Wednesday 25 September 2013

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Namaste.  The beauty of this posture and greeting touches me.
May I have the honour of greeting you dear readers in such a manner.
I usually bow the head and sometimes I feel so touched by the greeting my eyes close and my body slightly inclines.  Beautiful
The next few paragraphs I will wax philosophical. I do trust you can bear with me on this, as I return to some of my favourite topics.
The Art of Emptiness as fulfilment.
By emptiness I am not meaning vagrancy, stupidity dullness or any kind of hypnotic mentality, trance, obsessiveness, mantra, prayer or other metal, psychological mentation.  Here it is an experience of the absence of thought in an alert dynamic mode of consciousness. It has feeling.  The feeling of completeness, lightness of spirit, inner dynamic peace, not a soporific induced sluggishness. One feels whole and connected to the all in all.  Thinking becomes almost obsolete and is employed for day to day processes.  
One seems to act more spontaneously and not to be confused with impulse and habit.   More sychronicity (the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection:)       
 Seems to replace logical deduction, although linear thinking is used when intuitively recognised.
(using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive:- intuitively)
The egoistic mind, that which has been conditioned, programmed and brainwashed, builds up a library which can adapt, juxtapose, and make every permutation and computation which can appear to be intuition and is named fools intuition, so much meditation is needed in order to clear the 'mind' of its hard drive wiring. It can be done. 
The Programming
The Brain Computer

Many would argue and discuss it is not possible to override, go beyond the brain and its mere electrical function in the skull, the local mind, yet there is current research not regarded by neuroscientists as possible and like the NDE, telepathy and so forth can be explained by science.  However on experiencing the NO MIND of meditation without blanking or compressing the awareness, one finds it is an experience of complete joy, beyond rapture and happiness.  This when lived in conscious a- wakefulness,  becomes The Art Of Emptiness as Fulfilment.
On the surface this may seem boring, vegetative, non ambitious, a lay about type, a simpleton and a moronic attitude to Life.

Should one attain the emptiness as above, then all outside form is recognised as transient and impermanent, so making one's outside form as the means for living, the reason for living, sport, business, family, friends, a hobby, religion, one's body becomes a depressing fear when that 'outside' form has gone. Withdrawal symptoms, depression, addiction issues ensue and one can crave, feel lost when puts 'all one's eggs in one basket' so to speak. The only reason one has to be living is the joy that permeates one's being, and as this is spontaneous and all consuming, there is no need to cling to an outside form for the reason to live, to be alive. Yet one can enjoy all relationships with everything without attachment this is not an excuse to abandon responsibility and honour. It is achieved in a different mode of being.

Here one sees and perceives the world without the centre plate being tarnished with programmes, conditioning and brain washing. The only data on the plate which says 'my senses' are the programmes for every day living, otherwise the mind remains uncluttered. 

The window cleaner instrument is meditation, awareness without bias, watching without judgement, observation without opinion, looking inwards without intention, alert and aware without motive. Here the grime and crud in the mind is seen and let go, not retained, not sent way, just let go without interest of the data or emotional content.

Eventually the mind is cleared and one sees the sky as sky, no backdrop thoughts like a lovely sky, reminds me of the sky in Scotland at odd intervals. It is a clear perception without the distortion, filtering, editing, judging and is seen for what is a sky.

The essence of the form is relayed to the consciousness, and then comes the startling revelation, the sky and oneself are one. We are the space where that sky arose in. It is here that ones sees / perceives / intuits truth. For truth is what is without editing or agenda. Truth is the nakedness, the primal, pristine form of what is.
Life then is perceived as a fundamental primal awareness, the nakedness of a pure mind, an untarnished awareness. 

Many Masters have said this in their wisdom.  Krishnamurti said  ' It is in the mirror of relationships one finds oneself '.  

The shadows of the past recede and we open to the light, which to me is the letting go of thought images as we sit in the silence of ourselves, as the mist of feelings with bodily sensations fall away, it does literally become bright in the mind so to speak, as if one's brain lights up. 

 Apologies about quality, it is a very old document
Then text reads:-
When you meditate changes occur in the
brain's activity, causing feelings of
relaxation and oneness' with the universe.
Now researchers at the University of
Pennsylvania reveal what is actually going on
within the brain during meditation.
Dr Andrew Newberg and his team studied
eight Tibetan Buddhist monks during
meditation, using a brain imaging technique
called SPECT (single photon emission
tomography) which shows the brain's activity
in real time' by injecting a special chemical
that reveals blood flow patterns.
They found increased activity in the brain's
frontal lobe (the area concerned with focused
attention) and decreased activity in the
parietal lobe, which controls orientation. The
latter finding may explain why people lose
their sense of space and time during
meditation. Similar results have been found
with other spiritual practices; the Pennsylvania
team have also looked at brain activity in a
group of Franciscan nuns engaged in prayer.
"The results from this research have
implications about meditative and spiritual
states; how such states are experienced and
how they affect human beings," says Dr
Newberg. "The work also serves as a window
into the study of human consciousness, 'as
well as a link to clinical research that has
shown various physical and psychological
effects, usually beneficial, associated with
spiritual or religious practice."
More info from
With the experience of the light and joy, with many excursions to this realm of being, relaxation occurs and many anxieties seem insignificant after a while. One realises the concern of an outcome but the anxious content seems to evaporate.  One acts and not reacts. Because the senses mirror or window as above are clear of fear the action is appropriate to the need. Not panic which leads to a reaction from the past.  The event is not seen clearly but through the graphics and distortion of the past.  One reacts from trauma. I can see clearly how my mind jumps and panics and as I watch this quietly now, less fear creeps into the witnessing and a cooler 'head' seems present.  One begins to realise that the linear sequential logical mind needs a reason, a formulae, a plan, there must be a reason.  Suddenly we ponder the imponderable. Why am I here? Who Created God? If there isn't a God or some Intelligence what's the point in Living, I need a reason.  

No I still need a reason.
Now I am going crazy.  I know I'll become a scientist and put in a mathematical algorithm, no a priest and I believe in God with blind faith, Oh I don't know, I well sort of still want to know.  
Then we go through the I don't care, I'm agnostic, an atheist, a don't notheist, I'll try yoga, mysticism, Tai Chi, SEX, at least when I have an orgasm or get pissed or high, it doesn't seem to matter at all. That's the answer.  You see as there is no answer to the chicken thing, I might as well just be anything, there's no after life, reincarnation, so what the heck.  I know logically the sun, moon and stars and the whole darn lot will go, and yet a star explodes and reinvents itself out of the debris, you know the whole astronomy bit, I know life as I know it, is transient, impermanent so what ----!!! Now I'm really confused why should I really care, yet its nagging me.  I know deep down there is an answer, I'll keep digging. Wait a minute there's a great film on the box tonight, and that sizzling dishy waitress is gorgeous.  I do like that Buddhist Monk he looks so cool, cosmic and far out. Hey the European footballs on now, must go. This is driving me crackers.  I STILL WANT TO KNOW  ERH!! There just be, just be a reason, its because I haven't found it yet
Then like a friend of mine who used to go to a tennis club in her lunch breaks and just sit behind the courts by a small chortling brook and eat her sandwiches.  We used to share the above topics in the late 60's when we went to teach Judo. She was not a meditater and I was.  One day in the summer she was charmed by the river and had been for years, this day she felt swallowed up by the chortling, softly singing brook as she was nonchalantly eating her meal. She suddenly felt her mind just relax, open and all the questions above just didn't exist any-more. She had personal issues in her marriage, her finances and so on, they were still there but she did not feel anxious and a permanent joy seemed to permeate her mind, sometime it left but the turn around was quicker.  We lost touch a few years back, I have heard through the grapevine, she now lives on her own, is a mystic so I have been told and many come as individuals to her door way out in the countryside in Alaska.  She has asked me through the grapevine to not reveal her exact residence but to share her story if I wished.  By the way all her original problems of the 60's melted away in just two years, she said her secret was to let the fear go and something flows in to keep one calm and it mysteriously in its own time gets sorted.  The secret she said was to be joyfully alive without reason. And here I am the kosher Buddhist Zen or something meditater still on the train, somehow feeling I'm getting off at the last stop as I have been through the crazy, for me the way is appearing to live without reason and for my scientific forensic astro- biologist poster blogger mind this is a worthy goal. The goal of no goal.
Dear Folks do you have a reason to be alive.  
Be Well, Be Alive. Geoff
Hi Geoff,
It’s been 100 hours since we heard from Alex. A colleague and a friend, is one of 30 people being held prisoner aboard the Arctic Sunrise. Alex was one of the three activists who locked themselves in the communications room to get the message out, right before armed forces broke in and cut our contact with the ship.
Russian media have reported that the Arctic Sunrise will be towed into the port of Murmansk on Tuesday. The activists have not been formally charged with anything yet. Let's use these last few critical hours to pressure the Russian authorities to release Alex and the 29 others.
Please send an urgent email to the Russian embassy to release our activists. More than 300,000 have been sent already, and every message counts.
Seizing our ship in international waters is illegal. And the detention of peaceful protestors without charge is wrong. But it’s not too late for the Russian authorities to set them free.
Instead of protecting Arctic oil drillers, governments around the world should be protecting us from the threat that companies like Gazprom and Shell pose to us all.
Alex risked her liberty for all of us, now it’s time for us to stand up for her and help free the Arctic 30.
Ian and the friends and family at Greenpeace
Namaste Alex.  You love Mother Earth as I do and you deserve a huge NAMASTE. Thank you for risking your life for us and our Mother.  You did what I cannot do and for that heartfelt thanks dear Alex.
1. Remain close  to the Great Spirit
2. Show respect to your fellow beings.
3. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
4.Be truthful and honest at all times.
5.Do what you know to be right.
6. Look after the well being of mind and body.
7.Treat the Earth and all who dwell there with respect.
8. Take full responsibility for all your actions.
9. Dedicate a share of your efforts for the Greater Good.
10. Work together for the Respect of all Mankind. 
Oh Great Spirit who made all races.  Look kindly upon the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separates us from our Brothers.
(Cherokee prayer)
When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come to the Earth from many colours, creeds, and by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth Green again.
They will be known as the 'Warriors of the Rainbow' (Old prophesy of Native Americans)
Great Spirit. a prayer for peace, a prayer for healing, a prayer for all Life that you have given.
We shall be here waiting, for our Mother Earth to heal. then we shall rejoice, sing and dance to Earth, who gives Life to all that is Living.
{To those politicians, bankers, and NSA and GCHQ, to terrorists, and all those who bear malice}.
Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the Wind, whose breath gives Life to the World hear me.
I come to you as one of your many children.
I am small and weak, I need your strength and Wisdom. May I walk in beauty.  Make me strong not to be superior to my Brother, but to fight my greatest enemy-----Myself. 
{to all those who rape our planet}
There was a time when man took no more than he needed
That time has gone ----
There was a time when he gave something back----
That time has gone.
There was a time when he worshipped the Creator and honoured Creation 
That time too has gone------
And now the waters are polluted and the natural resources are all but gone and Creation is dying-------
It is a time to find our way back to Earth.
Will we heed these words or ignore them.
{To all humanity and of course you dear reader for supporting these Posts}
May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly on your home, and the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.
May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows, and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.
(Cherokee Blessing)

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