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The answer lies in the Soil.  This used to be a famous Radio comedian in the UK many years back.  Greeting Folks.  
This comedian used to imitate country farmers and village rural  life. Many of us older folk would know him as Bernard Miles, and in between his humour were some great agricultural tips, often disguised in his banter. 

  • The health of the soil has a profound influence on the nutritional composition of the food crops grown in it, which means soil health has a profound influence on your personal health as well
  • Healthy plant growth is dependent on having the right helper organisms in the soil; beneficial species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, beneficial nematodes, microarthropods, and earthworms, which take the mineral material from the soil and convert it into a plant-available form
  • Once you’ve identified the optimal communities of soil organism, you can modify your compost to correct imbalances. A starter culture can be used to boost the fermentation and generation of beneficial bacteria, much in the same way you can boost the probiotics in your fermented vegetables.
  • For compost, this strategy is used if you want to compost very rapidly. In that case, you can use a starter to inoculate the specific sets of organisms that you need to encourage in the compost
  • Optimizing the soil with high performance agriculture techniques is a simple inexpensive and practical alternative to reliance on bioengineering, GMO crops and reliance on dangerous herbicides.

I was shocked and so sad when I saw this, it touched me deeply and as the gentleman says at the end of this 4 min video 'There is no honour in this' . Look at the policemen, looking straight ahead, I wonder if they feel guilty at the atrociousness they fulfil.  I know there has to be law and order and a quote from Osho ' If you cannot live by love, you have to live by law' and I add if you cannot live by law then you live by war. Sad and unbelievable in this 21st Century with space travel, such beautiful creations many of us live as dim shadows, flitting in and out of media celebrity hype, government and religious doctored media, and fanatical drugged up euphoric elite rich bureaucrats. 

  • The trial of Wisconsin dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger recently began at the Sauk County Courthouse. Hershberger’s farm was targeted by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for supplying a private buying club with raw milk and other fresh produce.
  • Hershberger is charged with four criminal misdemeanors that could result in a jail sentence of up to 30 months
  • Criminal trials centering around raw milk are scheduled to take place in both Minnesota and Wisconsin this year
  • CDC data shows there are about 412 confirmed cases of people getting ill from pasteurized milk each year, while only about 116 illnesses a year are linked to raw milk. Research by Dr. Ted Beals shows that you are about 35,000 times more likely to get sick from other foods than you are from raw milk
  • If the FDA and state agencies are allowed to impose their view of “safe food” on consumers, raw milk won’t be the only thing lost—all food will be pasteurized, irradiated, and genetically engineered. The effort to reclaim our right to buy and consume raw milk is leading the way for everyone who wants to be able to obtain the food of their choice from the source of their choice.
The pattern of events is that the EU is slowly bringing in these crippling food laws, please note the slow but dangerous assault on nature, of which we are intrinsically a part, so it is an assault on us. 

Angry, frustrated elite trying to control the world's population and nature.

  • When chemicals come in contact with your skin, they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream without filtering of any kind, going directly to your delicate organs
  • Feminine hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary pads are an oft-ignored source of a variety of potentially toxic ingredients, including genetically modified organisms and pesticides
  • Manufacturers of tampons and sanitary pads are not required to disclose the ingredients used in their products
  • One conventional sanitary pad contains the equivalent of about four plastic bags
  • A number of plasticizing chemicals have been linked to endocrine disruption and disease processes associated with heart disease and cancer. Conventional tampons and pads may also contain dioxins, synthetic fibers and petrochemical additives
  • Tampons can react with bacteria in your body to create the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish, triggering potentially fatal toxic shock syndrome (TSS)
  • The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) alleged that claims made on the labels of Pfizer’s Centrum multivitamin products were deceptive
  • Following a threatened lawsuit, Pfizer agreed to drop certain claims related to “breast health” and “colon health” from the labels of its Centrum multivitamins
  • CSPI has also notified Bayer, maker of One A Day multivitamins, that they will file a lawsuit against them for violating state consumer protection laws if certain deceptive claims are not removed from One A Day marketing materials
  • The supplement industry represents the drug industry's greatest competition, and drug makers are increasingly buying up supplement makers to increase their profits; if you choose to take supplements, knowing who’s behind the brands you trust, and whether or not their products can truly benefit your health, is essential.
This is I suspect the reason why the EU wants to ban herbs, supplements and natural products.

Why Are Drug Companies Interested in the Supplement Market?

The drug industry would rather you head out to your physician's office and receive a prescription for a drug to protect your heart and treat diseases. So why are they increasingly buying up the supplement industry? The supplement industry actually represents the drug industry's greatest competition, and as the saying goes, you should keep your friends close and your enemies even closer… By buying up supplement companies, the drug industry stands to benefit in several key ways:
  1. Supplements as a category are yielding greater sales growth than the overall US economy and represent the greatest threat to drug company profits (the supplement industry is expected to grow at a rate of 9 percent a year through 2015, when it is expected to reach more than $90 billion3 -- as compared to the US economy's dwindling growth rate of 2 percent per year).
  2. Drug patents are set to expire soon, in great volume, forcing pharmaceutical companies to find replacements for their top moneymaking drugs.
  3. Pharmaceutical companies can snuff out their competition by paying off politicians to write legislation that makes it too difficult for small competitors (i.e., supplement companies) to survive, and then buying up the large competitors that remain).
These large drug companies actually benefit from the increased regulatory hurdles being imposed upon the supplement industry because it helps them squelch smaller competitors (who, by the way, often offer you better quality goods and services).
Recent acquisitions include:
  • Pfizer, which purchased Alacer (the maker of "Emergen-C" vitamin drink mixes) in February 2012 for $360 million
  • Bayer acquired Schiff Nutrition International, a leading nutritional supplement company, for $1.2 billion in a 2012 deal
  • Procter & Gamble (which is partnered with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries) bought supplement maker New Chapter in March 2012 for $250 million

What choice would you make?

Michel Chossudovsky, Professor Emertus
of Economics from the University of Ottawa  
speaks at an event held in Kuala Lumpur in 
These are his reflections on the criminal 
mainstream mass media, in the aftermath of 
9/11 and how this media cover-up of the facts 
which led to the deaths of thousands of New York 
City office workers and ultimately, millions of 
innocent people in the theaters of wars fought in 
Iraq and Afghanistan form the basis of a clear-cut 
case of obstruction of justice.

Slowly and by stealth the sharp teeth are incising into our rights. The EU are less overtly barbaric than the video below.  Europe still has a remnant of the mantle of assumed democracy and care. The UK is the epitome of the smiling assassin.

Former DHS employee, Julia Davis' harrowing 
story is the subject of a movie released in the 
summer of 2012, 'Top Priority: The Terror Within," 
[which I am working to make available as a VOD].
The film takes the audience through the events 
that led up to her property being swarmed and 
raided by a SWAT team of 27 and a blackhawk 
helicopter along with the deaths of four people 
surrounding the case. The film also depicts the 
illegal raid, and her vindication, though short 
lived, when she took her former employer, the 
Department of Homeland Security or DHS, to 
A few posts back I mentioned that many countries employ personal to monitor all blogs. By now I would have suffered the same fate as the lady above, as many more have that you do not hear of. Our phones are tapped in many cases in the USA it is said everyone is on 'file'.  There is a list of many words like bomb, jihad, private meetings and so on, that starts the computers rolling, someone listens to it and it is flagged as a possible target, it is then assessed by the officer in charge. 
The point is there is a law in the UK that this kind of information is private and if acted upon and an arrest made it has guide lines in which a judge or someone in the capacity to authorise a surveillance, arrest, raid or what is considered appropriate to obtain a warrant. Then if the proceedings go against the authorities, it is often taken to court and the public banned as the evidence is not in the interest of public safety and a security risk.  After many years of legal battles and money, usually obtained by appealing to the public and donations or a caring lawyer it may force a tribunal or public hearing.
Dr David Kelly
This case above is an example of the British way, and even to this day the coroner's office and Home Office refuse to release his post mortem results in certificate form, saying it would distress the family.  Yet other families get the results even without media hype and coverage.
It is a shame on the personal that they are weak and gutless and are afraid to whistle blow.  The money and good pension overrides moral decency and they sit comfortable whilst others are tyrannised and bullied. It made me weep when I saw in the video above, those poor families being made to run out into the street, whilst huge big bully law enforcement officers, what was it , 23, and black helicopter and the rest, the shouting, the terror on the faces of the people and the helplessness to prove their innocence or the legal rights to do so, and the Western world condemns other countries for their lack of human rights, oh my god, what a shameful pitiful mad insane world.  The moral compass like the drifting magnetic pole is sadly out of synch. I bet the blogger readers, the scrutineers, laugh all the way to the bank, snug in their petty power, and sneer at the likes of me. I can face my maker without shame or guilt, so will they because they have lost their natural conscience, the decency  and compassion which corruption and maniacal power lust has robbed them of.

In the name of compassion and well being, Go Well and Be Well.
Thank you! People power works!

With tens of thousands gathered at today’sBig IF London rally to hear powerful speeches from Danny Boyle, Bill Gates andAngelique Kidjo, and adding their names to our giant installation of spinning flowers, this is a day to remember. All of you should be really proud of your part in this campaign.

But we’re not done yet – in just over a week, leaders will meet again at the G8, and they must tackle the causes of hunger. This time, tax dodging and land transparency are on the agenda - and so far a deal that will benefit poor countries is badly off track. We need to keep the pressure on.

Hunger isn’t just a simple case of not being able to get enough nutritious food. It’s inflicted upon hardworking families when their land is grabbed or when food is used for fuel instead of feeding people. It’s also caused by governments allowing multinational companies to get involved in shady deals and avoid their fair share of tax. Find out more by watching our short video.
We heard this week that the hunger crisis is even worse than we thought – with more than 3 million malnourished children’s lives at risk each year. In 2013, almost half of all deaths of children under 5 years old are caused by malnutrition. That’s outrageous, and avoidable.

World leaders must continue on the great journey they’ve started out on today, and put an end to this. There can be Enough Food For Everyone, but only IF leaders take action now.
If you’d like to get more involved, the finalBig IF rally will be taking place in Belfast a week today, and you’d be more than welcome to join us – you’ve seen what you can do!
Thanks again for all you’ve helped achieve so far.

Prism scandal: Agency to reveal US links 'shortly' after claims that thousands of Britons may have been spied on by GCHQ

Disclosure triggers civil liberties storm as the information-sharing agreement had not been made known to Parliament or the public as accusations raise ethical and legal concerns over direct access to 'millions' of web users

Video: US Spying: 'Govt Must Have Known'

  • David Davis has told Sky News that allegations Britain's eavesdropping centre secretly gathered intelligence through a controversial US spying agency are "quite extraordinary".
GCHQ is to give a report to parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) "very soon" over links with the US Prism surveillance system and claims it has been accessing information about British citizens through the body.
The big question is whether this was authorised by the Government.
Mr Davis, a former shadow home secretary, said he suspected Home Secretary Theresa May and Foreign Secretary William Hague previously knew about the Prism.
"Presumably they at least would have had to sign an authorisation for this to take place.
"(There were) nearly 200 British citizens under surveillance of one sort or other in one year so they must have known something about it."
The Tory MP told Sky News the monitoring programme appeared to allow the state to "spy on who they like" and if reports were accurate then "it is actually quite a scandal".
Because of the braking news and a switch I have felt two weeks back energetically wise world wide, I may publish daily for just a while. Trusting this OK and not load you down too much.

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