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Hello and good to meet again, to know you are there breathing, living and being is a great joy to me.
A saying in the UK and I have heard similar in many countries is 'A red Sky at Night is a Shepherds delight and red sky in the morning is a Shepherds warning.
Here are a few beautiful sky presentations:-
Amazing 360 day skyscape.  5 mins.
As above. NASA apod gives more details.
Aparrantly on some servers the history of the Sky as above did not Post. so link is here.
As above . NASA has explanations.
10 most mysterious pictures
A few more minutes with Bradley Manning
There comes into ones Life something that stirs something deep within, a resonance that is profound deeply significant and meaningful, it is without words and causes one to ponder after the impression about the sanity of conditioning, programming and sheer lack of understanding and compassion such is this below.
From Forbidden knowledge
Nada al-Ahdal is one of seven children
born to a low-income family in Yemen.
When she was just 10 years old, her
parents accepted an offer from a wealthy,
Saudi-based Yemeni to marry her off,
i.e. to sell her to him.
In response, Nada ran away from home
to stay with her grandmother and uncle,
a graphics designer for a local TV station.
Were it not for him and his media skills,
the world might not know her story, which
sadly, is not uncommon in Yemen.
Yemen is ranked last of 135 countries in
the 2012 Global Gender Gap Report. Human
Rights Watch reported on discrimination and
violence against women as well as on the
abolition of the minimum marriage age of
fifteen for women. Instead, the onset of
puberty (interpreted by some to be as low
as the age of nine) was set as a requirement
for marriage.
Publicity about the case of ten-year old
Yemeni divorcee, Nujood Ali brought the
child marriage issue to the fore, not only
in Yemen but worldwide, in addition the
voice of Nada al-Ahdal.
It's amazing to witness this beautiful child's
verve. May it never be beaten into submission?
When I gazed into this child's eyes I knew as a man what it was like to have a daughter, the innocence and love, the simplicity of trust, I do not have children but understand their need for honour, respect and love,to have their trust by loving them honestly, purely and without agenda. The many children I taught at Judo especially those in deprived areas and trauma issues see also Posts 24, 25 and 49.
I have letters in my files which have been a source of courage and to me affirmation of the work I did with children at Judo.  Some have contacted me many years later on, now that is, and shared with me the benefit they gained from the stories, the practice on the tatami (Judo mat).  Many kindly said that their parents who came and watched got a lot from what was said and how it was taught.
Dearest readers I do not share this out of pride, it may seem so, but because of a heart that went out to these youngsters and their parents, later on to my patients, workshops participants, not because I am guru, a mystic, no because I felt the fragility of a traumatic childhood, the pain of the families or victim's in Forensics.  It is heart, heart , heart.  The tragedies of war, the torture and agony of imprisonment when one is innocent and powerless not to be heard or given a fair trial or even hearing.  
Somehow over the ages a madness has crept into some of the population on Earth, the madness of fanatics. Be it football, religion, politics, cults, alcoholism, grudges, drugs, power lusts, science, medical issues, it is an addiction now of epic proportions and size.
It blinds the hearts of many, closes the door to compassion and sharing, co operation, or co operation if it benefits one, tolerance if it is needed for ones own agenda. For tolerance is a piece of coloured plastic holding down or concealing unforgiven resentment.
Real forgiveness is when the heart is open, trusting and yet when put upon still loves without agenda or reward.
So many of us wear blinkers, we have partial sight, partial sight caused by early childhood conditioning, maybe well meaning, but like the child above who says ' Go ahead and marry me off. I'll Kill Myself----'.  Thank goodness she had the guts to run away, what about the others forced into a brutal corner and took their lives, oh what a pity, and so many youngsters are self harming and committing suicide.

It is fine to have an open heart, what is then needed is to cultivate discernment, not by discrimination and intellectual logical theoretical background learnt by a teaching, a philosophy, but by the quiet mind in meditation.
If we are still, breathing quietly and maintaining an alert unprejudiced observation, we enter into inner peace, here we can wait patiently and our innermost feeling develops a sensitivity which is a wise council, the voice of the true intuition. ' I waited in the silence of my soul, in the wilderness of my being, the starkness of infinity, the aloneness of my heart, nay not lonely, but a superb beauty arose in my beingness, a desert filled forever with fresh scent and running rivers, the love flowed as if thousands of waterfalls poured the living waters of Life from within themselves, and I disappeared and yet remained, the mystery of Life came and went and all there was left was an open heart, that bled at times for the insensitivity that was in the world, and yet my heart was not damaged, my sensitivity not blunted or injured for all life on Earth was but a dream and fades in the mists of transient time, but a precious dream never - the less' ( notes on a meditation done sometime back by yours truly). 
To be sensitive and not be hurt by it is interesting.  One can be sensitive because one's belief's and relationships have been offended, and therefore let down, our ego has been offended, the real us/me/you/ I, cannot be.  Because we as an I do not exist in real terms, we are an awareness that is unlimited, we are space, emptiness, consciousness, it is impersonal and yet aware of itself.
A way to develop sensitivity is to imagine / feel, the imagination is to feel as though it were real, you are sitting on the bank of a river in a still quiet place and the river is slightly curved as below:-

You feel something is coming round the bend, then you see waves, watch how the mind tries to define, label and categorize, compartmentalise (useful in everyday office life and so forth), is  it a boat, a large fish?  Let it all pass and let what arrives be it. Then in another view, watch all the swimmers, birds, boats and all pass by without labelling, this is nice, I do not like this, and even watching yourself say I will not judge, let that pass as well. 
So now one has feeling and letting that sensitivity pass by BUT retaining the unemotional content.  In that quiet space one may feel GENUINE wisdom and action from that or not. BEWARE that the ego will try and pull you out into judgement, YOU will know this when you are caught up the scene and your attention as an unbiased observe lost.

A radar antenna or such like as above is attuned to pick up selected frequencies, in this analogy, this antenna picks up information and it is 'unbiased' in the sense it merely unemotionally picks up data, information, intelligence.  The dish sends it to a computer where a person decides what to do with the data. 
In this analogy the awareness is the antenna in the mundane world it sends the info to the ego and through its memory banks which is the seat of conditioning and programming, it decides on action, and in the case of a child doing dangerous activities, one can do this with quietness and purpose and help the child or teach it. If your programme has a threat and danger element it will act in shouting, smacking and so on.  The shouting and smacking scenario comes from reaction out of ego. Let us now see that the information gathered by awareness is sent to the quiet mind, the unbiased observer, wisdom alerts one in an extraordinary way and the result is action from source, this in right timing and appropriate manner and sentiment. 
  • The average person may be prescribed 14,000 pills (this doesn’t even include over-the-counter meds) and by the time you reach your 70s you could be taking five or more pills every day, according to Pill Poppers, a documentary
  • Pill Poppers takes you on a journey through some of the most popular drugs in the world, from the ADHD drug Ritalin to drugs for erectile dysfunction, depression, pain and contraception, asking: are these pills really beneficial, or are they doing more harm than good?
  • Many people assume that the medications they’re taking are exerting carefully designed effects on their biological functions; in reality, these effects were not designed but rather observed – often simply as a matter of dumb luck
  • Virtually no drug is side effect-free and these side effects are often treated with even more drugs, perpetuating a viscous cycle
  • Before taking a medication, it is important to assess whether the short- and long-term risks outweigh the benefits, and whether there are less toxic, non-drug alternatives available
  • A new study highlights how agricultural subsidies that favor corn, soy and grains are fueling the obesity epidemic, putting small farms out of business and discouraging sustainable, biodiverse farming
  • Farm subsidies are no longer based on need; mega-farms receive an annual fixed cash payment based upon the number of acres on the farm, which are given whether they need them or not
  • Large corporate farms receive the majority of farm subsidies while the bulk of small farmers receive little or none
  • Farm subsidies are already in the budget; redesigning the system to provide incentives to farmers growing healthy crops and using sustainable farming methods may help fight obesity and protect the environment
 Congress has just voted to kill a 
measure to reign-in domestic spying,
despite outcries from all over the place,
including the White House.
One wonders if any members of
Congress were blackmailed into voting
that way?
Before there was PRISM, there was
ThinThread and before that, there was
There is nothing that Edward Snowden
has revealed that has not been public
knowledge since at least 1998, if not
ECHELON has been active since at least
the mid-'70s, according to former NSA
employee, Margaret Newsham, who claims
that she worked on the configuration and
installation of software that makes up the
ECHELON system while employed at
Lockheed Martin, for whom she worked
from 1974 to 1984 in Sunnyvale, California
and in Menwith Hill, UK.
Although she enjoyed the work and was
proud of her programming prowess, she
says she regrets her participation in
spying on ordinary people, politicians,
interest groups and private companies,
which is what she did for 10 years. She
was ultimately fired by Lockheed when
she refused to work on a particular project
in 1984, which she believed was was illegal,
unconstitutional and ultimately harmful to
the US Government.
Films about ECHELON in English are hard
to come by! This is a fascinating Korean
documentary on the subject, interspersed
with interviews conducted in English and
Korean subtitles.

Please bear with the Korean Language.  The interspersed English comments are vitally, vtally informative and interesting. Thank you.
This is so huge and so many incidents about this I suggest you to  menu Destiny see my name and click search bar for Echelon, its massive. Diagram of early echelon I do not wish to repeat how I was involved. I did so in energygrid and now with all that's going on it is inappropriate.  It is not out of fear but respect for all others involved including my legal team at the time.
Scroll down to bottom for a early diagram.
Just a clip from article:-'

        Did 22 SDI Researchers really ALL Commit Suicide?     
   Fifty-year-old Alistair Beckham was a successful British aerospace-
projects engineer.  His specialty was designing computer software
for sophisticated naval defense systems.  Like hundreds of other
British scientists, he was working on a pilot program for America's
Strategic Defense Initiative--better known as Star Wars.
And like at least 21 of his colleagues, he died a bizarre, violent
   It was a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon in August 1988.  After
driving his wife to work, Beckham walked through his garden 
to a musty backyard toolshed and sat down on a box next to the
door.  He wrapped bare wires around his chest, attached the to
an electrical outlet and put a handkerchief in his mouth.  Then
he pulled the switch. ( ACTUALLY IT WAS ECHELON BEING UPGRADED) Many of these are the world's best microbiologists.
Is this how they all died?  After all they were using computers and highly sophisticated software for its time.  You have to silence whistle blowers after all in those days it could have nipped it in the bud.

Red, red, hot.
WOW WHAT A SITE. Double Oy Veh.
I love this quote 'The offi­cial motto of the UK spies is “Regnum Defende” — defence of the realm. Serving intel­li­gence officers mord­antly alter this to “Rectum Defende” — politely trans­lated as watch your back.

Official Secrets Act 1989.  Cor! I signed that. Oy Veh. I haven't got a sore rectum yet. Yipes!.

In 1992 Queen Elizabeth said that it was a 'Annus Horribilis' Latin for horrible year.
It seems to me that if we combine the two we have a lot of aresholes on the planet and they have a lot of defende to do.
To conclude on this sordid underhanded saga we face today and hopefully not taint future generations is the last repeated diagram, and a few others and leave it at that---for the time being.

An example of ELF Brain Simulation

Bioelectric Resonance Frequency

Motor Control Cortex                      10Hz                    Information Induced through Modulation                  

Auditory Cortex                               15Hz                   Motor Impulse coordinator

Visual Cortex                                   25Hz                   Images on the brain by passing the eye. 

Somalosensory                                 9Hz                     Phantom touch sense.

Thought Center                                20Hz                   Imposed subconscious thoughts.

These are from panel underneath very old copy  above. Now all this far more advanced.

THESE ARE TAKEN FROM WIKIPEDIA AND SO ARE IN THE GENERAL AND PUBLIC DOMAIN. IN THEMSELVES THEY OFFER NOT MUCH AND ONLY IF YOU TRY TO HACK WILL IT BE DEEMED ILLEGAL. I can barely type properly and just report so its up to you.  It was on News Night BBC and RT. Do not worry I have no idea what these things mean and even if you look them up they are perfunctory descriptions.  Well the whole thing is too much for me. What it says to me is that its separate agencies, so there is no 'head' to aim at so to speak.  Out of this anus flows a lot of data diarrhoea.
According to top secret NSA PowerPoint slides, with the classification; TOP SECRET//SI//ORCON//NOFORN, released by the Washington Post and the Guardian, the internet giants who are apparently a part of the program are as follows with their date of membership listed after their names: Microsoft 9-11-2007, Yahoo 3-12-2008, Google 1-14-2009, Facebook 6-3-2009, PalTalk12-7-2009, YouTube 9-24-2010, Skype 2-6-2011, AOL 3-31-11 and Apple 10-2012
Read more:
I left this one to last and to show you we are all in it, notice red notice bottom right hand corner.
May you browse unhampered and with freedom of mind and spirit. You have a right to be free and that freedom be harmless to humanity, but expose wrong doing, by that I mean our Divine right to be free beings, like trees and animals The Universe in its wisdom gave us freedom, someone  somewhere wants to cash in and take it away for their own selfish, dark, smelly purpose.
Be Free. Be Well. Geoff
Breaking News!?
Be sure you have your Skype lens covered when you look at this. AHHHHHH.
The scale of the ongoing citizen awakening becomes glaringly obvious when governments of supposedly ‘free’ societies like the UK opt for oppressive methods, like censorship and blocking citizens’ rights to challenge bad laws, to protect themselves from scrutiny.
British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to censor social networking services, like Twitter and Facebook. He's also conflating RIM's BlackBerry Messenger with that group. He seems to think it'll help prevent scumbag rioters and looters from organizing their criminal sprees.
  • On the one handsomething must be done! (And this is "something".)
  • On The Other Hand, isn't that exactly what Iran, Syria, and Egypt did during their uprisings?
WE want more transparency so lets close down anything that makes it so.
A politician, a banker, a corrupt CEO, and so on. Oh come on Geoff, surely not all of them? OK, so how do you know for sure heh?
Quote from a few sources I heard ' He/she seemed so genuine' 'I lived with this person many years and now come to think of it I never really knew him /her' ' I would have staked my life on this being the truth' 'You can never really tell these days' 'It was never like this in my younger days' 'I never thought or felt they were a murderer, and I lived next door in this quiet street, well I never, he /she seemed such a quiet helpful gentle person' 'I trusted my government  my country and I fought for them, I never thought I would killing my own, beating them up, and sending them to jail without getting a fair trial'
The pity is we are and could become so sceptical and cynical that we lose our discernment, our compassion, our decency our moral compass. An old lady cried to me 'once bitten twice shy' as she  was mugged at the ATM by some young 10 year old girls.

We begin to mock people on Facebook, twitter, blogging, we cannot see them so we can cut them off with an expletive. It gives us a power, an unseen 'energy' of importance. We should voice our opinions and heaven knows I get acrid and acidic, sarcastic and judgemental. I own it and am not proud of it, and I am looking at this area of my life. I am ashamed in one way and glad I can see it, own it, air it, witness it and wear it out, and so it does arise again, I will not suppress or encourage it, I will watch it and learn from it, for deep down I feel deeply it is offensive.  I would not like to experience this and feel the hurt, however, I am seeking ways to express myself without so much vehemence at times. I have prepared many Posts in advance and there are strong words in them. I will not update them, however, it will be deemed a lesson when I read them through them for editing. 
I do not think, feel, or surmise all is doom and gloom.  This is a mass venting of the collective unconscious. The puss and compacted vileness and goodness held tightly in the pit with a lid now seeping out its obnoxious gasses, farts of old decomposed worn out patterns of living, the weariness of holding onto the old familiar safe but non productive modes of living.
Wanting to break free and yet frightened to leave the nest.To fly, to let it all hang out, to dance, to share, to love without agenda  to be ourselves without censorship, to be a responsible caring harmless being and to be guardians of our most precious inheritance--- a true human being.

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