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Hello and Welcome.  You are as welcome as the sunshine and hope that joy surrounds you and warms the cockles of your heart.
{warm the cockles of one's heart
give one a comforting feeling of contentment. A English phrase and saying}

Chamomile tea switches off killer cancer cells, researchers discover

Could chamomile tea prove to be a more effective cancer fighter than chemotherapy?  Although it may sound absurd, researchers have discovered this week that the tea—along with parsley and celery—is rich in a compound that ‘reminds’ cancer cells to die.
The key compound is apigenin, and along with the tea, is found in many fruits and vegetables—effectively, in all the plant-based foods that make up the Mediterranean diet, say researchers at the Ohio State University.
They have tested the compound on breast cancer cells, and discovered that it switches back on a natural process known as apoptosis, or cell death.  Cancer cells have lost their ability to die, and so grow inexorably, often resulting in the death of the host.
Apigenin also binds with 160 proteins, creating a complex healing process that is anti-inflammatory, whereas a pharmaceutical drug targets just one molecule, the researchers say.
(Source: Ohio State University website)

Oregano: powerhouse of the Mediterranean diet

In your latest WDDTY (vol 14 no 10), mention is made on page 7 of the Mediterranean diet. However, oregano is not included.
Studies by scientists at the US Department of Agriculture examined the antioxidant activity of different herbs and discovered that oregano was particularly high in antioxidants. They linked that with the lower rates of heart disease in Italy and Greece where this herb is widely used. Could it be that it is this herb rather than other ingredients of the Mediterranean diet which is instrumental? - Hans Lobstein, Brighton


School high jumpers put on amazing display with ancient technique… but how good could they be?

A pair of schoolboy athletes from Kenya have become unlikely internet stars after a video of their school sports day high jump competition hit the internet.
But more than just bring them into the spotlight, it has raised questions about the amazing - and rarely seen - technique that they use to clear the bar.
The unbelievable footage was shot at the local school in the town of Mosoriot in the Rift Valley, and shows the pair producing increasingly better and better high jumps until they are comfortably clearing 2m.
But the most amazing thing of all is that the pair clear the bar using the age-old scissors technique, in which athletes clear the bar by leaping up into a sitting position and whipping their legs over the bar one-by-one, before landing on their feet.
The scissors was used at the first high jump competitions in the 19th century, but was quickly superceded by the western roll and straddle techniques.
The straddle dominated the sport until 1967. That was when a young high school athlete from Oregon by the name of Dick Fosbury invented a new, and much better, way of clearing the bar: the Fosbury Flop.
Fosbury improved his own personal best by 80cm in the space of a year using the technique, which involves a curved run-up followed by a backwards leap allowing the athlete to curl themselves around and over the bar.
In subsequent years the new style of jump was attributed to all sorts of things: Fosbury was a gymnast who studied physics to come up with the new idea, some claimed. Others spread stories that he one-day stumbled on his run-up, and ended up flopping over the bar backwards.
The man himself admits that neither story was true, and that it was something that just "evolved gradually and naturally", probably as a result of the relatively recent introduction of the landing mat, according to a Sports Illustrated interview with the legend.
Regardless of its origin, nobody could doubt that the radical new approach made him unstoppable. The new way of jumping effectively allowed the athlete to use less energy to clear the same height, since the jumper's highest point off the ground need not be much more than a few centimetres higher than the bar.
By contrast, the scissor technique requires the jumper to get their head and torso well above the level of the bar. As any physicist will tell you, that's wasting energy unnecessarily. Simply put, an athlete using the scissors technique needs to expend more of his or her power and strength to clear the bar than they would need to using the Fosbury Flop. And since the limiting factor on top athletes is their power and strength, that means you're not jumping to your full potential.
Fosbury went on to win the Olympic gold the next year, after which the rest of the high jump community quickly copied his technique. The sport has never looked back.
So could the two unknown athletes featured in this video become future high jump gold medallists? Without switching to the Fosbury Flop it would be impossible, and for now at least their lack of a rubber crash mat to land on is stopping them from even trying.
Yet the sheer natural speed, spring, timing and all-round athleticism demonstrated by the duo suggests that they could be contenders pretty quickly if they are given a chance to train at a venue with proper facilities. Just imagine how good these kids could be if they had the chance.
The high jump world record is one of the oldest still standing in the world of athletics: it has not been broken since Cuba's Javier Sotomayor leapt 2.45m back in 1993.
But just as Wilson Kipketer and David Rudisha eventually came to beat Seb Coe's iconic and almost-equally long-lived 800m world record, it seems that two more African athletes could be set to move another of the most famous marks in athletics on to the next level.

A most important interview by Reason TV."It's terribly important that we see 
the horrors of war, because then 
we know what's happening in our 
names," says Academy Award-winning 
documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney. 
"If that stuff is kept secret, then we're 
on our way to tyranny."

Reason TV's Zach Weissmueller sat 
down to talk with Gibney, the man 
behind 'Taxi to the Dark Side' and 
'Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room', 
about his latest documentary, 'We Steal 
Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks', which 
opened on May 24.

                         These links are full of useful information.    
The link below is titled ' Wisdom Keeper Rites of Passage Youth Camp
I feel we all go through 'rites of passage' many religions have them.
It feels to me that puberty, adolescence, meno and adno pause, are 'genetic' rites of passage', birth , death and so much more.  In the busy life we lead these rites are often just a token and or not recognised at all.  Born a Jew I had my circumcision, then barmitzvah.  However I have had far deeper rites at various times with Native American Sun Bear, with Swami,Sensei, and Sifu.  One was a spontaneous awe inspiring event that took place in one of my most special places.  The place the Bedgebury Pinetum.

I was standing on the shore of the lake right opposite in the photograph, and a feeling came to 'marry' myself.  I found in a  empty trash bag, nearby, a solitary 'ring' from a can of drink, no can, nothing else.
placed the ring on my right hand ring finger and felt to say 'I marry my left logic brain and then took the ring to my left ring finger to my creative feeling right brain, I pledge to find the truth inside me, and never to wander too far from the path, I ask for the strength and guidance of my Inner Wisdom and to join myself in wholeness to the Unity of Life and Creation'  This moved me deeply and has had a deep impact in my life, this happened in 1975.
I have taken many friends to this amazing place and hope that at sometime to go back there, as I do not drive any more I will await the opportunity should it arise.
In this trip with friends I took them to the Pestalozzi Settlement in Sedlescombe.
One of the Lamas there was one of those I met at Samye Ling. See Post 9.
This photo shows Lama Geshe -La . I do not recognise him from this and it maybe a different Lama, I  knew him in 1967 and again from the late seventies to late eighties.  Apologies if it is not him, it looks like him. We had a very close 'telepathic' connection and he helped me with my understanding of auras which I saw as a child after my NDE in 1942 and still do to this day. I used to do aura readings from a distance and personal 1-1's, I do not now, however, I still get information from objects and letter and emails, I keep it to myself.
  • A rediscovered study from 1948 may reveal an amazing “new” function of your stomach: filtering out pathogenic microbes before they can pass through to your intestinal tract
  • As you age, your healthy gut flora diminishes and your stomach becomes less acidic, which may set you up for gastrointestinal dysbiosis and a number of serious health problems that follow from it, including dementia
  • Beneficial gut bacteria play important roles in vitamin production, mineral absorption, detoxification, and helping prevent diabetes, digestive issues, neurological problems, cardiovascular disease, and even acne
  • Your microbiota also plays a large role in your metabolism; sugar, refined carbohydrates and junk foods cause certain bacteria to release endotoxins, which drive inflammation and cause metabolic changes that result in overproduction of insulin, increased appetite, increased fat storage and obesity
  • One of the best ways to protect your health is by keeping your gut flora healthy with naturally fermented foods; one-quarter to one-half cup of fermented veggies with each meal is ideal, but you may need to work up to this gradually; instructions are given for how to make your own naturally fermented vegetables at home with just a few simple tools [SEE MERCOLA .COM FOR DIRECTIONS.}

The drug and arms trade. The border between United States of Monsanto and President Barack Monsanto. 
  • A new report by the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (FAO) highlights the many prospects insects offer for the future of food and feed security
  • Insects offer a rich source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber; they’re also plentiful and environmentally friendly to raise
  • At least 2 billion people worldwide already consume insects as a regular part of their diets
  • If agricultural practices such as permaculture, which work with nature instead of against it, are more widely embraced, the food sources you currently enjoy can be sustained and flourish  {I HAVE EATEN INSECTS, GRUBS, SNAILS, FROGS AND ONCE YOU GET OVER THE PSYCHOLOGICAL stuff its great and edifying}
It is the content of character that makes white people, black people, sky-blue-pink people, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and so on live their lives in peace and mutual respect. It is simply a different content of character that leads factions within all of them to act like complete morons for which the Control System is in a constant state of applause.



I do not always AGREE WITH David however, the divide and rule is right on.
Why grasp after illusions, maybe we grasp because there is nothing solid, so we make it so. We are afraid to be empty, yet empty is great once one becomes familiar with it.  Can you get familiar with emptiness/ a GOOD KOAN.
  • Modern Westernized infant and early childhood feeding regimens differ dramatically from ancestral-type feeding regimens
  • 92 percent or more of all Westernized people have some degree of malocclusion, such as crowding of the teeth, narrowing of the jaws, or both. This has ramifications for breathing and sleeping, which in turn can contribute to attention deficit disorder
  • By using baby-led weaning, you can instill in your child a desire for healthy food choices, reduce risk of later obesity and other associated health risks, and promote the natural development of your child’s oral cavity, which could be helpful in preventing sleep problems.
  • Baby-led weaning includes premasticating regular whole foods in lieu of serving processed baby foods. This can be done either by pre-chewing the food before serving it to your baby, or using a mesh feeder.
DNA testing has revealed Prince William will become Britain's first king to have prove
Indian ancesty.
Genetic experts have found a direct lineage between the Duke of Cambridge and a part-Indian woman called Eliza Newark.
She was a housekeeper for his great-great-great-great-great grandfather Theodore Forbes, a Scottish merchant who worked for the East India Company in Surat, a port north of Bombay.
They had a daughter called Katherine - and it is through an unbroken maternal line to the prince's mother, Princess Diana, that the young royal and his brother Prince Harry have inherited the Indian DNA.
The research was carried out by BritainsDNA, a genetic ancestry testing company.
It showed the second in line to the throne was carrying Eliza's mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) - a small piece of DNA inherited mostly unchanged from a mother to her children.
Scientists said it was "very likely" that Prince William's heirs will also carry a small proportion of Indian DNA from Eliza, whose father may have been of Armenian descent.
Born in 1790, she lived in India when it was governed by the East India Company, and is thought to have had Armenian blood because of her surname.
Dr Jim Wilson, a genetics expert at the University of Edinburgh and chief scientist at BritainsDNA, said it was the fact that she was an Armenian living in Bombay that intrigued him.
He said: "I was wondering if it was possible she was Indian. What was an Armenian doing in Bombay? That's what got me interested."
Using birth, marriage and death records, he said researchers traced two of Eliza's living direct descendants, who are both third cousins of Princess Diana's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, and tested samples of their saliva.
Using other genetic tests to corroborate the findings, they also discovered that the two direct descendants were around 0.3% and 0.8% South Asian. The rest of their DNA was of European origin.
"This was independent evidence that there was Indian ancestry," said Dr Wilson.
"For me, it corroborated the findings from the mtDNA. We've got two different kinds of genetic evidence that are independent from one another and they both corroborate the story.
"So it really seems that our future king has a little bit of Indian blood."
Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting the birth of their first child in July.
Kate conducted her last solo public engagement on Thursday, attending a ship naming ceremony in Southampton.
Most important information on fasting, ketogenic diet and cancer.

Solar wind
speed: 336.0 km/sec                           (Make sure if you are sensitive to these possible rafts of solar
density: 1.7 protons/cm3                             activity you look back and search bar for 'Weather' past posts).
explanation | more dataUpdated: Today at 0837 UT
X-ray Solar Flares

6-hr max: B7 
0213 UT Jun16 
24-hr: B7 
0213 UT Jun16                 
explanation | more dataUpdated: Today at: 0800 UT
Daily Sun: 16 Jun 13

A raft of new sunspots emerging over the sun's southeastern limb is increasing the sunspot number and the chance of flares. So far, however, solar activity remains low. Credit: SDO/HMI

QUIET, FOR NOW: Solar activity remains low. However, a raft of sunspots emerging over the sun's eastern limb is boosting the sunspot number and the chance of flares. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.
SPACE WEATHER BALLOON LAUNCH: Yesterday, high school students in Bishop, California, launched another "space weather balloon." Its mission: To investigate the effect of solar flares and radiation storms on Earth's ozone layer. The group's mentor, Dr. Tony Phillips, photographed the balloon moments before launch from their "Edge of Space Port" in the Sierra Nevada mountains:
The balloon's payload carried two cameras, an ozone sensor, a cryogenic thermometer, and a GPS altimeter to an altitude of 110,000 feet above Earth's surface. All of the payload's core space weather instrumentation was built by the students themselves. After the balloon popped, as planned, the payload parachuted back to Earth, landing near the ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in California's White Mountains. A recovery team has already recovered the payload, and students are inspecting the data now.
The students launched on June 14th, a period of low solar activity, because they wanted to compare quiet sun data with a data set they collected on May 22nd during a strong solar radiation storm. Stay tuned for their results!
Sponsor a space weather balloon: Would you like to sponsor a flight? The students, who call themselves Earth to Sky Calculus, offer a service for sponsors called "Edge of Space Advertising." Just yesterday they flew an ad for Interpret America (flight photo), which paid for the helium in the balloon. The students have also flown bannerscardscowsrunning shoespresidents and other items. If there's something you'd like to fly, please contact Dr. Tony Phillips for rates and details.

Keep Looking Up and keep well. Geoff

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