Thursday 31 October 2013

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 Update on Greenpeace.
Hi Geoff, 
The first pictures from inside the prison where the Arctic 30 are being held were released today. A Sky news team gained rare access to the prison and was able to speak to prison officials inside. Watch the short video here and read the accompanying news feature.
With winter just around the corner, temperatures are dropping rapidly and some of the detainees are struggling in the poorly heated cells and lack of daylight. When the reporter raised these concerns with the prison governor, he simply laughed and responded by saying, “In Great Britain your prisons are soft.”
Yet, despite enduring the difficult conditions inside, it appears that the Arctic 30 are keeping their spirits high. Over the weekend we received letters from Frank, Sini, Alex and Alexandre who have described the various things they do to keep themselves busy for the 23 hours a day they are kept in their cells.
You can read their letters here - it’s heartwarming to see that they have not lost their sense of humour!
The one thing that is keeping the Arctic 30 going is knowing that there are millions of people like you outside who support them and are fighting to get them out. Sini's letter describes just how much this support means to her and the rest of the group: 
“I don't know how to thank you enough for all the support, warm thoughts and love that we get from you. Hearing about all the support that we get world-wide really squeezes my heart and puts tears in my eyes.” 
I'll be in touch with you soon about more we can all do to help. Let’s get them released!

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THANKS.  Geoff

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