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Hey. What's new. Every day you wake up. A friend of mine in Germany would say to me every morning 'this is the first day of the rest of your life'.  A very sobering thought and yet liberating.  I just love this guy below.
great lesson on being your self.
Alexandra Bruce from Forbidden knowledge says so beautifully what I feel about Don Ward above:-
Dear Geoff,  

Don't be deceived by his avocation. 
Don Ward probably has more integrity 
and spiritual insight than anyone on 
Wall Street.
Of course he's been aware, his whole 
life, that being a "shoe-shine boy" was 
not exactly aspirational, in the eyes of 
many - likely including his own family. 
Moreover, his very job description was 
used as a pejorative term by whites to 
intimidate blacks (who did not shine 
shoes for a living) throughout the 20th 
century and earlier, to put blacks back 
"in their place".
But after years of culinary school, where 
Don Ward mastered the art of being a 
pastry chef - he realized it just wasn't 
Then he had the bravery to be true to 
himself and recognize that he had to live 
HIS life - not somebody else's idea of 
what his life should be.
So, he went back to shining shoes on 
6th Avenue and 47th Street in Manhattan
And this man is happy and fulfilled, doing 
a job that he loves - which is so evident, 
in the way that he commands the block, 
selling his services to the hurried, tough 
New Yorkers, power-walking past him.
You can see, that at the very core of his 
work is just pure love - and how he wouldn't 
have it any other way - and the customers 
keep on coming. 
In his words, "I guess, till I leave this Earth,
I'll always be pushing for better and not 
worrying about how someone else perceives
life should be. I'm gonna be me. That's it.
However you react and respond to it, is your 
Please, please watch this to the end. This 
man has a lot to teach us all. {Amen from Geoff}

  • Pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses wrapped up in a very small package, with a wide variety of nutrients ranging from magnesium and manganese to copper, protein and zinc.
  • They contain a wide array of beneficial plant compounds known as phytosterols and free-radical scavenging antioxidants, which can give your health an added boost.
  • Pumpkin seeds may benefit your heart, liver and immune system, help fight diabetes and cancer, and offer unique benefits for men’s prostate health and women’s relief of menopause symptoms as well(Thanks Dr.Mercola)
Eco- activist. Eco-activist Tristram Stuart demonstrates how much food waste is created by supermarkets like Tesco. Photograph: Andy Hall

The freegans' creed: waste not, want not

As a nation we throw away millions of tonnes of food a year – a quarter of all we buy. Enter the 'freegans' – campaigners like Tristram Stuart who are tackling the scandal of global waste by digging around in supermarket bins for their weekly shop.
      Osborne defends 'work for the                              dole'
He's got the look. Ah ha got you now--I'm a millionaire plus, I don't really work at all. So there eh !
Chancellor George Osborne has defended plans to make the long-term jobless "work for the dole", insisting that it is a "very compassionate" approach to people who have been abandoned by previous governments.  I'm not sure on this issue, maybe with more compassion it is sensible and could encourage a community spirit once the anger passed. Like like the shoe shine hero above it could restore pride. Not ego pride but the pride of contributing to help elderly, clean up the neighbourhood.  However, those who look down on such workers should be taken to classes and told not be condescending or snooty.
I have cleaned streets and done house cleaning, served teas for the workforce and other so called menial jobs, sometimes just for food and keep. 

Rath Yatra Festival, Bangladesh

Photograph by Md Rafayat Haque Khan, Your Shot
This Month in Photo of the Day: The Stories Behind Your Shots
Enthusiastic devotees take part in a colorful Rath Yatra procession in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. Also known as the Festival of Chariots, the Hindu celebration honors a mid-summer chariot journey made by Lord Jagannath.
Photographing in his hometown, Your Shot contributor Md Rafayat Haque Khan wanted to capture the essence of the festival in a single frame. To get this shot, Khan went to the top of a three-story building as devotees pullingraths, or holy carts, arrived in time for an afternoon prayer. "I got a vantage point for capturing this awesome moment," Khan says. "It seemed to me I was seeing a wave of devoted souls coming row by row to get blessings from the Jagannath." (Thanks to National Ideographic and Rafayat Haque Khan)  {I love celbrations, this one is a blessing and colourful---I love celebrating Life and who gave IT) 

Robotics revolution to replace most human workers in three generations; labor class to be systematically eliminated

It seems this will not happen for three decades well this of course will raise issues. Should the world economics, finances and population continue expanding or continuing with the same war, exploitation and out of work, poverty and climate change and so on, the eugenics one world government bods will get on their platform and extol their policy, or maybe the Chines policy of one child per family----or an outside the box, colonise outer planets.  Let's hope if we do this we will not mess their environment, be greedy and bring the selfish traits to these new destinations.

  • Antidepressant-induced violence and homicide is an international problem, but it is particularly apparent in the US due to the widespread use (and misuse) of these drugs
  • 31 commonly-prescribed drugs are disproportionately associated with cases of violent acts. Five of the top 10 most violence-inducing drugs are antidepressants. Commonly used ADHD drugs are also on the list
  • Research has found that one in every 250 subjects taking Paxil or Prozac were involved in a violent episode. In a study group of 25,000 people, this included 31 assaults and one homicide
  • ADHD drugs were responsible for nearly 23,000 emergency room visits in 2011—a more than 400% increase in ER visits due to adverse reactions to such drugs in a mere six years
  • The American Psychiatric Association recently issued a statement urging doctors and patients to reconsider the practice of using anti-psychotic medications as the first line of treatment for dementia, behavior problems, and insomnia


FM-Hero.jpgImage Source: Stephanie Sinclair/VII
Aged 8, Rawan was sold by her parents, and forced into a marriage with a man five times her age
. The injuries her young body sustained from her “wedding night” resulted in her death, and her story has sent shock waves throughout the world.1
The most shocking thing about Rawan’s story? The fact that to many, her story is not shocking at all. Forced Child Marriage is a form of modern slavery, and in Yemen, there is no law which makes it illegal.
The Yemeni Government has the power to bring an end to Forced Marriage forever; the first step is to ban the marriage of anyone under the age of 18, protecting children from a life of domestic and sexual slavery. 
We know that ending Forced Marriage everywhere poses big obstacles and yet, in the aftermath of Rawan’s death, and with the eyes of the world on Yemen, this may be one of few fleeting moments when we can create change. We’re not going to let down the millions of girls vulnerable to this form of modern slavery. 
Forced Child Marriage is modern slavery and can be stopped. Call on the government of Yemen to ban Forced Child Marriage.

3 mins of healing. The link seems to work even though it is  a gap.
Access Express | 10/03/13
The NSA conducted a secret pilot project on the collection of location data of U.S. cellphones, but officials say they never moved ahead with the plan. However, Senator Ron Wyden warns there is more to know about it than the government has declassified.
Since 2010, the NSA has been exploiting its huge collections of data to create graphs of some Americans’ social connections that can identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions, and other personal information. [ WOW]
What Doctors Don't Tell You
The WDDTY wars: why they don’t want you to read all about it
Two days ago we woke up to find ourselves and our magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You the subject of a national scandal. On Tuesday October 1, the Times ran with an article about how there was a ‘call to ban’ our journal What Doctors Don’t Tell You over ‘health scares’.
The original Times article alleged that a group of ‘experts’, including ‘scientists, doctors and patients’ were ‘condemning’ shops for carrying our magazine,
The article also said that we’d claimed that vitamin C ‘cures’ HIV, that homeopathy could treat cancer, that we’d implied the cervical cancer vaccines has killed ‘hundreds’ of girls and that we’d told parents in our latest (October 2013) issues not to immunize their children with the MMR.
The Wright Stuff on channel 5 quickly followed suit with a television debate, flashing up a picture of me, Five Live followed up with a television debate about our magazine.  By Thursday, when the Press Gazette were onto it, the headlines had escalated to:  ‘Warning that claims in alternative health mag could prove fatal.’
In all of the furore, not one of the newspapers, radio shows or television stations bothered to contact us, even to solicit a comment – which is Journalism 101 when you intend to run a story on someone, pro or con.
It’s also apparent from the information published in The Times and in all the media following that not one journalist or broadcaster has read one single word we’ve written, particularly on the homeopathy story, and for very good reason: the article and the magazine containing it in fact have not yet been published.
Here is what the Times said, and here is what we actually published:
The Times stated: we said vitamin C cures HIV.  
We had written: “US internist Robert Cathcart…devised an experiment with around 250 inpatients who tested positive for HIV.  In a letter to the editor of The Lancet, he wrote that his regime of giving oral doses of vitamin C close to “bowel tolerance” had “slowed, stopped or sometimes reversed for several years” the depletion of an HIV patient’s CD4+ cells.
The Times says we tell parents not to immunize their children with the MMR.
We interviewed – and simply quoted – a medical doctor called Dr Jayne Donegan, who had carried out her own research into the MMR, and concluded that a child with a strong immune system shouldn’t have the vaccine.  This was the considered view of Dr Donegan, not us. We were simply quoting her.
The Times says we said that we implied that the cervical cancer vaccine has killed ‘hundreds’ of girls’. 
We had said that, up to 2011, the American Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System had received notification of 68 deaths and 18,727 adverse reactions to the vaccine. The figure has now risen to 27,023 events.
The Times said we referred to a study in India in which girls had died following the vaccine but had not mentioned that one girl had drowned and one died from a snake bite.
We said that seven children died and 120 suffered debilitating side effects so bad that the trial was stopped following protests from parents, doctors, public health organizations and health networks.  The Times also omitted to mention that, in 2010, an official Indian government report discovered huge lapses in the study’s design, which resulted in gross under-reporting of serious side effects.
The Times said that we ‘suggest homeopathy could cure cancer’. 
In the ‘Coming Next Month’ column in our October issue we wrote the following (and this is all we wrote:
‘The US government has carried out impressive studies into homeopathy as a treatment for cancer, and a clinic is India is actually using it. We report on their findings about homeopathy as a cancer treatment.’
The Times story - and all the stories that follow -  are entirely the work of Simon Singh, and his organization Sense About Science, a protracted skirmish that’s been going on for about a year, ever since we went launched our magazine in September 2013.  Singh, you may know, is the self-proclaimed guardian of all things ‘scientific’ with the pharmaceutically backed organization he fronts, ‘Sense About Science’.
Singh contacted our distributor, and then all our outlets (like Smiths and the supermarkets) and tried to persuade them to stop carrying us (they refused).  He then relentlessly pestered the Advertising Standards Association with complaints about our advertisers, to try to prevent them from advertising.
Singh is also associated with the Nightingale Collaboration, a ragtag group who meet in a pub of the same name, also allegedly wedded to ‘true’ science. After our launch, dozens of anonymous trolls began writing hateful and fairly libellous stuff on our Facebook pages.
Last autumn the Guardian ran an online story claiming that our distributor was threatening to ‘sue’ Singh (they are not and never have threatened, nor have we).  We also got ‘interviewed’ by a Glaswegian doctor named Margaret McCartney, also associated with Singh, who writes for the BMJ.
Recently, a doctor called Dr. Matthew Lam began contacting supermarkets, and informing them that he was calling for complaints to be made to customer service teams at all the supermarkets who carry us.  He said he was spearheading this campaign with Singh, McCartney and Alan Henness of the Nightingale Collaboration.
Please allow me to join the dots. Sense About Science publishes online as its sponsors the British Pharmaceutical Association, the official trade body for the UK’s drug companies.  Another one of its sponsors is The Guardian.
The next interesting aspect of this episode is the sheer hypocrisy of News International, which published the original story about us. That company, which owns The Times, is owned by the Murdoch organization. The Murdoch organization also owns HarperCollins.  HarperCollins published three of my books, including a book entitled What Doctors Don’t Tell You, a culmination of many years of research for WDDTY the newsletter.
Harper liked the book so much they published it twice, first in 1996 after paying a team of lawyers at Carter-Ruck, the UK’s top libel firm, to spend hundreds of hours of legal time carefully sifting through all of the scientific evidence supporting statements I made in the book to ensure the material was rock solid. It was only published after they were satisfied that every last statement was correct.
WDDTY was a bestseller for Harper – so much so that they asked me to update it and published the new version in 2006.  It’s also been an international bestseller, currently in some 20 languages around the world.
At one point, I was also a columnist for the Times and ran a story highly critical of the MMR vaccine.
Besides being a demonstration of how shoddy journalism has become, what interests me about this episode is that it offers evidence of the enormous shift that has occurred in the press’s notion of its role in society. The Times seems to be suggesting that their role is to ‘protect’ the public by censoring information that departs from standard medical line.
Determining what is fit for public consumption, or indeed how its readers should treat their illnesses, is emphatically not a newspaper’s job – ours or anyone else’s.
Our job as journalists is simply to inform – to report the facts, even when they are inconvenient truths, as they are so often in medicine, particularly with such things as vaccines or alternative cancer therapy.
For despite all the grandstanding and pink ribbons and prettily turned phrases, the fact remains that the whole of modern medicine’s arsenal against cancer  is both blatantly unscientific and ineffective.  When not manipulated, the bald statistics reveal that chemo only works 2 per cent of the time .The War on Cancer from the orthodox perspective is decisively being lost.
Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of people are being cured by other methods of cancer treatment. Millions of others who have cancer or whose loved ones have cancer want to know ways to treat cancer that are less dangerous and more effective.
That qualifies as news, and it’s our duty as the press to report that.  It’s my job to deliver well researched information, and that’s supposed to be the Times’ job too.
Several months ago, I met Patricia Ellsberg, the wife of Daniel Ellsberg.  Back when I was a student, deciding whether or not to be a journalist, Ellsberg, an employee of the CIA, came across hundreds of pages of documents revealing America’s shameful role in the Vietnam war.
Ellsberg felt this was news and it was his duty to leak these papers to the New York Times.  The Times felt it was their duty to publish these revelations, these inconvenient truths.  Then President Nixon attempted to censor these leaks by attempting a legal embargo on The Times – a blatant attempt at government censorship.
The Ellsbergs (faced with life imprisonment – was anybody ever so brave?) turned on a photocopy machine, made multiple copies and leaked the documents to the Washington Post.
And when Nixon went after the Post, the Ellsbergs smuggled the papers to 17 other newspapers.  Not one paper blinked.  Not one paper decided this information wasn’t fit to print – or that the public needed to be ‘protected’ from a lying presidency.
But these days, the press – far less ‘free,’ now largely owned by huge corporations, including in the pharmaceutical industry (Murdoch’s son was on the board of one such drug company) – has now become the party with powerful vested interests to protect. Today the press is the Richard Nixon of the piece.
Back when the NY Times was publishing The Pentagon Papers and the Washington Post published the Watergate disclosures, newspapers wouldn’t be caught dead being associated with some industry backed body, especially one with the track record of carnage enjoyed by Big Pharma, as the Guardian now is.
But today newspapers are haemorrhaging money, and so have to have industry backing and its consequent influence. The public, which wants the truth, knows this and rejects this industry public relations by boycotting newspapers.  Presently, the Guardian is losing £100,000 a day, and the Times is losing £80,000 a day.  People don’t believe newspapers anymore. They know they have to go elsewhere for their news. That’s why they come to publications like ours.
As Deep Throat once told Woodward and Bernstein, when they were investigating Watergate:  If you want to find out the truth, just follow the money.
If you’d like to support WDDTY and a free press, and you haven’t yet voiced your support of the stores for stocking the title, let the following Customer Service departments know:
WH Smith
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
And with the weekend coming up, show your support by buying a copy.  It’s available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WH Smiths, and over 8000 independent retail outlets. And you can subscribe through
I have received this and am now updating this and in blog 110.
Dear Geoff
I would be grateful if you could help me.
In their attempt to defend themselves against the sustained attacks of Simon Singh and Sense about Science WDDTY have made some errors.
They have said that they have interviewed me -  I have never been interviewed by or behalf of WDDTY - as below:
"We interviewed – and simply quoted – a medical doctor called Dr Jayne Donegan, who had carried out her own research into the MMR, and concluded that a child with a strong immune system shouldn’t have the vaccine. This was the considered view of Dr Donegan, not us. We were simply quoting her.”
I would be very grateful if you would remove this paragraph from your very interesting blog, rather than WDDTY's having to post a retraction, which will make their situation worse.
Thank you for your help.
Yours Sincerely
Jayne Donegan
Dr Jayne LM Donegan
London NW4 1SH, UK
T/F 0044 (0)20 8632 1634
[email protected]

False Flag-----its hilarious and yet rings true---- the trailer. I just sat here and laughed and laughed. If it wasn't so funny you miss the true message---its not funny it happened and is happening.
This astounding, mind blowing and 200 odd years ago. The Writer a Model Boy that writes, breath taking and awesome.
Chicken MUK Nuggets.
UK's 'FBI' starts today 07-10-13.

National Crime Agency Goes Live, Targeting Britain's Most Wanted Criminals

Britain's new FBI-style crime-fighting service goes live on Monday morning, targeting the countries 37,000 most serious organised criminals.
The National Crime Agency has a budget of £500 million, and its new head claimed no one would be beyond its reach.
More than 4,000 NCA officers will tackle crime under four commands, organised crime, economic crime, border policing and child exploitation and online protection, alongside a National Cyber Crime Unit.
Asked if the new law-enforcement arm would be able to bring the fight to the "higher echelons" of organised crime,
NCA director general Keith Bristow said: "To be clear, there will be no one beyond the reach of law enforcement or beyond the reach of the NCA.
"Those people involved in the most horrible activities can expect the most comprehensive and robust response."{The only people beyond it's reach will be dodgy politicians, bankers , media chiefs, bent judges and politicians and of course the bilderbugs}
flying NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft are among the select few at the space agency who have exemptions allowing them to work during the government shutdown. On the morning of Oct. 6th, they fired LADEE's main engine in a braking maneuver. This slowed the spacecraft enough for it to be captured by the Moon's gravity. The insertion burn went flawlessly and LADEE is now in lunar orbit. Two more main engine burns, on Oct. 9th and 12th, will adjust LADEE's trajectory, settling it into its commissioning orbit. LADEE is on a mission to study the exotic and diaphanous lunar atmosphere, which is mightily affected by space weather.{07-10-13 GMT}
Good on you Japanese Uni students for catching them out.  They that is Big Pharma are all at it and the shady government departments in all countries, get the back handers as do many bent GP's.
I know several ex employees and some on the verge of retirement who were and are working for various big Pharma. I know all big Pharma are exempt from prosecution and so one has to bring it to light in other ways.  My whistle blower's as above are in fear of their lives if they are revealed and for their sake I will not reveal what they told me.  However, many articles by Dr Mercola, the above and elsewhere in blogs and Posts have said it all. I can tell you if the full extent of the false information, side effects and marketing hype were told there would be a world revolt. Remember Big Pharma is one of the lackeys and handmaidens to to 'cull the world population'
4 mins of whew mind boggling feats. whew again.
  • A town in the UK is considering adding fluoride to milk served in its primary schools in order to promote better dental health; 10 other areas of the UK have already introduced fluoridated milk to its students
  • Fluoride is a toxic substance that is biologically active in the human body where it accumulates in sensitive tissues over time, wreaks havoc with enzymes and produces a number of serious adverse health effects.
  • 25 human studies have linked fluoride with lowered IQ in children, including recent research from Harvard, and 100 animal studies linking it to brain damage
  • Soda and other sweet beverages, including 100 percent fruit juices, have long been known to increase your risk of cavities. Many of these types of beverages supply a double-whammy because they also cause dental erosion
  • I believe it’s virtually impossible to have wholly undamaged teeth without an optimal diet, no matter what other questionably preventive methods you chose to use
 The whore of Europe rear her allures. Whilst Most of Europe banned fluoride and many countries are banning it.  This shameful UK  obstinacy goes on.. Scientists here are stiff and full of gout. The bee issue the UK academics  saying that the poising chemical was not the issue and there was no proof, when fifteen thousand papers and umpteen other scientists round the world proved it was so.  The stiff British upper lip so Tory and proper, so high class and noble. (see more on fluoride and bees Post 96 A.
This is a 14 min video exposing why the medical and other authorities try to stop 'What The Doctor's Don't Tell You' WDDTY.  If murky Cameron and his upper crust cronies get their smelly foetid way it will be banned under the Esoteric Law.  See Posts 98 A and 101).
People taking an antidepressant are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The link is “very real” say researchers, who urge doctors to look out for symptoms among their patients taking the drugs.
Around 47 million prescriptions are written out for an antidepressant every year in the UK alone, and they are at higher risk for developing diabetes, say researchers from Southampton University.
The researchers say they cannot categorically state that the drugs cause diabetes, but a strong association remains, even after stripping out all the usual other risk factors, such as obesity and poor lifestyle and diet. The researchers say their findings are of a general nature, and more research needs to be carried out into the individual antidepressants.
(Source: Diabetes Care, 2013; 36: 3337).
Exercise is better for you than a prescription drug after you’ve had a stroke. Physical activity will do more to help you live longer, a major new study has found.
And physical activity is as good as a drug when it comes to heart disease, say researchers. The only drugs that were more effective than exercise were the diuretics for heart failure.
Researchers from Harvard and Stanford universities and London School of Economics analysed 305 studies that had tested exercise against drugs for four of the major conditions of the West: coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure and diabetes. Overall, death rates in the drugs and exercise groups were similar, other than for stroke victims, where exercise prolonged life better than drugs, and heart failure, where diuretics were more beneficial than exercise.
The researchers say that doctors should start recommending exercise alongside a prescription.
(Source: British Medical Journal, 2013; 347: f5577)
I will always remember Akong Riponche on my three visits to Samye Ling.  Please see Post 9 and and I wish him and his family with members of Samye Ling well and I know Akong's good merit will serve him well in the dimension he now resides. Blessings and Thank you dear Riponche.
Besides the billions of gallons of 
radioactive water spilling from the 
abandoned Fukushima Nuclear Energy 
Plant every day, there is also a steady 
plume of radio nuclides including Cesium, 
Xenon, Uranium and Plutonium, which 
are steadily being carried across the 
Pacific via trade winds, with the lion's 
share landing (usually, along with the 
rain) in communities within the US and 
Canada - and in places beyond, 
throughout the Northern Hemisphere. 
Ironically, more radiation fallout is presently 
occurring in North America than in Japan
the scene of the disaster, due to the trade 
winds, off the Japanese coast. 
It has been calculated that in 1 day, there 
are 666,733.717599549 bequerels of radiation 
emitted in every cubic foot of the Pacific, per 
There are about 63,800,000 miles Pacific Ocean,
with an average depth is about 2.28 miles. There 
are 145,464,000 cubic miles in the Pacific Ocean.
Cesium-137 has a double decay process 94.6% 
of the time; first Beta rays, then Gamma rays.
Each cubic foot of the entire Pacific Ocean will 
have 218.174056838937 Beta radiation events 
per day and each cubic foot of the entire Pacific 
Ocean will have 206.392657769635 Gamma 
radiation events per day.
 {Courtesy of Alexandra Bruce and Forbidden Knowledge}
Look Me In The Eye
Hi Its a long Post as I am doing one last workshop in Middlesbrough and have not done a workshop for seven years. Its a kind of wind down for a great friend who put on workshops for others and did her own. We have been friends for many years and I feel it is a great honour to be asked to close her wonderful work and her retirement from this kind of spiritual guidance. Her name is Mavis Fielding.  She is an unpretentious person and a great natural teacher by example, full of honesty and integrity.  If you are around look Mavis up and join us on Sunday 13 October 2013.
Be Well, be with you in a few days, also having a short break.  Geoff

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