Saturday 5 October 2013


Hi there.  This is the latest so far that I have received
Hi Geoff,
The crew of the Arctic Sunrise, who were detained last week, are now behind bars inside a Russian jail on ludicrous charges of piracy.
This is a difficult time. But being part of Greenpeace has taught me what all game-changing movements have learnt: that far from being powerless – together, ordinary people  are powerful beyond imagination.
I know that’s why the Russian authorities stormed our ship last week. Because they know and we know that no one else will stand up to Big Oil in a place as remote, dangerous and pristinely important as the Arctic. We are truly the only ones standing in their way.
So today, I need your help to strengthen our movement, with a donation to our Arctic campaign. Our work in the Arctic has a fierce urgency that will not wait. Will you answer this call?
Together, we can make the seemingly impossible, possible. The power, the means to sustain all that we do, comes from you.
Thank you,
It is organisations like this that are saving our natural world from greedy, selfish profiteers. You may remember the 'looking in the eye' to save animals from extinction as in Post 104.  Well here is another.
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey.
Please help save the Arctic and all the beautiful animals, plants, fish, ethnic settlements and our lovely environment.
Taking care of our planet is taking care of ourselves. 
Be Well. Geoff.

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