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Hi Again.  Trust all is very,very well indeed.  Starting off with some high tech  of which I am very interested indeed.
This is where many scientists and main stream thinkers will have a choking session.  In my blogs throughout  and in the CV I refer to the '1967' writings.  These came to me in December 1967 at the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center see Post 9.  Also details in January 2013 last posts for more details in menu Destiny January 2013.
Similar as in link above. A good depiction.
As you probably have read several times an article in the Daily Telegraph 5th July 1995 and in Post 4 will say about these particles, my numerous mentions of portals, rays from the sun, gamma rays and so forth in numerous blogs and posts in energygrid and some references in these posts.
I had to find some proof no matter how sketchily to support the '67' stuff, the Telegraph was a start. My skirmishes with mainstream scientists and academics had been ragged to say the least and when I showed the '67' writings to a colleague and friend, he blew his top, went ballistic and stormed out, never to speak or return again. I seem to do this to politicians, lawyers, doctors, religious people and unfortunately partners, friends and me at times. 
An awful excuse is that in my quest for truth, inner peace and so forth I get restless and uneasy with illusion, my own pompous arrogance and unrest. So I probably see in others what I dislike in me and instead of owning it, I probably project it. However the quest continues and as I said above what I am about to share will set the choking off and lose some readers. Ah well I cannot compromise to what I feel is truth for me, but will be open to take the knock out retort and open to change if this appropriate. That is precisely why I do not offer my degrees in academia or where I obtained them, because I have many a mainstream friends who will tolerate me and read my offerings as long as I do not put them forward as mainstream and talk purely from a personal view without academic background.
In my view the rays above that come from the deep space of our existence and my model for this is that deep space is deep consciousness, in this context it means that the clearing of illusion will bring forth a depth of awareness, a mind uncluttered and free, full of vigour and an open zest for creativity from the source. When illusion has vanished, ceases to exist, there is no depth, only awareness and being invisible(anything visible is temporary transient form, so illusionary in its essence) and so there is no depth, no measurement, only 'isness' 'beingness' 
Cosmic Min
  The Cosmic mind has in Its functionality dendrites, synapse’s, neuronal networks, in energy / frequency /vibrations,/ rays / resonances and these interactions like the electrical firing in the brain, the local mind which as in the lower depiction, can 'tune, attune, resonate, log into' differing frequencies, depending how much of the local controller conditioning 'software' which becomes habitual and therefore in time seemingly hard wired. As much of the perceived programmed 'me, I, you, us, them' is removed, the clarity of awareness is proportional or in proportion to the amount of illusion seen through, not repressed or trodden down or in egoistic denial.

When gradually the form melts, melds with the Universe, the more we lose the sense of our mortal form,  although we may still reside in it, however we are becoming mindfully, consciously more ethereal, energy like, spirit.
It is here that the mortal brain and a mind open and beome aware, because it is open it is receptive, but sharply aware without effort, alert and at easy attention, it is like an area of low pressure and like weather systems, it attracts high pressure energies, such as our rays and so on. A battery flows from + to - poles, electricity  and water systems not pumped rely on the tank being higher than the tap. I have maintained throughout that these energies are Information carriers, they are informing and have embedded codes, which interact with our DNA, they are part of the Comic Internet of which the brain is a node, a computer in organic form. It is a wonderful decoder, assimilaterbroadcaster and receiver, unfortunately we only use a tiny proportion of this marvel.  We seem to use the logic and compiling centres and so progress to higher energies and their inner meanings are not appreciatedSo the reason why these Cosmic Rays maybe sparse is because the information they carry, the coded upgrades, the evolutionary jump start, is because we as a collective consciousness are not in a 'consciousness mode' of clarity. We are still searching in the ISS station for a logical scientific explanation.
I always felt Klingon would be better than Vulcan. Excuse the pun we cling on too much to orthodoxy and the Nobel prize. It is far better to be noble, humble and be one and in tune with Nature which is a portrayal in Earth form of the Comic beauty and creation.
Should we just stop all ISS and the like,absolutely not, this is all part of the journey.  Eventually many scientists are turning towards consciousness, meditation, and the journey will be at their pace until an awakening happens. Many scientists are waking up and have shared this.  Science is an outward path to an inward recognition. It will eventually meet Itself in a revelation which  will break the final ties, the binds, and tethers and illumination will flow.
When we have a mass consciousness which recognises we are all products of the Comic Mind, and therefore our true nature is Consciousness, then the long held addiction to form as the only reality will lessen. We then can enjoy form and see it for what it is, a temporary illusion, like the conjurer's trick, to be enjoyed, entertained and then let go. The upshot is when the debris is released say in a healing situation, skin rashes, diarrhoea, sickness and so on, often termed the healing crisis arrives as the bodies natural alchemy begins to expunge the dross.  This is what the world is going through now, the collapse of the old held karma, financial, religious, cultural and so on. Pollution, stale dead food, well by now you know the score, this is the end of an era, if we do not purge and clean out, we face a dying world, nature will clean it out for us and maybe the end of the human race, and those who do clean out will be a new species as it was foretold in the '67' writings.

In some forms of Yoga, Qi Gong and other practices, even in deep meditation a transformation occurs in the brain and so the brain begins to manufacture different chemicals.  The neuropeptide cascade is amazing and its changes through meditation well documented. These days as the energies pour in, those receptive will have their brain arrangement reconfigured as 'new software' as it were informs the DNA and the RNA is also capable of receiving the update from Cosmic Strands that have been found, in other words the body begins to throw of sheaths as in the January 13 energygrid explains and many blogs before that. The Astral sheath, some of the auric sheaths will go as the illusions break down and make 'space' for the new energetic upgrades.  Medium-ship, psychic abilities will upgraded to the tele powers and so on. Clairvoyance will become teleaudience and so on.
The body will change shape and for some become lighter(see '67' writings) and in the depiction above, shed its density. One might look obese and yet there is a glow and the layer of flesh(not an excuse for corpulence) maybe a grounding aspect. This is not to say no exercise, binge and become lethargic and gross.
So these rays, energies, anomalies in space may in time, and time is related to form, it takes a conscious form in a body to relate to time, awaken the individual to its true nature as the process develops.
For those not in receptivity, the energies will pass them by, they may be imported and may help to eventually like seeds in the desert that hibernate for many a year awaiting the rain, and one day begin their journey through the depths of the Earth, pushing their way through the rocks and crevices to be little shoots tender and vulnerable as they break through and reach the Light.
Another aspect of all this is kundulini and alchemy.  Speaking to some swami's and yoga masters, I feel that kundulini in its truest energetic modality is that force that drives the 'heat' or it is like electricity that energy  that is a potential and so when that potential is released, say by an accident, illness, a Tantric, Asana, Chi / Ki or any other discipline, in some cases prayer, meditation and so on.   We see from Gopi Krishna that it can arise spontaneously   However as it relates to this post it seems to me that alchemy is a fire and refining process, and likewise so is kundulini. 
In alchemy the use of a crucible, lead and fire with other ingredients that various alchemists used according to their knowledge, and the lead was refined or alchemised into hopefully gold, I do not know if anyone actually managed it in ancient times or more recently.  There are certain reports I have read and heard of, that state it was successful, as yet my research has not uncovered specific details.
A lot of Alchemy Schools turned into cults and white / black magic, rituals and so forth.
Many feel that alchemy as per lead to gold or other precious metals, may have been to precursor to the concept that it is a physical form or compliment or aspect to the human alchemy.
To me human alchemy and the fire that is refining , purifying, is ki /chi/ life force / kundulini.  The system I was 'brought up in ' and I have studied many and inculcated a few pupils, perhaps at times too rigorously, was a system of chakras, nadis, meridians and nerves, all are conduits for energy to flow, for the energy of Life force that feeds and upholds the subtle body which in turn supports the organs and physical body. Hence so much emphasis is given to the subtle bodies, and some Qi Gong teachers I know do not use weights, apparatus or such like and they have muscular well defined healthy bodies.  They work on the premise that if one has a good base, grounded and correct posture then the rest has a chance of being well and healthy with a strong body.  My teacher emphasised a lot the form of 'embracing the tree' not just the ''hugging aspect" but the feet, lower back and head at correct angles and so on.
As a therapist I have seen how we dump into our body, trauma, basically unfinished business.  The body becomes a repository for suppressed material.  This then finds it way to block the life force, and blocked life force can pile up and form a tumour or illness, they are often found in major meridian points or near them.  
Yoga with Chakras and Ida and Pingala channels
Acupuncture and Qi Gong meridians
At any rate heat of some sort of energy, sometimes felt as cold energy, is applied as in energy medicine. This energy removes the blocks and sometimes shows the trauma to the mind of the patient or practice person.  In some traditions kundulini is deliberately encouraged and this aim is bring it from the base of the spine to the top of the head, where in this destination one achieves enlightenment and has refined and purged the whole complete system.  I have seen Qi Gong teachers set light to paper, and bring the energy to heal in this way, they use a slightly different approach and raising the chi by harvesting it in the dantien / hara. Anyway it is about purging, purifying the dross, sorting the wheat from the chaff.
Another Alchemy Process
Other metals can be formed in the process.  Basically heat again. We see this  in recycling and recreation. This idea to form and die, to reach more and more evolutionary forms in the case of base lead to pure gold, from a lower carnal nature to an energetic ascended purer and purer consciousness, from burning stars that give life to planets and then die to reform, and who knows what is 'out' 'in' there. 'Reach for the Stars ' and beyond.
plumb-bob or a plummet is a weight, usually with a pointed tip on the bottom, that is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line, or plumb-line. It is essentially the y-axis equivalent of a "water level".
The instrument has been used since at least the time of ancient Egypt[1] to ensure that constructions are "plumb", or vertical. It is also used insurveying to establish the nadir with respect to gravity of a point in space. They are used with a variety of instruments (including levels,theodolites, and steel tapes) to set the instrument exactly over a fixed survey marker, or to transcribe positions onto the ground for placing a marker.[2]
Plum Bob
Earth's Center of Gravity UP OR DOWN.
As a young student I met a Professor Edwards who actually did these experiments elsewhere many, many, many times and found the anomaly, this enigma as I did when I saw it for myself. Once again I got stiffly frozen out when I raised this at a lecture, convincing me I had no future in this closed minded incestuous community and bright young eager minds gradually worn down by the lack of openness, not just plain naive acceptance nor sceptical rejection, but longing for an honest investigative serious curiosity and pursuit of the truth of the matter. This is what we do to children at a certain age, their curiosity gets blunted and stunted.
The centre of Gravity is the Centred focussed awareness in consciousness, from this fulcrum all else flows and returns.
 May your Center be blessed wherever it maybe.
Keep Centred. Keep Well. Geoff.
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