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Greetings. This may seem an innocuous device however knowing the devious nature of nearly every government and regime and having had knowledge of them first hand I felt this was very important.  This is in regard to the British Prime Ministers comments on 'Esoteric' and my letter to him and awaiting a reply and from my MP the Rt. Hon Theresa Villiers. I have the recorded delivery of the letter receipt from the House of Commons, these matters take time. Here below is my letter, my address removed, you can email or leave comments if you so wish.
This may classed as esoteric.

UK Internet Censorship Affecting ‘Esoteric’ Websites and Alternative Spirituality Sites (Videos)

The freedom of spiritual expression and exchange of spiritual ideas is under attack. The UK has announced internet filters which will automatically filter out websites with ‘esoteric material’. Working directly with ISP’s and affecting 95% of British internet users, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said these filters will be active ‘by the end of the year’. ‘Esoteric Material’ could mean anything from sites of small spiritual groups, to ones which teach esoteric or spiritual practices or contain information about a wide range of alternative spiritual ideas. This sinister development is being slipped past public notice as these automatic filters are being headlined as a powerful tool to combat Pornography on the web. UK Prime Minister David Cameron is touting these new policies will ‘protect children and their innocence’.

Part of the proposal.
Rt. Hon David Cameron Prime Minister
House of Commons
London SW1A OAA                          12TH September 2013

Dear Prime Minister

I was disturbed by your remarks on ‘esoteric ‘ sites contained on the Internet and your proposed filtering and entering one’s chosen sites, this is of course is another way of surveillance and compartmentalising citizens into ‘risk and survey’ no doubt with the intent of sifting out so called activists. 

·              Would you kindly classify what you mean by ‘esoteric’ by this definition in the Oxford Dictionary: - ‘intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest: esoteric philosophical debates.
In your opinion would you agree with this definition and explanation sir?  This then could mean any academic debate and discussion on say ‘pornography ‘ ‘terrorism’ so that Universities would have to select their research and account for their and their students use of such ‘esoteric’ or other sites.  Furthermore sir, may I request you peruse this article:

In the Jewish religion, I was born a Jew we have the mystical and esoteric aspects of Talmud, Mishna, and Kabala.  These deal in what one from another religion may call heathen or magical.

In the Islamic tradition there is Sufism which is their esoteric aspect. I became a Zen Buddhist and study Budo (Collective Martial Arts of Japan) and Tai Chi with Qi Gong and this incorporates Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, deep esoteric meditation and ancient philosophy.  Then Greek and Russian Orthodox Church has its mystery schools bordering on some very ‘magical’ incantations.  We have Druids, Baha’i of which the late Dr David Kelly was a member.  Then there are the Witches and Wickers, the healers, those who practice and are therapists in Reiki, Shiatsu, and Acupuncture and so forth who have a differing system of treatments which involve energy locations and so forth, the list is endless.  May I add the Christian School of Mysteries?

Sir, you then run the risk of offending China, Japan and other countries whose citizens already live here, practice here and earn their livelihoods with so called ‘esoteric ‘ means and as a follower and aspirant in many of these what do you class me as?

In India the practice of Yoga has many subdivisions, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Ayurvidic medicine these are highly esoteric in the definition of the word. Then there is Transcendental Meditation, and Hindu’s who worship deities, Guru’s (this is a time honoured culture in India and their followers) many who live in the UK and carry on with their tradition, all sorts of self growth relaxation techniques run by many health clinics, how would you class them?

I could go on and on, however, you have more pressing matters to deal with and in my opinion this is the thin end of the wedge to censor and take consensus of your population and so another form of subtle surveillance and give the GCHQ more data to store. This great nation used to pride itself in freedom of

speech, decency and honour. By challenging peoples rights to free speech and what they can watch on the TV and Internet will drive it underground, and then you will have a real problem.

Violent videos and explicit porn is harmful to everyone, not so esoteric material that expands the mind, however, I do not feel you want free thinkers because they expose the governments underhanded conspiracies which are after all are the dark side of esotericism.

Thanking you for perusing this letter and hope to have a transparent reply without also ‘gagging’ me.  Oh by the way sir are bloggers esoteric as well?

Yours truthfully
 {The lay out is different in the actual letter, it does not fit well in the blog space. The content is the same}

 1) In my view this is a cheap and nasty way of surveying or getting a consensus of the populations views and predilections.
2) It gives GCHQ less work because it narrows down  the 'likely suspects'.  Yet it increases the storage space needed. It acts as a kind of lens.
3) If I declare on my option sheet I access Forbidden Knowledge, Disclose TV, David Icke, Alex Jones and then my Qi Gong, Mythology, Yogic, UFO, ET networks and so on, it would make me an activist or urban terrorist and could also by the number of hits on these sites, cause them to be shut down or be blocked by my server.
4) If I wish to look at, Aljezeera, France 4 for an alternative political view, what is the crime there?  It is because they expose the deleterious lies or innuendos that shame the government that this is a form of dumbing down and not allowing freedom of speech.
5) The counter argument to point 4 it excites people to become antagonistic and pepetrators of violence. I may add no more than the Prime Minister wanting to bomb Syria without proof and the blood lusting American gun toting psychopaths in the American administration. You can see this is true when millions of people around the world and 87% of Americans are sick and tired of their human rights being taken away, we are catching up fast, and the only answer bomb, kill, maim and blast.
6) If it had not been for the 'alternative' media and the actual reporters on the ground from these sources, actually showing the atrocities and gassing by NONE of Assad troops, and President Putin's knowledge and their SHOWING of their evidence, we would have another Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan  Egypt, Somalia.  These places are now without water, gas, electricity, medical care.  War Lords fight and kill, religious factions are at war.  Babies by the hundred deformed by DU weaponry.  I have friends in all of these countries and many of them were better off with their dead and ousted leaders.  True if they stepped out of line they were dealt with harshly, at least they were content, fed and watered.  And Gadahfi did rendition work for the USA  and UK.  Good bedmates.
7) Fracking and set alight water from the taps, internet censorship, EU taking away our supplements, the banning of Homoeopathy, the gagging order, so proper political debate cannot be aired is all part of the scared government who fear the next step of revealed covert activities.
8) MPs accessing porn, corrupt city bankers, sordid affairs, Prime Minister gun ho to murder and bomb, Britain the lap dog of the conspiratorial American Masters.
9) How can we vote or decide if we are denied access to our sites? More power to the Police--heaven help us.  The more power of stop and search, the trouble this caused. 
10) You are denying the intelligence of people to decide for themselves. Good role models at Parliament watching porn-----they pressed accidentally the wrong button---- oh come on with thousands of hits.

All the governments of the world have come to this with religious institutions and sexual offences, psychopaths in top business and government offices, the trouble with psychopaths, like pop stars they begin to believe their own publicity.
11) If my MP or PM bother to read the letter and I will enclose my views to my MP as the points above, no doubt I will be classes as a disenchanted person, a dangerous political activist, an urban terrorist and of course not agreed with.
12) Finally we need to guard and be aware of offensive material, politically violent people (that includes governments), terrorist attacks which are not engineered by the CIA or false flag operations.
13) The right to transparency, the right to filter our own browsing of the internet. There is this assumption we are not intelligent enough to know which or what on the net, yet the bungling violent bomb them before proof government does. It is an insult to deny our intelligence.

I know the snooping is real, I worked with these guys long before it became public and whistle blowers came in.  You must stick up for your freedom otherwise this snowball will gather pace and collect more 'human rights' with it. WHY do you think this government wants to amend the human rights bill, deny legal aid to the poor, wants GM food, the only country to want to introduce fluoride into its drinking water, thanks Teresa May, didn't agree with the poison that is killing bees, excuse not enough evidence when twelve thousand scientists proved it and the fluoride issue, fracking and the dangers all over the net and you tube about its harm.  Methane in your drinking water is highly toxic. We pay for the bankers who caused the banking fiasco and because its their fault we are punished by austerity measures.
Oh by the way we have money to give other countries and send soldiers to war, who come back traumatised and forgotten. Ross Kemp had to do a TV program to get things moving for them.  Banker big bonuses. When I worked if you made a monumental cock up, you were fired.  In the higher echelons of power, the more corrupt, bungling and inept, you are worshipped, a naughty boy or girl, sack them give them a million pound bonus and then another CEO job or get on the board of directors and trash that, all the same faces.
They do not care, they become sirs, dames, lords and because they have lost their moral compass they have become soiciopaths, morally deranged, total disrespect for human suffering, the suicides over the bedroom tax, the heartless, demonic shambles that this great country now has come too. I was ashamed all those years back when I went to the EU and FAO of the UN in Rome and heard openly and it has not changed 'Britain huh, the Whore of Europe'.  And as we now have global cooling and the letter to NASA another Institute that lies, many scientists say the initials stand for NEVER ANSWER SERIOUSLY ANYTHING.  This is the toxic minds of our leaders. Lets hope and pray that we have turn around soon.  I would add to the above Never be truthful about anything and only look and listen what our corrupted Western Media have to tell you. AND ABOVE ALL DO NOT THINK FOR YOUR SELVES, IT CORRUPTS YOU. BE A MINDLESS MORON OR BECOME A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.

BE WELL if they'll let you.  Geoff.
If you get people to be so uniform it becomes a religion, a cult. Some Countries have this. IT EASY TO SEE SOMEONE OR SOMETHING OUTLINE. This make people bland, they get bored, it stifles creativity. That's OK  for the plebs, keep them poor dumbed down by footy, media crap but elevate the chosen ones who get the freedom. Yes and they are the one's unwittingly being used as the pawns by the big chiefs, the footballers, the tennis players, the Olympics, the priests, snooker players, film stars, merchandise and market entrepreneurs. 
By getting one to select your programmes or have them censored or filtered it is taking the choice from you.  It limits one, so the eventual control is taken out your hands. You are then corralled, or when police used 'kettleing '  or herding protesters, you find you have no alternatives, but only those given.  You become brainwashed and if you step out of line with party policy or whatever, you are easily spotted. If you do not designate or sign or tick your box as Cameron wants, you then are notices, if all of the population refuse to sign,tick, then we are all outside of the box, however, he has the power and the whimpish servers bow to the government, mind you they will bring it to law so they have too.  This happened in the USA where a server closed down rather than be imprisoned. Chairman Mao Cameron has this in mind. THIS IS INDEED THE thin end of the Wedge. As more whistle Blowers come forward, the more the net will close in or down. You must voice out NOW. 


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