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Here we are again and hopefully you are well and up for Life. Warm greetings.
Carried on from Post 49
Some years back in the UK there was a serial killing and eventually after several years the killer was caught and is doing a life sentence.
I got involved in the case only after it was resolved and the perpetrator incarcerated. The modus operandi {a particular way or method of doing something:   every killer has his own special modus operandi ,the way in which something operates or works:}       
The perp(abbreviated for perpetrator and vic for victim, sounds like an American Cop Soap) had a strange childhood.  His father was an alcoholic and a very weak character. His mother had many lovers and they had sexual interludes when the baby and later the small child was in the room.  If you feel the child or baby does not comprehend these things, then see ultra sound when baby recoils from certain medical staff and say not from others or Dad. Also see:    
The perp's father used to come in blind drunk and repeat in a drunken slurry voice 'You whore, you prostitute,God wiiillll punishhh you' this sunk deep into the kids mind.  The perp got a job as a grave digger and one day he heard a voice come out of the grave and say ' Go punish all the whores'.  The perp then killed many girls of the night, and then spread to other women not of the night so to speak. His modus operandi was forensic psychologically indicative of that killing. I am not at liberty or would discuss this operandi, accept to say most of these crimes do have 'trophy' collection and symbolic religious/spiritual / ritualistic phenomena connected to it. 

Often this is mixed up in satanic black magic, black magic as in contrast to white magic. Religious overtones and dark practices.
I could see the connection as other therapists did that the Earthly Fathers message as above got brain washed into the young perp and it is then transferred to the heavenly father and permission given to go kill all the whores. The perp was married and his wife said he was a mild and kind, a kind of non person in a sense, on the night of the killings, he came home withdrawn and very quiet.  I came across many 'messages' , some from the bible, the koran, the Vedas  the Upanishadsscience fiction, political agendas, bosses and gang leaders, you name it it is there it is in Life.  Some are more wholesome, some more gruesome. 
This is why I plug meditation in an unbiased observation to see the 'content' and witness its machinations.

When I taught Judo to so called dysfunctional kids in London, Hoxton See Post 25 I learnt a lot and related to a lot.

My late father was a kind man, he was spoilt by his wealthy parents and became a gambler, and blew away a fortune. My late mother was a lovely kind generous warm hearted lady.  My father became so addicted that my late brother, mother and I were homeless many times.  The marriage was not suitable and my mother was hidden because her sisters were not beautiful and my mum was, so they left mum out of lots of things.  Mother loved another man, who I wished would have been my dad, my mother was  loyal and true to her vows, as was dad he was so addicted to gambling that sexual contact was infrequent. I was born ten years after my brother, and that frustrated my mum.
Work I have done in therapy with myself, shows I picked up the nervous anxiety of my mum and indifference of my dad.
As an example I would be tense and not know why. BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN are SUPER Sensitive to Atmospheres and vibes.  They feel and do not know the REASON.  The cells of their bodies, my body, got saturated with fear, tense, bed wetting, lonely, unwanted.

I spent many a time with Aunties and Uncles, they were kind to a point. One 'scar' I picked up was lying to survive. Many of these 'kind ' people did not really want a young kid and sometimes his frantic mother with them. So if we were cold we were often told if you are not happy here then go, or hungry or in pain, same answer, so we learnt to repress and smile and say everything was all right.
On one occasion dad decided to find a home for us. We went through a smelly East London Barber shop with raucous men, explicit talk, porn magazines into a basement where the stairs were busted, the was two camp beds with dirty itchy flea ridden dank blankets. My mother cried and this was like a knife through my heart, and she said to dad 'is this what you have brought us too'?  He merely shrugged, lit a cigarette and said' well it's somewhere to stay' and walked away.
The biggest lesson was when I used to want to play with other kids, mum would reluctantly let me go she would stand at the door and in a high pitched whiny voice say 'Have a nice day, be home early, I'm  not worried about you, and a shrill nervous laugh' and nervously wringing her hands, I felt my guts turn over, and I really thought and felt after this continual programming, brain washing that having a nice day was to be screwed up nervous and tense. Sometimes when I got home a bit late, mum would be at the door and saying ' when you do this it's another nail in my coffin'.

I am grateful that the professional football team that took me up for a while until I injured myself, Sensei and Sifu, to my therapist who walked me through so much, to Jerry Jampolski, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, to my brother Monk/Nun Rina and Roy Morris, Buddhist and Yoga) to Krishnamurti and the two one hour talks with him, to the Monks at Samye Ling (Post 9). The 600 odd workshops and 3000 patients, the chance to share in energygrid and Michael the Editor, and the many friends and relationships, that helped me outwork my stuff. Meditation has been the spine and backbone.
Perhaps Destiny, reincarnation, pre life agreements or whatever your predilection, helped me through as I could have easily gone off of the rails, become an offender.
I also saw and realised that being a leader say in workshops,  in therapist situations, gives one power, elevates oneself, and one can feel elitist, in charge, a controller. In relationships I was often told that I was hard to reach, would not let go.  I was seeking in someone 'out there', the love I never felt from my parents, I KNEW they loved me BUT I NEVER FELT IT.   What I felt was their problems, my mother had six nervous breakdowns and in the end electro convulsive treatment which mad her depressed and suicidal. She died of a massive thymus cancer, cancer of the heart as I call it.
My Brother and I were strangers, he long fled the nest, so I understand the pain of the perp's and vic's, I understand being locked up with all these feelings, no one to share with, you bond with your prison mates or not, you come from a broken home on council estate, eating junk food, you join a street gang. Or just get depressed in a job you hate, oppressive relationships, marry for money, forced into arranged marriage, pimped by some person, the unhappiness of broken lives, mainly because of early trauma, but, but, there is a way out.

The top banana, the man, leads the gang. He determines their culture and you have to prove your loyalty.
The priest leads the religion, the guru the ashram. the politician the country.  Where do we find who we are and who leads me/us?  If from the outside it is some else's perversion, if we merely follow crazy impulses we become self egoistic and sometimes mad, so what is the choice, to sit quietly, observe the mind , see how we react how we are so robotic and then when we have observed and the thoughts fade way, lo and behold, peace, tranquillity and a dynamic , that is the soul, the inner real me exposed, and the relationship blossoms into compassion and caring, sharing and openness with wisdom from the source.
You can now see why the bankers, elite/illuminati have such contorted minds, the control by drones, bugging, snooping, the jealous wife, lover, husband.  They like all of us mistake power and possessions as security when it is deep love, not a self inflating love of oneself, but the true love which is our true and real nature, we become non hoarding open warm hearted genuine people, not emotionally over the top 'loving doting' people a flow of love that come from the heart, tempered by wisdom and divine discernment. 
Then there is meaning in ones life.  Nothing in particular, just a quiet knowing without words or thoughts. Life is Life, Life is OK and all is very, very, well indeed.

Be Well.  Geoff
Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 6 storm
24-hr max: Kp= 6 
As of May 31 2013.  Those of you who are sensitive to this take precautions as mentioned in so many back posts.  Just put weather in search bar. 

CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters estimate a 50% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on June 2nd as a high-speed (700 km/s) solar wind stream buffets Earth's magnetic field. The warning comes on the heels of a lengthy G2-class geomagnetic storm on May 31-June 1 sparked by the arrival of an interplanetary shock wave. The source of the shock is unknown. Current speculation focuses on a corotating interaction region (CIR)--that is, a shock-like transition zone between high- and low-speed solar wind streams. Whatever it was, the impact ignited some beautiful auroras
No mention as to the effect and affect on biological functions and it interferes with the Schumann Resonance and therefore to the brain and heart, circadian rhythms, nervous system and so on.  Some people are sensitive to these changes in frequencies. This is not to say they are inferior or different we are unique in our sensitivities. 
Big, very big, asteroid to do a fly past, no sweat, no danger.  In progress now, big day May 31 2013.
This is a fitting follow up from POST 48 on the Bilderberg' and hear Rothschild's seemingly plausible explanation for a one one world currency and the Vatican back up for one world government.

The Big IF campaign in London adds Bill Gates and David Beckham to its list of contributors.  The highly publicized rally is set on June 8 at Hyde Park.  The event will be hosted by Mylene Klass and Gethin Jones.  Eddie Izzard and David Beckham are scheduled to give pre-recorded messages for the audience.
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is scheduled to speak before the crown along with former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. Reports say event organizers promise to reveal more names of celebrities and personalities as the event draws near.  The Big IF is currently the most anticipated social awareness campaign in London with a petition said to be made out of 250,000 spinning flowers. 
As UNICEF ambassador, Beckham fully understands the need to eliminate hunger across the world.  He says the world has enough food for everyone but it seems everyone doesn't have enough food. Sadly, a child dies every 15 seconds due to hunger and malnutrition.  Beckham also believes in simple but cost-effective solutions to address world hunger.

In the coming weeks, the world's leaders will get to decide on a long-term solution and put the fate of millions of children in their hands.  Beckham encourages the public to take part in the Hyde Park event to show their support to eradicate hunger. 
Bill Gates said in his statement that the UK remains to be a critical supporter in global development issues.  As the venue for the Big IF campaign, UK has shown again its leadership in prioritizing agricultural development and nutrition in the governments' agenda.  Gates expressed his utmost support to the campaign and urged the UK people to go out on June 8.
Whilst my second cousin married David Beckham's first cousin, and I like David Beckham, although never met him, and many I know in the family speak of his integrity and real care for kids and people, I know from many, many, whistle blowers of Bill Gate's 'double side', he is a supporter of vaccines{I do not dislike genuine vaccines taken from source and not those manufactured for global sickness long term and a cash cow, plus gradual culling and making people docile and soporific, also the list of dangerous adjutants, he is also connected with eugenics, transhumanism,  and the Bilderbergs}.
It is interesting from Post 48 and carrying on from there that the Bilderberg's will be in Watford and mid way through their conference there is a New Moon on 8th June 2013 and in my Moon Chart {Lucis Trust}it is Gemini 15.57 GMT, 16.57 Central European Time, Australian Capital Territoriality Time 01.57(+),and USA 10.57 (EST).  
Now I have blogged extensively in energygrid on Moon and planetary influences and especially in the last four January 2013 in the energygrid series ( in the menu of Destiny), so I will not elaborate any further.  

SO having the bugs in Watford and a major bug in Hyde Park the security services will have their hands full. Perhaps engineered, perhaps a recipe for a disaster?
Hey come on you astrologers, psychics and esoteric's what's going on?  Well I am probably classed as an activist, a conspiracy nut and now an urban terrorist. At one time I was classed as a harmless eccentric. Hey Ho away we go, I think the whole lot of the bugs, the media have lost their mo jo. I lost mine years ago. Boy what a relief.
PS. A great friend of mine and whistle blower knows Bill Gate's and says  I am bit harsh on him. My friend thinks Bill is well meaning and genuinely thinks that the things he is 'into' are for the betterment of mankind and its future evolution  We must beg to differ my friend. My friend thinks he has been got at by the bugs. Let us hope my friend is right.
PSS. By chance or synchronicity a esoteric astrologer and whistle blower just rang me, we usually speak at times when it is 'needed' Dear readers please forgive my ignorance when I try to deliver his message to me, as he 'picked up on the two events above and the picture in Post 48 of the room in the Grove Hotel.

I will endeavour to translate from the notes I took at 10.10 am on Sunday 2nd June 2013.  Apparently Mars is 5.51 ' square to Neptune at 5.22' and these are near as can be as it were. Mars in his opinion is raw male energy and not elevated to higher energies and can be patriarchal and war like and dominating, while Neptune is watery, leaving behind all forms and the combinations are rife for 'black magic' and rituals. He looked at the room symbology and you see the lion and wings with paws at the wings of winged extensions from the lion's head and the two guardian statues at the fireplace side supports.  Watford and where I live in Barnet and surrounding areas have huge esoteric links, ley lines and power points. There are numerous books on these places one of many in London and Britain. My friend said a lot more, I cannot remember as we touched on many more things.  My gut feeling is that it is a deliberate opportunity with the energies being aligned for a definite purpose and that the UK was chosen as the ley lines and power points would be most efficacious.
I do know for sure the elite use astrologers, shamans and rituals, so they would have worked this out well in advance, as did my friend

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