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Hello and greetings. We think of dictators as perhaps world or country political or religious persons who appear in the news. Here is a news item but with a difference in emphasis as to the collective dictatorship.
The ego finds it hard to let go. The complete indoctrination  of seven years in medical school, science university, religious colleges, cults and the like make it a closed circuit, confined with in the programmes, a robotically and sometimes inflexible approach. Yet to be fair many times all the above are needed, however there should be room for informed free choice and be honoured. .
Benefits of Coconut, butter, milk and oil
Ben Swann on 9/11 . 
I apologise again for the repeats in various vogues on 9/ 11. 9/11 like the tube and bus bombing in England on 7th July 2005, refereed to as 7/7 are 'PIVOTABLE'  to what has happened in the years from these two events.  Ben Swann reminds us of the 'freedoms and human rights' that have evaporated since then, and the continual use of the necessity to curb our freedoms BECAUSE of the threat of terrorism, especially Al Qaeda. Ironically the USA and the UK are aiding them to fight Assad.
Then when Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria(possibly), Afghanistan, Somalia are bashed to pieces, their infrastructure gone, no means of defence, no water, gas or electricity, deformed children due to DU weapons, the war Lords or Tribal Leaders, the religious factions then fight, and so more weapons are needed and the behind the door arms traders go in.  Unfortunately war is profitable for the arms dealers and disastrous for the ethnic native communities and the West profits from the oil and building reconstruction. 

The above was at G8 protest some years back. Too right.
Not only are they content to wipe out countries but also deprive us of healthy food, drinking water and horrible medicines, a few that are great, the rest at best poisonous. Then the banning of herbs, supplements, complimentary medicine and energy, slurs on organic local farmers and gardeners.  Now the 'gagging order' ' and 'esoteric' order being debated in the UK, the bedroom tax which is causing suicides(I know first hand of  this through a friend of mine in Nottingham who is badly disabled and has to have a carer overnight at times and because she has a spare bedroom for the carer she has to pay tax because the authorities have been told to not grant her this right. There is more and a local councillor has been warned off the case as have solicitors and THERE IS NO RECOURSE FOR LEGAL AID, Cameron and cronies have denied this right, so the poor cannot have the right to be heard or represented, reminds me of the USA where the right to due process is not available if the laws as Ben Swann described are able to rescind them, if there is anyone who can help not only my friend but others who are committing suicide over this, it forces disabled people into a corner of frustration and agony).

Also the esoteric comments by Cameron Monsanto Bilderbug.

Absolutely unbelievable. I am composing a letter to comical Cameron and when I do I will Post it in a blog here.  You see the next step all blogs and Posts to be banned for inciting to riot, I could go to court as a activist with intent to cause unrest and rioting.  WATCH OUT PROTEST NOW WHILST YOU HAVE THE TIME. WHEN you protest do not be violent, do not hurt people physically or destroy property or deface buildings. 

Running Scared.
I feel the reasons behind these above 'laws' are part of the 9 /11 follow on, the erosion by the 'bugs' to make the one world government and the subduing of personal freedoms so to cause anxiety and depression, then those that rebel throw them into a FEMA camp, another name for a Concentration camp.  They also have received a blow with Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, have dealt a blow to the 'bugs' so the little piddly men in their black sinister suits and their bags containing confidential documents and material are at the moment in a skid and thing they are gaining control by these intimidating and punitive methods, like the vermin they are they will rot in their faeces, choked by their own garbage and filth, they will make good compost for a free, decent, clean, honest sharing world. A world that works for everyone everywhere.

Spoons in underwear to help stop forced marriage

 As Britain puts airport staff on alert to spot potential victims of forced marriage, one campaigning group says the trick of putting a spoon in their underwear has saved some youngsters from a forced union in their South Asian ancestral homelands.
The concealed spoon sets off the metal detector at the airport in Britain and the teenagers can be taken away from their parents to be searched -- a last chance to escape a largely hidden practice wrecking the lives of unknown thousands of British youths.
The British school summer holidays, now well under way, mark a peak in reports of young people -- typically girls aged 15 and 16 -- being taken abroad on "holiday", for a marriage without consent, the government says.
The bleep at airport security may be the last chance they get to escape a marriage to someone they have never met in a country they have never seen.
The spoon trick is the brainchild of the Karma Nirvana charity, which supports victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour-based abuse.
Based in Derby, central England, it fields 6,500 calls per year from around Britain but has almost reached that point so far in 2013 as awareness of the issue grows.
When petrified youngsters ring, "if they don't know exactly when it may happen or if it's going to happen, we advise them to put a spoon in their underwear," said Natasha Rattu, Karma Nirvana's operations manager.
"When they go though security, it will highlight this object in a private area and, if 16 or over, they will be taken to a safe space where they have that one last opportunity to disclose they're being forced to marry," she told AFP.
"We've had people ring and that it's helped them and got them out of a dangerous situation. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do with your family around you -- but they won't be aware you have done it. It's a safe way."
The charity is working with airports -- so far London Heathrow, Liverpool and Glasgow, with Birmingham to come -- to spot potential signs, such as one-way tickets, the time of year, age of the person and whether they look uncomfortable.
"These are quite general points, but there are things that if you look collectively lead you to believe something more sinister is going on," said Rattu.
People who come forward can be escorted out of a secure airport exit to help outside.
Marriages without consent, or their refusal, have led to suicides and so-called honour killings, shocking a nation widely deemed to have successfully absorbed immigrant communities and customs.
Officials fear the number of victims coming forward is just the tip of the iceberg, with few community leaders prepared to speak out and risk losing their support base.
One woman, whose identity was protected by Essex Police in southeast England, was forced to get married in India.
She said she was threatened by her father "because he said if I thought about running away he would find me and kill me".
"I was shipped off with a total stranger.
"That night I was raped by my husband and this abuse continued for about eight and half years of my life."
She eventually fled.
Last year, the Foreign Office's Forced Marriage Unit dealt with some 1,500 cases -- 18 percent of them men.
A third of cases involved children aged under 17. The oldest victim was aged 71; the youngest just two.
The cases related to 60 countries: almost half were linked to Pakistan, 11 percent to Bangladesh, eight percent to India, and two percent to Afghanistan. Other countries were SomaliaTurkey and Iraq.
Calls to Karma Nirvana tend to spike before the British school summer holidays and again at the end, said Rattu.
"The holidays are a really good time for young people to go missing because there is nobody accounting for where they are at school," she said.
Since Ramadan ended last week, calls have risen again, including one from an 18-year-old who has fallen pregnant and her family is trying force her into marriage to conceal it.
Burdened by South Asian codes of "izzat", or family honour, youngsters can be under extreme physical and emotional duress to marry relatives in a culture and country they were not brought up in.
If they refuse, they are often threatened with being thrown out of the family -- or worse.
"It really takes a brave person to stand up against their family," said Rattu. 

                              Statins cause more harm than good

As researchers and media find new justifications for all over-50s to be prescribed a statin-containing ‘polypill’, it’s left to heart experts in Galway, Ireland to tell the oft-overlooked truth. In a paper published in the Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases, consultant Mr Sherif Sultan of University Hospital Galway and Dr Niamh Hynes of the Galway Clinic conclude: “There is a categorical lack of clinical evidence to support the use of statin therapy in primary prevention. Not only is there a dearth of evidence for primary cardiovascular protection, there is ample evidence to show that statins actually augment cardiovascular risk in women, patients with Diabetes Mellitus and in the young. Furthermore statins are associated with triple the risk of coronary artery and aortic artery calcification.” Under-reporting and concealment of these data from the public is, say the authors, a “scientific farce”. 

Prescriptions for ADHD drugs increase five-fold across Europe
11 September 2013
Prescriptions for ADHD drugs for young children have risen by 500 per cent in the last few years across Europe. The vast increase follows a drive by the pharmaceutical industry to get Europe more in line with the US in using stimulants such as Ritalin. Children who have a range of supposed psychiatric conditions—including ADHD (attention-deficit, hyperactive disorder) and autism—are being given the drugs, which include Ritalin (methylphenidate), Dexedrine (dexamphetamine) and Strattera (atomoxetine). Researchers from the Aarhus University in Denmark discovered the sudden upsurge in prescriptions when they profiled 850,000 children born between 1990 and 2001. They discovered that 61 per cent of the children diagnosed with ADHD, 16 per cent with ASD (autism) and 3 per cent with other ‘psychiatric’ problems were being prescribed one of the drugs. The extra prescriptions represent a five-fold increase in the last few years alone, they discovered. This increase follows a series of memos sent to drug company sales forces around Europe to increase prescription numbers for the drugs to levels that were more in line with the US. WDDTY researchers have seen the memos and emails. (Source: Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, 2013; 130909061602008). Courtesy of WDDTY  Notice to be more in line with the USA.

           How the NSA accesses smartphone data...and 14 other stories

Access Express <[email protected]>
Access Express | 09/12/13
You will be shocked and scared when you read the countries and the EU Monsanto fast tracking the close down of the Internet.  SEE MY LETTER TO THE UK PRIME MINISTER IN POST 98 A AND COMMENTS

When Tony Blair Bug, was PM in the UK, now Prime Suspect in downing governments in the Middle East, he went onto persuade every home to have the Internet.  We got a free installed in our lounge at the Senior Home where I live, formerly sheltered housing. I do believe he thought it a good thing, he went onto to say people could keep in touch and so on. I wonder now if the thinks so, or because of the surveillance there may have been an ulterior motive.
These 6 mins will verify 9 /11 was not what it seems.  Really powerful scientific and compelling. now you see the call from around the world to reopen this 9 / 11 saga. now you see why they want the internet shut down, or at least modified to a bland corrupt media presentations.  It is one of the best, the official in charge is lying and it is proved.
This clip is a mashup of 9/11 Truth Denier 
and Nist Investigator, Dr. Gross and 
dozens of first responders, contradicting 
all of his lies.
There is simply too much that does not 
add up about the official story of 9/11. 
This clip does not even address the 
unforgivable NORAD stand down, which 
ends the "official" story for me, right there - 
but the fires, which raged for weeks and 
kept burning for at least four months 
(from where I could see, out of my 
window, which was a block away and 
which looked straight over the pile of 
Tower Number 2). The temperatures 
were reported to be over 2,000 degrees 
Fahrenheit - WEEKS after the plane impacts - 
and it is known that jet fuel burns at between 
500-600 degrees. It is possible that the 
advanced accelerant used in the building 
demolition trade, called nano-thermite 
could have been responsible for these 
unheard-of temperatures for a building 
fire involving kerosene and steel.
And indeed, nano-thermite was discovered 
at the site, which by its very presence, 
would indicate that it was there for the 
purpose of bringing the towers down.
People! Marvin Bush - Dubya's youngest 
brother - sat on the Board of Directors for 
Stratasec/Securacom, which ran electronic 
security at the World Trade Center during 
the 9-month elevator renovation that was 
done on the buildings by Ace Elevator Co., 
completed just weeks before the attacks.
Within the elevator shafts, access could 
have been gained into 4-foot crawl spaces 
between floors, where explosives could 
have been planted without workers in the 
buildings realizing it or seeing what was 
going on. It would have been relatively 
easy to hide this work from the tenants 
by blocking their access to one elevator 
at a time.
Moreover, there were always several 
entirely empty floors in the buildings 
(I could actually watch the Sun setting 
*through* the buildings, weather 
permitting) - and, as it happens, at that 
time, occupancy of the towers was an 
all-time low.
During the time of this elevator 
renovation, it was reported that there 
were strange noisy workers inside the 
buildings, operating on the empty 
maintenance floors. Look up William 
Rodriguez, Ben Fountain, and Scott Forbes 
if you need witnesses to this. And also look 
into the "power down" and evacuation drills, 
which were conducted the very weekend 
before 9/11.
Who would you put your money on being 
the liars, here? NIST and the diabolically 
evil conspirators, eager to cover-up their 
gargantuan crimes - or the FDNY and 
other first responders? {Courtesy Forbidden Knowledge and Alexandra Bruce}
Voyager reaches Inter Planetary Space.
 and we are still piddling about with wars, austerity cuts, internet censorship and corruption like there is no end. Strange how great minds send things to billions of years ahead and little shallow minds screw up humanity.

9 / 11 The biggest Gold Heist in History. 5 mins
An investigation reported in the 
Journal of Business concluded there 
was "Evidence of unusual option 
market activity in the days leading 
up to September 11 that is consistent 
with investors trading on advance 
knowledge of the attacks."
Really fun 2 mins.
ALL QUIET ALERT: With the Sun's disk almost completely devoid of sunspots, solar flare activity has come to a halt. Measurements by NOAA's GOES 15 satellite show that the sun's global x-ray emission, a key metric of solar activity, has flatlined:
The quiet is unlikely to break this weekend. NOAA forecasters estimate a scant 1% chance of M- or X-class solar flares during the next 24-48 hours.
The quiet spell is a bit strange because 2013 is supposed to be a year of solar maximum, with lots of flares and sunspots. Supporting this view are data from NASA-supported observatories which show that the sun's magnetic field is poised to flip--a long-held sign that Solar Max has arrived. Nevertheless, solar activity is low.
One possible explanation is that Solar Max is double-peaked and we are in the valley between peaks. If so, solar activity could surge again in late 2013-2014. No one can say for sure, though. Researchers have been studying sunspots for more than 400 years, and we still cannot predict the behavior of the solar cycle. Continued quiet or stormy space weather? Both are possible in the weeks and months ahead.{Courtesy}
A new flu jab for senior citizens.  Bribed and Dangerous,

Israel commits to ending water fluoridation by 2014, citing major health concerns

Good for you Israel perhaps you send an email through the NSA OR GCHQ  to Teresa May of the UK Government who like the bee poison and the UK scientists there is no evidence it's harmful. The whore of Europe opens her legs again.
Learn more:

Hidden evidence reveals statins do more harm than good
16 September 2013
Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are doing more harm than good, and should be abandoned as the primary therapy for heart disease prevention, a major review has concluded. 
Instead, coenzyme Q10 antioxidants are more effective and with fewer—or no—side effects, say researchers at
University College Hospital in Galway. 
Statins dramatically increase the risk of diabetes and cataracts in younger patients, and cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases in the elderly. And the benefits don’t outweigh the risks, say the researchers. Even for patients with advanced heart disease, the drugs may extend life by a further nine months at best if the drug is taken for 30 years.
Analysing previous studies on statins, the researchers discovered that some had never been published because the results were so alarming, while others had obscured the real risks. One study, the Illuminate trial, was shelved after researchers discovered the statin drug increased the risk of cancer and sudden death. But it’s unlikely the researchers will be heard: the statin market is worth £20bn a year and rising.
(Source: Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases, 2013; 3: doi: 10.4236/ojemd.2013.33025).

Steroids not working for people with severe asthma
16 September 2013
People with severe asthma are often classified as being ‘steroid-dependent’—but new research has discovered that the drugs are not working. 
In fact, asthmatics taking corticosteroids are suffering from greater airway obstruction than other sufferers not taking the drugs.
In a new trial called U-Biopred, researchers from Imperial College London have taken samples from 300 children and 700 adults with severe to moderate asthma and compared them to healthy people. They have discovered that 55 per cent of adults with severe asthma are not being helped by the drugs. Their airway obstruction was greater than in someone with mild asthma, and they were still suffering severe symptoms despite taking the powerful drugs.
In short, they aren’t responding to the drugs, but nobody knows why, the researchers say.
(Source: European Respiratory Society annual congress,
September 9, 2013).

Steroids for asthma delay growth in children
01 September 2001
Children under 5 years of age who start treatment with inhaled corticosteroids for asthma are at risk of growth retardation, report Turkish researchers.
To evaluate the effects of fluticasone propionate on growth and adrenocortical function in young children, the researchers studied 20 asthmatic boys and girls over a period of 24 weeks.
The children, who ranged in age from 2.5 to 5 years, were taking fluticasone by a metered dose inhaler, four puffs (50 mg dose per puff) twice daily with a large volume spacer. They were matched by age to 18 non asthmatic children to provide a comparison.
The drug had little effect on adrenocortical function. But when the investigators compared individual pre and post treatment height, they noted no changes in the growth rates of half the children. However, while two of the children showed a significant increase in growth and two others a slight decrease, six children 30 per cent of the study group showed a significant growth reduction.
The long term effects of inhaled steroids on the final growth in children who take these drugs at a young age is not well studied. However, based on the findings of this small short term study, the growth rate of under 5s undergoing steroid therapy should be monitored closely (Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol, 2001; 86: 649-54).
Well this is a turn up for the book as they say, a colloquialism for a surprise or change of events. Bilderbugs, Zionism, elite, illuminati and now Jesuits.  I am not for any organised religion, nor against it, nor I am for atheism, I just feel there is an all encompassing Cosmic Intelligence of which are all family too.
Have a look at David Icke's video, it does tell of another type of domination in Rome, and I went to Rome many times, to UN FAO, and had talks and visited the sites David refers too.

I have been blocked by YOU TUBE on this so please to link above and scroll down to David's video. it is an hour, it is entertaining and also a tour of Rome's interesting symbology which is applicable to the world at large. Background music from Kubrick's 'Eyes wide shut' a Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise film which shows sexual explicit scenes of a kind of' rich cult' group ' as it were I can tell you they still exist.
3 mins with Alan Watts.  Life?
Fat by TV and I might add computer
  • The advent of the television era was instrumental in changing the way Americans regard food, snacking and the family dinner, and may have triggered the obesity epidemic that’s facing the US today
  • As television watching became the national pastime, food makers changed their products to be ‘TV friendly’ and advertisers used popular celebrities and TV characters to promote their processed foods
  • Snacking and TV dinners in front of the television replaced the traditional family dinner
  • Obesity has doubled among US adults between 1990 and 2010, while annual medical care costs related to the condition are estimated to be $147 billion

  • A new UNICEF report reveals that the organization is tracking the rise of online anti-vaccination sentiments in Central and Eastern Europe, and has identified the most important “anti-vaccine influencers” on the web
  • Instead of addressing the evidence of potential harm of vaccines, UNICEF is entering into ever-deepening partnerships with vaccine company giants like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline
  • UNICEF devises public relations schemes to convince you to ignore any science that raise safety questions
  • In the report, UNICEF infers that I and other vaccine-safety advocates are lying about the situation and therefore should be ignored
  • In 2009, it was revealed that Merck had a hit list of doctors to be "neutralized" or discredited for voicing critical opinions about the pain killer Vioxx—a drug that ended up killing more than 60,000 people before it was pulled from the market
  • GSK spent more than 10 years covering up information that proved they knew about the serious health dangers of their blockbuster diabetes drug Avandia, as it would adversely affect sales.

We Need Eyes Wide Open to see the corruption and sleaze. 
Take care.  Geoff
Mammograms ‘see’ three cancers that aren’t there for every one that is, UK government admits
18 September 2013
Women are finally being told the truth about the limitations and dangers of routine mammography screening for breast cancer. A new NHS (National Health Service) leaflet warns that the technology is three times more likely to pick up a benign abnormality—which may result in chemotherapy or a mastectomy—than an actual life-threatening tumour.
The new leaflet, which will be made available to the 3 million women aged between 50 and 70 who are each year invited to have a routine mammogram screening in the UK, points out that for every life saved by the technology, it will detect a benign abnormality in three people, and trigger a course of chemotherapy or breast-removal. The most common detection is DCIS (ductal carcinoma in-situ), which, despite its name, only very rarely develops into cancer.
The honesty of the leaflet is surprising as a government report last year tried to put a positive spin on the screening programme. It claimed mammography saved 1,300 lives a year, although it admitted that a further 4,000 women also underwent unnecessary treatment. But even this partially optimistic review was criticised by other reviewers, who point out that it relied on old data from a time before women were as conscious of diet and lifestyle changes as they are today. Taking more recent data into account, Oxford University researchers concluded that mammography was hardly saving any lives at all.

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