marte Dalelv was sexually assaulted while visiting Dubai, but when she reported it to the police, she was sentenced to 16 months in prison for "extra-marital sex"! When Ingrid read about Marte's case, she started a petition on Avaaz calling on the Dubai and Norwegian governments to ensure Marte's release. The petition and the Facebook page she created exploded on social media and people from all over the world signed the petition and flooded the two governments with messages at addresses that Ingrid posted on her Avaaz petition page.
Within days, Marte was released, and the Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide posted a Twitter message saying: "Marte is released! Thanks to everyone who signed up to help."
Ingrid's campaign was covered by major media outlets and clearly ramped up the diplomatic pressure to free Marte and bring her home to her family. And it all started with a simple step of starting a petition on the Avaaz community website. Think of an issue you care about and click here to get started -- it's incredibly quick and easy to start a campaign:
The Prime Minister of Norway said,"There is no doubt that attention from around the world, and the tenacity of the foreign ministry ... led to this decision." In just a few minutes, Ingrid started an amazing campaign that helped win over decision makers in Dubai and Norway.
Starting a campaign only takes a few minutes, but the impact of success can last for years. Plus, if the petition gets enough support on its own, the staff at Avaaz could pick up the campaign, add strategic advice, media help, and even send it to a wider list of members. We’ve got tonnes of tips and advice to help you along the way -- all it takes is to get started, share your passion and you can be on your way to winning on any issue - local, national or global.
Ingrid wasn't convinced that starting an online petition would save Marte - but when she and her organisation Partnership for Change saw the impact of their victory, they realised how powerful this easy model can be to get change. Send this email to the people you know who have great ideas about how to make the world a better place or click on the link to be a part of it:
This whole idea that women are seductresses and lead men onto to sin and sexual depravity is so hackneyed and pathetic. This is part of the assault on the feminine /yin.  This includes the rape of Mother Earth, fracking and extreme drilling is akin to rape, penetration.
It seems some priests of all religions get into paedophilia and sexual deviances, along with doctors, lawyers, politicians and some immigrants and asylum seekers, and of course any members of the public if so orientated,in a way immigrants and asylum seekers may come from a culture where woman are subservient and covered up, and round where I live, many young women in summer are near naked in the street, for me I delight in the feminine form and do not feel that 'roused up' to assault them, I feel a smile and the beauty of the human form', maybe its my age! I have seen the lust on the face of many a man from abroad and heard their talk, some feel they are whores and in court where they were charged, they said so.  Many people do this who are in positions of trust and power, asserting their right to might, however, the religious angle is that God is Male and He alone is powerful and the huge sexual feelings suppressed during hormone puberty change, boys and girls segregated at schools or boys or girls only high class finishing schools so to speak turns these natural energies inwards, this becomes subterranean and gets mixed up with messages from religion which cannot deal with these emotions. Some religions then put the blame of these uncomfortable feelings on the devil and so it becomes a sin.
The roles can be reversed men can be punished and some go to a dominatrix.  
I had many a patient who sort the services of dominatrix and went to sadomasochistic parlours.  In energyrid I wrote about the Bishop and a serial killer, the Bishop was a patient, the killer I researched with the aid of a police profiler. I feel it not applicable to repeat these accounts again.  
Of course there are many reasons and the explanations given above are just a mere snip of the deviations, which I might add the so called pervert or some sects see as normal.
Trauma, religion, parental abuse, abuse from all sections of society.
Perhaps one the deviations is this current Syria Chemical Weapons Issue. What I have heard on BBC, ITV, and media 'accepted and largely so called legitimate News Channels which the general populace takes as gospel or says 'you should never believe what you read in the papers or see on telly' yet they do.  Why? Because like the bibles of religion, education tram lines, doctors and scientists as substitutes for God, part of us although reluctant, still go along with it like sheep that want to wander and the sheep dog herding them back to the pen.
WHAT AMAZES ME, all I hear is 'We are preparing for military action, we will not tolerate gas or chemical weapons(I agree most succinctly with that--Geoff / me) then they go on to say we must demonstrate to Assad and the Syrian Government by a clinical strike(where have I heard that before)that this use of these weapons are Internationally not accepted(agree again)'

FOLKS NO ONE HAS PROVED AS YET (29/08/13 AT 09.53 GMT) who used these monstrous weapons. Guilty before proven. And USA, France, UK would be the first to yell, howl, shout, get all indignant, if Russia or China said this.  YET Russia and China are saying lets give the UN inspectors( I hope they are not bribed or corrupted)  the chance to establish who did this.  Remember the young lady in the video who showed the rubber gas masks made in the USA and distributed some weeks ago, and Obama's remark about gas and chemical weapons would be the red line, and that would mean intervention.  I smell a rat here.
Chemical weapons. It would bode well to listen to this young women.
 Truth. I do not go along with fact that this man says it will be a full Islamic state. I feel the West will use the fanatics and when they win or if they win, they will say it wasn't us who gave the rebels weapons, humanitarian aid disguised as weapons, and then they will fight the rebels if they defeat Assad.  You rebels watch out you are being used as pawns in the game.  A bloody, dirty, filthy revenge filled theatre of war and atrocities. It says in the Bible 'Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord'.  Perhaps the Lord in these instances are Karma.  Things have a way of coming back to haunt one and take their toll in other ways. Remember the ancient Prophets and the warnings. Well time is running out.
THIRD WORLD WAR?  A brilliant video. StormCloudsGathering
I'd rather see the Word. World Elite. Zionism in this respect is as David Icke explains and is not an attack on Judaism or the Hebrew Race. It is a fundamentalist term which could include any over the top politico / religious / atheistic obsessive psychopathic behaviour. 
  • 1a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.
  • 2(in southern Africa) a religious movement represented by a group of independent Churches which practise a form of Christianity incorporating elements of traditional African beliefs.
  •  the beliefs and practices of the African Zionist movement.
    In this context the Bilderbugs could be seen as Zionists.


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