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Hello Folks 'Once more into the breach' as they say.
Several Folks have asked me why I have apparently such a downer on CERN and main stream science. Actually I do admire their reasoning and logic, however I feel it needs to go back to a point in order to go forward.
When the first scientist split the atom and subsequent experiments it was shown that consciousness, that is the observer, the witness had an effect on the experiments. I have mentioned this before in many, many, blogs and post. A good reference is the original short version of Fritjof Capra's book the 'Tao of Physics'.  My cousin Dr Cyril Wolf Post 22, told me of the shock many of his colleagues had and some had breakdowns, as disbelief set in and they had withdrawal symptoms, and retreated to mathematics as a means to solidify the apparent 'emptiness of form, solidity'.  Capra introduced some them into meditation, as I did in a establishment and called SAM just to lure them in 'Sub Atomic Meditation'.

A Tibetan story I was told by a Lama: A disciple was asked to create a monster in his mind so real that people could sense it and some could see it. This was to be accomplished in six months, and this is what the young monk did. Villagers could see it and ran away. After a while the Master said now dissemble it, it took the disciple two years to do so. It is comparatively easy to visualise, intend it, not so easy to break the 'belief, the habit'.
So intense University physics and experiments, seven years training as a  doctor, years of being brought up as religious person, childhood conditioning and so on, you know the score my post are full of it.

I think in Capra's original he mentions as scientists felt there must be more particles, they loked so intensely, they were creating it, they were doing the visualisation, manifestation, every day searching, they were doing affirmations.
In the book 'The Secret' 
I wrote to the authors:
PO BOX  578010
USA                                                                                              26-01-07

Dear Rhonda Byrne and Colleagues

Thank you so much for the DVD and book The Secret, it is inspiring and timely.

May I comment on the fact it was mainly about manifesting cars, money, property, and I can see the use for this, however, at the moment we have many cars and expensive properties which are adding to the global warming, materialism and the acquisition syndrome.  Perhaps you may consider the law of attraction manifesting world peace, harmony, scientific breakthroughs that are not opposed by the multinationals and greedy Governments, so that we may have cars driven by natural substances and free energy devices [they do exist] and that the African Nations, Iraq and other trouble spots may be brought to an understanding of mutual co-operation.

There are many groups who are using the Secret in the quest for the above spiritual values and should you consider to use the above values in a further DVD or book then the already wonderful work you have achieved will benefit everyone everywhere.

Thanking you again for a wonderful and fantastic concept and hoping it will reach a huge enthralled audience who will I trust use for the Good, for a world that works for everyone everywhere.

Yours truly,

Geoff Freed
I never got a reply. There was man in the DVD who was paralysed in an accident and he was told he would never walk again, he visualised every spare moment and he said he would walk out that hospital by Christmas that year.  He did. Then see my post on the 'hey I v'e invented the wheel---what is the wheel now called, from the secret, intensionising, now voila ici(French)neuroplasticity, like auto suggestion, affirmations with intent.

Remember Greg Braden and the Chinese Hospital Healing and the story of the rain maker Post 22 near end.
So if you want to find or need or want so intently and badly as it were, you will manifest it. 

Mark 11:23
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith
Mark 9:23 
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.
Matthew 9:29 
Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.
sincerely apologise for just quoting from just one faith, as born a Jew and becoming a kosher Buddhist, with all flavourings of other faiths, these came to hand, and as I lectured, workshops, 1-1's and so on, to mainly Europeans, this was the easiest reference to
a organised religious context.

So you see what's next to dream up in this world of science, the next 'miggs' particle, what caused the big bang, and what caused the big bang to become a big bang.
The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. The Mysterious Universe, page 137.
In an interview published in The Observer (London), when asked the question "Do you believe that life on this planet is the result of some sort of accident, or do you believe that it is a part of some great scheme?", he replied:
I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe... In general the universe seems to me to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine. It may well be, it seems to me, that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind.
What remains is in any case very different from the full-blooded matter and the forbidding materialism of the Victorian scientist. His objective and material universe is proved to consist of little more than constructs of our own minds. To this extent, then, modern physics has moved in the direction of philosophic idealism. Mind and matter, if not proved to be of similar nature, are at least found to be ingredients of one single system. There is no longer room for the kind of dualism which has haunted philosophy since the days of Descartes. —Addressing the British Association in 1934.
Finite picture whose dimensions are a certain amount of space and a certain amount of time; the protons and electrons are the streaks of paint which define the picture against its space-time background. Traveling as far back in time as we can, brings us not to the creation of the picture, but to its edge; the creation of the picture lies as much outside the picture as the artist is outside his canvas. On this view, discussing the creation of the universe in terms of time and space is like trying to discover the artist and the action of painting, by going to the edge of the canvas. This brings us very near to those philosophical systems which regard the universe as a thought in the mind of its Creator, thereby reducing all discussion of material creation to futility. The Universe Around Us, page 317.  Sir James Hopwood Jeans. Post 22.
The other side of the story is that we have been so brain washed by the media, especially now with digital technology, and the 3D graphics, its a kind of an assault on the brain.  We are becoming robbed of choice. We choose through whatever brain washing is more effective and addictive.  That is why we need to harvest the witness, to see clearly without unconscious back drop or background programmes running,  the secret agenda that is even hidden from us by our own mind, that separatist chip, that splinter that is known as the ego 

You see by making austerity measures, to suggest there are UFO's, to know there are dozens of cures for every disease, free energy machines, to suggest 9/11, Boston, Bin Laden, Dr Kelly, these either frighten the crap out of some, cause others to sneer and say conspiracy, incredulous, whatever, it splits the mind, makes it incoherent, and in that confusion, that jumble of higgledy piggledy,juxtaposed mayhem, the spin doctors, the military and the corrupt power mad hedonistic politicians, infiltrate the mind, and as a common quote, 'they know not what they do' and 'ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law'.

Some more incredulity in Post 39 about Sensei wood breaking and so on.  If we are to break the mould of this mad crazy war stricken, power mad world and return to natural law or Tao then we have to discard the short term local imprisoned mind which at most can only reinvent the wheel or modify, a makeover.  Affirmationsintentional visualisations, heartfelt, neuroplasticity, whatever, after all its all the mind.  How big is yours. How can you measure a mind? By its content.
Zen story: Chan /Zen Master (Chan Chinese) sitting in a tree meditating,  along comes an academic who says 'Wise Master you say the secret of the Universe is in a grain of sand, how so? 'Learned academic, how many books have you read? 'Perhaps a few hundred'  'How much of that do you remember?  'Oh, nearly all of it'. 'In such a small head!!! '
I rest my case why resist the risk, it is ego, fear of being ridiculed, ostracised, yet the brave do what it takes for true science. 
You see I am not against science, I enjoy electricity, heat, refrigeration, some TV and other comforts. What I do not care for is the suppression of free energy devices, health cures banned, because the pundits, the experts are not big enough to allow someone without perhaps a recognised academic degree, an inventor to go one further than they.  Intellectual pride. I am for science opening the door wide for the betterment of nature.  Working with nature, co operative complimentary science.
It is equally true that many a well meaning scientist has been scuppered by politically corrupt and motivated parliamentarians. It is also that the morality and acquisition of a 'foreign' power having a superior weapon or technology endangers the culture of the home country so to speak.

The machine this Military Industrial Complex has got so large and convoluted that it lures adventurous scientist to its bosom, endless money to dabble in experiments with weapons, biological germs, bacteriological mutations, virus mutations, embryonic monstrosities, space technology, it is a scientists dream, and they can become hooked to the 'game' that private companies and well meaning scientists cannot get grants for.  The addiction for endless funding through warfare and its potentials are enormous and if you whistle blow you are destroyed along with your family   

Its much the same in most countries.

There is a limit to the number of juggling's combinations of corrupt rehashed lies, how many times have they killed Bin Laden for instance?  Post 56.  At new elections we get a penny off petrol, beer and some other basic commodity and most people say that was a good budget, policy and then see they put up tax, cut some benefits, and often end up worse off in very sneaky ways, whilst at the same time giving themselves a large pay rise, why, because we work so hard for you.
Yet the sleeping masses take it. As long as they get their beer, the pub, girly and celeb magazines, the car, the holiday, the uniform suburban house, the endless boring job, the opiate works.  The other excuse, what's the use we can't fight them so we might as well swallow it, it sucks, but there you go.  The fear to the masses is, no football, no pub, no car, no job, no food, nothing but an endless slavery to a lying government who are wealthy, bankers wealthy, GP's wealthy, lawyers wealthy, workers --- who are they? say that again. Yes science has to keep within the rules. It has be neat and taught, history cannot be altered, yet ancient ruins and so on are doctored so as we can keep a happy constant and the boat on an even keel.

Lovely name for the above 'vector stability'
It seems the world is somewhat like the boat above. Sometimes the world and its emotional political climate seems upside down or topsy turvy and I wonder how far the tipping point will go, the vector stability maybe sorely tempted soon.

Hope your vector is victor. Be Well.  Geoff 

The tipping point also includes these shocking facts. I apologise if this offends some readers and are sensitive to this, but we cannot turn away and bury our head's in the sand. I have long felt Armageddon is present, I felt it in 1989.  Perhaps I am insensitive as I have been in Forensics and have a 'head' for these kind of incidents, and maybe they have always been like this throughout history, the French Revolution and beheading, an English King having his wife beheaded. And crowds gathered to watch the next load of guillotine victims, as thy did in England at hangings and other tortures, they got a sick and yet fearful pleasure from it, like today's extreme horror movies.  
You know this is in the collective conscious and in the Akashvic records, and as much as we want to push it away in disgust and horror, it will only be pushed down into deeper levels, only to rise again when some distorted mind 'grabs' by a trigger emotion to commit this again, a kind of collective consciousness serial offender.
If one can watch the event or feel it, just gaze with no intent and earnestly until the sickness, nausea, horror in some cases morbid fascination, and for some a buzz, until it recedes, it fades, the emotional sting subsides, and then it has cleaned up a little bit more of the collective cesspool.   

There is also beauty and all things in the collective. Being present, or in awareness, awareness without bias, looking without opinion, observation without judgement, allows the personal and collective to surface. This facilitates the observer to see the content of their collective and how it relates to the global collective. By being in an uncensored mode it affords the unbiased viewer to understand the content of their mind.
The furniture in a room is the content, the space in the room the real you.  Emptiness then is the space where all phenomena arise and fall back too. If the mind splinters and gets sucked into, seduced into, allured by charm and deceit, and becomes addicted to the furniture it is a small mind imprisoned by the walls.
The room may feel safe and yet be boring after a while so we may change the furniture, redecorate, and even try to knock the walls down to expand our space, only to fill it again, vowing we will not clutter again. Some of us may change the furniture around.  
The fact is we can enjoy our room as long as we know we are that space, that emptiness, the place where all the Universes arose from and falls back to. Space, emptiness is our true nature and oh how many run from it and take the furniture as reality, solid, until one day a chair or sofa collapses. Does this shatter our reality, death, horror, in most cases no. Some wake up to the impermanence and transiency of Life, the ebb and flow, the coming and going. ONE thing for sure SPACE ALWAYS REMAINS SPACE, IT IS THE CHANGELESS IN WHICH ALL CHANGE MANIFESTS. 
Because Space is indefinable, infinite and is everywhere and in everything, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, it has the potential or is the potential for all probabilities and possibilities(now where have heard that before? Quantum, humtum, humbum or something like that).
This is where the local mind and non local mind being talked about resides. The walls of the room /mind being the border, the frontier, the box, betwixt both.
Some Images of the non local mind to  peruse and contemplate. 

Scientists are still debating over the local mind enclosed in the brain and a mere electrical phenomena, just synaptic responses and the brain is a computer that has all the information in it and those who feel the brain is only a receiver of wavelengths and is a decoder and the information is contained in fields of frequencies outside the brain as in TV, cell phones,  WiFi , smart meters, modems and so forth.  The brain itself is an organic decoder and the equivalent of a computer but not necessarily with a fixed hardrive. Works by Dr Bruce Lipton and others show cellular memory contributes to this as well.

Other Atrocious Health Recommendations That Drive Obesity and Disease Rates

Make no mistake about it, obesity is the result of inappropriate lifestyle choices, and unfortunately, our government has spent decades disseminating astoundingly inaccurate information about diet and health. In many ways, the US government has become little more than a propagator of corporate-sponsored propaganda. The following is just a tiny sampling of the pervasive misleading information on weight and obesity disseminated by our government agencies:
  • “All sugars are equal, and are okay in moderation:” The science is overwhelmingly clear on this point: fructoseand glucose are NOT metabolized by your body in the same way. For example, while every cell in your body utilizes glucose, thereby burning up much of it, fructose is turned into free fatty acids (FFAs), VLDL (the damaging form of cholesterol), and triglycerides, which get stored as fat. Furthermore, the entire burden of metabolizing fructose falls on your liver, which creates a long list of waste products and toxins, including a large amount of uric acid, which drives up blood pressure and causes gout. It also promotes visceral fat.4
  • When you eat 120 calories of glucose, less than one calorie is stored as fat. 120 calories of fructose results in 40 calories being stored as fat. As a standard recommendation, I advise keeping your total fructose consumption below 25 grams per day, or as little as 15 grams a day if you have insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or are overweight
  • “To lose weight, just expend more calories than you eat:” This outdated advice has been shown to be patently false, as not all calories are created equal. In a nutshell, counting calories will not help you lose weight if you're consuming thewrong kind of calories
  • “Choosing diet foods will help you lose weight:” Substances like Splenda (sucralose) and Equal or Nutrasweet (aspartame) may have zero calories, but your body isn't fooled. When it gets a "sweet" taste, it expects calories to follow, and when this doesn't occur it leads to distortions in your biochemistry that actually lead to weight gain
  • “Avoid saturated fat to protect your heart:” The myth that saturated fat causes heart disease began as little more than a scientifically unsupported marketing strategy for Crisco cooking oil. Most people actually need about 50 to 70 percent of their diet as healthful fats from organic, pastured eggs, avocados, coconut oil, real butter and grass-fed beef in order to optimize their health
  • “When it comes to cholesterol levels, the lower the better, to avoid heart disease:” Cholesterol is actually NOT the major culprit in heart disease or any disease, and the guidelines that dictate what number your cholesterol levels should be to keep you "healthy" are fraught with conflict of interest -- and have never been proven to be good for your health. Meanwhile, bringing your cholesterol levels down too low can have significant health ramifications, from mood disorders and violence to, ironically, heart disease
Lots of Love. Geoff
                'I am who I am and not somebody else's message'

Arthritis is psychosomatic-ally ' holding unconsciously messages against the self and depositing them in crystallised deposits in the body'. They are a stopper blocker attitude dumped in the body.  From therapy it is known the body is a repository for not owned messages, which are not conducive to well being.  'The body believes everything you tell it, sadly it believes the unconscious messages pushed into us by early conditioning and programming’. It is the suppression and tamping down that makes the robot in us. We act as automans. We think we are free, we fool ourselves we make the decisions, but actually we act on unconscious urges.

To break the TV programme of dream like action of reward, control and fear, we need to know we are not watching the TV on the screen of mind, see as we awaken, become present, aware, alert in a non judgemental way and so break the deadlock of addiction to the screen of mind.

Key words, attention without intention, looking without bias, observing without opinion, awareness without intent.

This way we see how the mind likes to grasp things, urges and impulses pull one, suck one in, seduces one, tempt one back to the old same old, same old. When we fail and get dragged back we tend to punish ourselves and say 'I am not in Control'. We are not in Control of anything, other than decide what food to eat, train to catch. The real things of Life are like a trumpet, Life plays us not we play it, and the trumpet is blown through by Life. We are a pipe in which the energy of the Universe flows through us.

'You didn't control your body, nor are we able to control the body's functions. An Intelligence greater than the human mind is at work.  It is the same Intelligence that sustains all of nature' Eckhart Tolle.

Why try to control nature it does not need our help, the Universe does its job efficiently and correctly with or without us.  It is the unconscious urge to control by the messages instilled by others through, religion, culture, history, politics, well meaning but misguided parents. The world is heading this way and is in the control freak mode.

It is recognising the controller and NOT TRYING to get rid of the controller that frees one. If we try and get rid of the sentinel, the watchdog, the ego, the controller we merely put another controller to control the original one. 

Be aware, breathe gently, be a spiritual marine /samurai/ a warrior and watch patiently, like a cat at a mouse hole. Be gently patient and in that the awareness grows and we do not fall prey to enticement. DO NOT SUPPRESS, DO NOT INDULGE, DO NOT ENCOURAGE, ELIMINATE  DO NOT.  (taken from an email to a friend of mine, who felt I should Post it)

In view of the fact that the United States of Monsanto(formerly the USA) have started a manhunt for Edward Snowden, how far will they cross the line to bring him back to the USM?  Will they offer a $million reward or more, for a Cuban, Icelandic, Ecuadorian CIA (now Central Intelligence of Monsanto chief executive Fluoride Chemtrail)  asset or poor person, or a Mafioso operative to 'bump him off', will they cross the line and take fighter jets to bring down the aircraft he is in killing all aboard, they did it with 9/11, so what are few more civilians to this murderous callous vindictive bunch of thugs and hooligans.  Mind you this is the same if it happened to any other power mad egomaniac countries. We live in a world where life is cheap. However, many are awakening.  I do not in any  way endorse thuggery, bombing, torture or weapons, I have always felt 'the pen is mightier than the sword'.
Now it seems the so called power mongers have caught onto this with media such as newspapers, they are in the control of the oppressors, a censored press.  However now they have realised the power of the word, written or spoken, the pen in symbolic form, they are after the bloggers, the writers and free broadcasters.  I THROW THIS CHALLENGE BACK TO THE ELITE 'IF YOU'VE NOTHING TO HIDE WHY CAST YOUR NET ON US'.

The supermoon was as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full Moons of 2013. "Perigee moon" is the scientific term for the phenomenon. Full Moons vary in size because of the oval shape of the Moon's orbit. The Moon follows an elliptical path around Earth with one side ("perigee") about 50,000 km closer than the other ("apogee"). Full Moons that occur on the perigee side of the Moon's orbit seem extra big and bright. On June 23rd, the Moon became full at 11:34 UT, only 23 minutes after perigee--a near-perfect coincidence.
SPECTACULAR PHOTOS OF THE SUPERMOON: Over the weekend, sky watchers around the world witnessed an unusually bright and beautiful full moon--a "supermoon." Elias Chasiotis photographed the swollen orb rising over the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Sounion, Greece:
Thank you Elias Chasiotis
Doctors are being told to stop prescribing codeine to under-12s after several children died while taking the painkiller.
The drug can affect children’s breathing even at a standard ‘safe’ dose.  Children who have had surgery on their tonsils or adenoids are at special risk.
The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued an alert to all doctors, who have been told that it should be considered as a ‘last-resort’ painkiller only after paracetamol and ibuprofen have failed.
The alert follows reports to the European Medicines Agency of several deaths of children who were taking codeine.
The alert puts prescription codeine in line with the over-the-counter preparation, which already comes with a warning that it should not be given to young children.
(Source: The Times, 24th June 2013).
Financial crisis in USA
Well, president Obama said he will do everything transparently, Amnesty International sets out how it should be done. Apparently cancelling Mr Snowden;s passport whilst he seeks asylum is illegal, Obama Monsanto has broken the law already.  Now fancy that.

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